Leadership for Global Virtual Teams: Facilitating Teamwork


Identify what you believe is the most important factor in creating effective team work and how to implement effective teamwork in groups or organizations.

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Effective leadership is the main factor that enhances teamwork in groups or organizations. Leaders have a major role in spearheading and strengthening teamwork in among the members of their group (Carter et al 227). The emphasis given by the leaders on the need for teamwork will manipulate the members of the group and the whole organization to embrace teamwork in their day to day activities. Carter et al (241) argue that leaders take the major role in promoting teamwork by providing direction, inspiration and supporting collaboration by encouraging teamwork.

Effective leadership is important in the implementation of teamwork in among the members of a group or organization. The teamwork can be encouraged through conversation, rewards, and recognition (Benoliel and Anit 30).  The leaders should also be committed to ensuring that the teamwork is successful. The commitment by the leaders portrays an example of the group members and the whole organization on the need for teamwork. According to Carter et al (234), the best way to reveal the commitment to the group is through conflict resolution and coaching. The leaders can also implement teamwork by creating team vision where each member of the group or organization understand the goals of the team and therefore work hard towards the realization of the set goals in order to achieve the vision. Benoliel and Anit (35) assert that leaders can implement teamwork by focusing on relationships between the team members. The leaders should act as relationship builders by allowing the member’s space and time to build their relationship.

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