Feasibility Of Implementing Proposed Design-2277415

From the data generated on staffing needs, bed utilization during the Covid-19 period, death and admission rates, these data input shall be used for analysis. Through the use of descriptive and inferential statistics analysis provided in SPSS, we shall be evaluating these variables in an attempt to determine the number of patient’s trend, the recovery rates, death rates and patient experience. The main variables to be tested in this case entail the following.

Independent variable= patient admission and resource availability.

Dependent variable=patient recovery, ICU patients, bed utilization, average daily admission.

The main questions that the research sought to determine include.

What is the trend of patient admission on average per day?

Does the facilities have adequate resources to handle patients on demand basis?

What is the recovery rate of patient during Covid-19 and post Covid-19 period?

What is the average admission and bed utilization during the period?

Week 7 deliverable: revise design based on instructor’s feedback

You can create a functional “prototype” or early version of what’s to come using the prototyping approach. In order to provide comments on a system or product “idea,” it starts with requirements and analysis, then moves on to a brief design. Thanks to the comments, the first prototype is now even better. The research shall focus on the application and use of data analytics in healthcare whereby the aim shall be to determine the response rate of healthcare to medical provision, the recovery rates and how the medical care at large is responding to health care provision in terms of equipping the healthcare. The project therefore will mainly be quantitative in which the research shall be based on assessing the impact of the pandemic on patient admission and recovery rates. The various tests undertaken were aimed at evaluating the recovery rates and therefore, the tests undertaken including descriptive and correlation analysis aimed at assessing the recovery and satisfaction rates in medical care service provision.

Week 8 deliverable: submit final design document of project implementation

The problem of inadequate funding is something the research seeks to solve. Inadequate finance leads to project abandonment or the production of erroneous data in multiple instances especially in healthcare sector. A major issue is the lack of sufficient personnel and tools can greatly affect medical care service delivery. The research will deploy quantitative analysis whereby it will involve evaluation of hospital records to determine the trend in patient admission, recovery and satisfaction rate in medical care service provision.  This will aid in determining the challenges experienced in service provision, how these challenges can be addressed through resource provision and what can be done to ensure that the challenges experienced can be solved to ensure healthcare provision is not hindered. Therefore, the proposed research seeks to evaluate resource availability in an attempt to determine whether adequate care is provided or not and what are the devastating effect of not providing adequate resources in healthcare provision.

The findings will be evaluated quantitatively to assess the trend and provide detailed analysis in quantitative format.