Economics assignment report help: Summary on Global warming

Economics assignment report help: Summary on Global warming

  1. 1.      Executive Summary:

University Assignment Help AustraliaThe main purpose of this report is to develop a successful and systematic approach to communicating, educating and raising awareness to the young people in relation to taking personal responsibilities in addressing global warming. To shed the light onto the communication strategy, it is necessary to give a little introduction about global warming before elaborating it. Global warming can also be termed as climate change; the average temperature of earth’s atmosphere and oceans is rising day by day since the late nineteenth century. Thus, this constant rise in the temperature is called global warming. It is continuously changing the world’s economy, well-being and the society in diverse ways. Youth should be engaged more in reducing the risk arising from global warming by offering them right direction and proper knowledge in terms of taking the responsibility to deal with this constant rise in temperature. A brief description has been put forward to devise an effective communication strategy. Moreover, to manage the entire discussion, overall report has been continued in few steps to make it more understandable and available to the young people. A complete process has been framed further to devise a national communication strategy in order to have a clear idea about it.

  1. 2.      Introduction:

Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaAs global warming is increasing day by day and becoming an issue with thorough impacts. It is essential to educate and communicate the global warming current situation or problem successfully with various different groups including, partners, internal and external stakeholders. For this, an appropriate communication strategy is necessary to define through a campaign, so that more people could be involved, educated and made aware of the facts related to the global warming. In the campaign, young people have been targeted to elevate their knowledge and awareness about climate change as a global problem in order to make them responsible to address this problem. The scope of this national strategy is to provide a framework for conveying the core messages on global warming to the young people. This communication strategy discusses the actions required to educate and raise awareness of global warming and the communication of these actions. Current problem related to global warming has also been articulated. Furthermore study of this report investigates the research to undertake and to set the campaign.

  1. 3.      Assessing the current situation:

First step of this strategy requires assessing the current situation before setting up a campaign, so that the educator could have the full information about the current issues of global warming and how people react to it and what is more required to raise the awareness about it. Additionally, a situational analysis can be done to know the organization’s current issues regarding global warming and their capability to address it. The current issues in an environmental organization regarding global warming are; Firstly, curbing global warming; creating the clean energy future; reviving the world’s oceans; protecting health by preventing pollution; Ensuring safe and sufficient water; and finally, fostering sustainable communities. An organization further determines and seeks the capability of its overall strength to work for these issues. Organization looks for both internal as well as external environment conditions. Then, this suggests going for a development or formative research that is proposed to design/plan instructional practices and processes. Furthermore, assessing the recent situation entails the requirement of a campaign through which all the information, knowledge and awareness can be raised. That again leads to carry out a research that is required to devise and implement the campaign. The research part of this strategy has been discussed in next section.

  1. 4.      Research to devise the campaign:

Assignment Expert AustraliaBefore starting to conduct a research, it is required to plan new activities and to make decisions with reference to young people as targeted group. Then research is essential to devise a campaign, through which a fair idea can be made about the planning and campaign related activities. Moreover, research would help out in identifying the characteristics of group of young people and selecting the best messages and instructions tool with which to get in link with that group. On the basis of current situation’s assessment, it becomes uncomplicated to undertake the research because current issues and facts related to global warming are already well-known. Moreover, research can be carried out in terms of qualitative and quantitative. Where qualitative research is concerned to see the sights of understanding, feelings and emotions and on the other hand, quantitative research is brought forward to measure the size of group (Klingemann, 2002).

On the basis of research the lack of proper knowledge is found out and brought forward to make a decision regarding raising their awareness about the global issues and to make them realize of their personal responsibilities to deal with these issues.

As it is difficult to select a particular group, which has to be targeted and educated, it would be possible by conducting a research to find out a specific assembly of young people. Furthermore requirement of research facilitates the key challenges, a campaign could face to attract and educate more young people about taking personal responsibilities to deal with global warming. Research also becomes useful at the monitoring and evaluation stage of this communication strategy by providing valuable information. This vital information will help adapt the campaign in ensuring that it is making a success. Finally, at the end stage of this national communication strategy, further research will provide the important lessons and justifications for campaigns held to be in future. Research promotes to undertake a new campaign to promote and raise the awareness. Next part of this report highlights the goals and objectives for the campaign.

  1. 5.      Identifying the goals/objectives and strategy for a new campaign:


For devising and implementing any new campaign to create and raise awareness, it is foremost to set a goal, vision and define the objectives of the campaign. This communication strategy aims to:

  •    Target, educate young people and raise awareness about global warming
  •    Enable young people to learn to take personal responsibilities to address this issue
  •    Build resilience in youngsters to find the way to deal with global warming situation
  •    Enable young people to shape their own safe and healthier future through proper  education
  •    Empower them to be participative and to be active in this context
  •    Strengthen the youngsters to help prevent any worse problem, which can take a form of hazard if not taken into consideration
  •    Change the perceptions and attitudes of young people regarding global warming as they usually do not take it as an important global situation.

It also has to be made sure that this campaign will not only define what global warming is but also will make young people aware of the current situation and its causes growing day by day. This campaign has to set a goal that all the young people will get maximum knowledge about global warming and will be ready to take the personal responsibility in relation to deal with this harmful situation (Harrison, 2012).

