English Essay on : Improving communication skill

English Essay on :  Improving communication skill

Analysing perceptions are important in improving communication skills or not? Communication is like a pipeline which involves sender-message and a receiver, but if the receiver has negative conceptions and negative perceptions would block the communication pipeline from the other end. I believe that perceptions are of prime important in the communication network, especially in care of receiver or listener. The perceptions of a receiver could be judged with the help of non verbal communication. According to (Tyler, Kossen and Ryan, 2005), there are nine aspects of the non verbal communication of communication theory which are as follows:

Get Sample AssignmentContinuous: As per (Tyler, Kossen and Ryan, 2005), the non verbal communication is continuous, that is if a sender and the receiver are at a distance then they could pass non verbal messages as, nodding, smiling, frowning, shaking of head etc.

  • It could be intentional or unintentional: Intentional non verbal communication is often taken for granted, as movement of eyes, smiles etc could indicate discomfort or interest in the conversation.
  • Non verbal communication displays emotions such as tiredness, discomfort, anxiety etc, could be conveyed without use of words.
  • Non verbal communication provides clues but not facts: They are open interpretations for the observer about the receiver’s interest in the communication.
  • Non verbal clues should be read as clusters.
  • They are influenced by cultures.
  • They also gender influenced.
  • Non verbal is rule goverened

Deciding on the issue whether the perception are having key role in communication will be further discussed according to (Howard, 1991), an effective communication is not only about passing information from one person to another, but it should be meaningful. Tyler, Kossen and Ryan, 2005, cited that communication is never neutral, and our perceptions are developed based on our point of views as well as views of the society which we inhabit. It is true that our perceptions guide our communication skills. It has been found that the presence of the low socio-economic factors could be a barrier to the effective communication (Team, 2012), as in case of Australians they have the tendency to look down. While communicating, three things are important a sender, a receiver and message, in the absence of any would break down the communication network. (Scarborough et al., 2000), absence of accurate perceptions would lead to ineffective communication. They mentioned the barriers to accurate perceptions which according to (Scarborough et al., 2000) is a factor for effective communication. The barriers to accurate perception are:

Buy Assignment AustraliaGeneralizing and stereotyping: It is a human tendency to form impressions depending upon our perceptions, and when these impressions are formed based on previous experiences, or word of mouth of some high influential person on you, or some small amount of information. These preconceptions about people or thing or situation would affect the communication quality.

  • Assumptions: Assuming things based on our perceptions and not paying attention to the details of the message to save time, would complicate the situation.
  • Distorted focus: Due to human tendency when the focus in more on the negative side of the information and not on the positive would give negative result out of this kind of communication.
  • Assuming interpretations; nothing could be assumed, for example if interpretations are assumed to be similar for any survey or problem could give wrong results, as everybody has their own interpretations about things.

(Scarborough et al., 2000) also mentioned the strategies to improve the effective listening, that is the listener should focus on current agenda rather than future agendas, too much information overload also makes listening difficult,. According to (Scarborough et al., 2000), one need to quiet his or her emotional noise for effective listening.

To improve communication skills a manager is required to analyse his or her perceptions as perceptions act as a barrier to a effective communication. According to (Faber, 2012), where are so many internal dialogues going on inside, consciously or sub consciously then how will it be possible to have effective interpersonal communication. As per (Faber, 2012), the internal dialogues going on within ourselves are intra personal communication which are important for developing self perception and self esteem. And it is possible to analyse and develop our perceptions and intra personal communications for effective inter personal communication. (Scarborough et al., 2000), mentioned the strategies for analyzing our perceptions and are as follows:

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  • Questioning: One need to analyse and question their perceptions, that when and how these perceptions were formed. One must be aware of the assumptions being made, whether the assumptions have proofs or just based on the perceptions. It is necessary to seek more information and observations before following the perceptions as the perceptions should not be based on half or lesser information.
  • Improve your perceptions: One must try to improve his or her perceptions, and should look for honest advices and feedbacks from others to create self awareness.
  • Proper listening: Due to pre conceptions and assumptions it is a human nature to ignore some information. So it is required to focus on others and listen to them, instead of blindly following preconceptions and assumptions.

According to (Faber, 2012), One must understand and analyse their perceptions and should be aware that they are negative or positive as negative perceptions could drain out the energies of a person and de-motivate him to take active participation in the communication. Faber, 2012 also points out the monitoring of the thoughts on a regular basis, and the negative perceptions should be replaced with the positive one but this activity need time and practice.

According to (Bolton, 1991), communication is “the life blood of every relationship”, and when it is positive it nurtures and fulfills the relationships and more than half of the communication is based on the body language and perceptions (Hargie and Dickenson, 2004). They also mentioned the part of the communication include nonverbal communication, body language, sense of distain which damages the communication. Mostly non verbal communications are because of our perceptions. The body language changes depending on the negative or positive perceptions. This non-verbal communication could mislead and can give wrong messages (Baney, 2004).

Listening forms one the important aspect of the communication, and deloping listening skills coold help in developing or communication skills. According to (Bolton, 1991), attending, following and reflective skills are the part of listening skills and should be developed to improve the communication skills. Proper listening leads to proper understanding of the message conveyed by the speaker (Bolton, 1991). But proper listening is possible if we keep a check on our perceptions, with negative perceptions it is difficult to pay attention and listen to message conveyed by the speaker.

Thus, according to (Team, 2012), the listening skills forms the important aspect of the communication skills, and non verbal communication, paraphrasing let the receiver to show his understanding of the message, whereas it allows the sender to know whether the understanding has been achieved or not. As Faber, 2012, mentioned that both inter personal and intra personal communication is necessary. Intrapersonal communication helps the listener to understand his or her self perceptions and self esteem. The listener should focus on current agenda rather than future agendas, too much information overload also makes listening difficult. According to (Scarborough et al., 2000), one need to quiet his or her emotional noise for effective listening. According to (Gamble, 2008), “the communication is our link to the rest of the humanity”, so it needs to be proper and the communication pipeline should have the proper flow without any internal and external blockages.One must try to improve his or her perceptions, and should look for honest advices and feedbacks from others to create self awareness.Analysis of perceptions and conceptions are helpful in improving the communication to a greater extent from the listeners or receiver’s side but a proper communication involves sender and message too, and the quality of communication also depends on a good message and an effective sender or speaker. Thus, it could be concluded here that analysis of our perceptions are very important in developing our communication skills.

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