Assignment Help AustraliaOnce all the goals and objectives have been set by the organization, there is need to identify the potential stakeholders, who may involve in the campaign and help in achieve all these objectives. The forthcoming section of this report identifies the key stakeholders of an organization.

  1. 6.      Identifying the external/internal potential stakeholders:

A communication strategy entails to identify the key stakeholders of an organization, which is going to organize and devise that campaign. It is important to recognize the potential stakeholders to identify their roles in the campaign. When it is considered to find out those stakeholders, who may have impact on the campaign and all those who may be impacted by it, an analysis is put across. As the words recommend, internal stakeholders are those, who are counted within the organization and external stakeholders are those who are outside the corporation but having vested interest in it. A campaign manager must be sure and confirm that all the potential stakeholders have been identified and listed for the campaign. Potential internal stakeholders may include following;

  •    Employees, associated with the organization
  •    Communication managers and owners
  •    Health policy makers

External stakeholders can be identified with their vested interest in an organization as following;

  •   Government & regulatory agencies
  •   Funders or investors
  •   Service inspectors
  •   Customers
  •   Suppliers

Internal and External Stakeholders

(Source: Morgan, (2012))

It is also essential to manuscript the relevant information for both internal as well as external stakeholders. This information may include their participation, prospect, importance and impact on the execution of campaign. Information documented for the stakeholders may also be helpful if any specific communication and knowledge is required to raise the awareness amongst youngsters in order to make them realize to take upon the personal responsibilities to deal with the current and future global warming issues (Burgman, Roos, Christmas & Pike, 2007).

However, strategy framework also demands to identify the role of those stakeholders in campaign. The role of those potential stakeholders in the campaign has been identified and brought forward for the further discussion.

  1. 7.      Role of Stakeholders in campaign:

If participative role of potential stakeholders in the campaign is sought in terms of communicating and raising the awareness effectively, their focus on work can be described. Stakeholders will ensure that the useful and appropriate tools are being used for the communication and all the internal and external communication is being centrally co-ordinate through the communication department. They act as a communication liaison connecting with the concern department. Stakeholders also play a vital role in developing the campaign related templates to assist more with this course of action. Moreover, health policy makers represent the annual or quarterly data in order to show the impact of climate change on people. They also reveal the causes of global warming to the entire world in a broader range. This will create more awareness amongst the young people in relation to taking their personal responsibilities. Communication managers and owners deal with media queries by appropriate response.

 In order to make certain the uniformity of message, employees of the organization would not provide any authority’s work related information to media members without the prior permission of the communication department. Investors offer the fund to implement the campaign program and also ensure the cost- reduction and quality accordingly. Government and its regulatory agency confirm that the rules and regulations are being followed properly. Owners comes forward to play a crucial role in estimating and assessing that everyone involved in campaign is law abided. The service inspectors generally inspect the entire process of campaign in terms of quality of communication delivery, tools and its effectiveness.

Buy Assignments OnlineFurthermore, strategy requires defining the key strategy to understand the campaign in more effective way. Next spectrum of this report suggests key tactics to make the campaign effective and successful.

  1. 8.      Defining the key tactics to realize the campaign:

Firstly, to understand the campaign, it is required that the campaign is devised according to the goals and objectives. A campaign should be based on the research made to undertake it and more importantly understanding its target audience (Young people). Moreover, the key tactic to realize it is effective communication tool. For this, organization will engage the media in this operation process. Relationships can be developed with journalists both nationally and regionally as well encompassing print, broadcast and specifically healthcare media. So that the communication can be made available to those people also who are not able to join the campaign. The campaign’s communication strategy regarding raising awareness about global warming should be flashed in press releases and produced in newsletters available to the people. Campaign related leaflets can be distributed and posted outside the health centre, so that more youngsters could be a part of it and aware of its negative impact on the entire world. These all tactics will be useful in realizing the campaign. Then development, monitoring and success of communication campaign are also important parts of this strategy (Manak, N.D).

  1. 9.      Develop, monitor and evaluate the success of communication campaign:

After devising the campaign and finding the key tactics to realize the communication campaign, it is also required to measure and evaluate its success. For that indicators can be defined to measure the degree of its success. It will ensure that all the relevant key messages and knowledge are being disseminated effectively and in timely way and the young people are getting the global warming as negative aspect after knowing its causes. It also has to be evaluated that the campaign is going forward to ensure the young people’s participation in taking personal responsibilities. As a result of its success, it should also confirm the demand from young people for more awareness about global warming and its causes.

  1. 10.  Conclusion:

Assignment Expert AustraliaOn the basis of this overall report on communication strategy, it can be concluded that, to frame a strategy and to make it available to the young people, there is a need to devise a campaign. Moreover, the report highlighted the role of organizational stakeholders in the campaign and how they worked to make it effective and successful. In sum, some strategies also has been described to raise great extent of awareness amongst young people regarding global warming and its causes, so that they could consider it as a global hazard and can be responsible to address the situation. The entire report depicts the communication strategy through a campaign including various steps.

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