Marketing Research: 892223

The career I want to focus on is to be a successful marketing executive for a well reputed company. I have chosen this career path since I have found from my interest in the marketing field. My research goal will be to convince people in order to buy the best products I will be doing the marketing for. In the high school and the graduation level I had found that I had a strong interest growing in commerce and this worked as the key for me to show interest in the field. I feel I am also very hard working and this could lead me to the peak of success indeed. I want to increase my professional knowledge through the proper training in the best reputed companies in the field. I am quite comfortable with leading the people for the better productivity and increasing the client base. I also want to have new experiences in my field as well.

2.         The three secondary sources that can be chosen for this paper are the employment and job portals, job website and the websites of the consultancy services. These secondary sources will be much helpful for all the people. The job portals will be much helpful for me to search the best available jobs for the growth of my career. Through these different job portals I would get the most relevant information from the employers and the recruiters indeed. This is why I would like to get the help from these job portals. The government websites will also help me to find out the most suitable jobs for me and their locations. Thus I would get a better idea whether I would need to relocate or not. Thirdly, I would choose the websites of the consultancy services since they always help to give the opinion on which company I should go for.

3.         The successful person whom I have chosen is one of my relatives in my family. He is one of my elder brothers who has always inspired me and given me the proper motivation. He has been working in the marketing department of a very reputed telecommunications company. He has always inspired me from childhood and told me to stay focused in my work all the time. He has taught me the basics of marketing in a lighter way and it is for him that I have found much interest in marketing.  However, there are some open ended questions that I would ask to the individual in this context.

  1. Tell me about how I can be able to grow my skills in convincing the target audience.
  2. Share the troublesome experiences you had in your marketing career in handling the disputes.
  3. What are the targets that you have set for yourself?
  4. How you have overcome the difficulties that you have faced to become a successful marketer?
  5. What kind of troubles do you face from the end of the customers when youn deal with them?
  6. What are the basic concepts for leading a marketing team properly?

4.         In order to be successful in the career it is really very interesting for me to stay focused in my work. This will enable me to be successful and careful when I deal with my customers and take the perfect decision in the difficult situations. The SMART goals and objectives will be very much important in this context indeed.

I must be able to chalk out the customer segments for the products to be marketed. The specific products will be targeted for the specific audience. The communication must be done properly as well with the customers through social media. I will have to determine the key performance factors (KPIs) to understand what sections must be improved. I must set my focus on the goals that are really important for the success of the marketing campaigns. The realistic measure for the goal is to determine how I can convince the customers about the good points of the product. I believe I will be able to achieve the goals within the net one year. I will work very hard to achieve my objectives.

5.         I want to work for one of the biggest retail industry organizations Walmart. I want to work for this company as I have used several products of this company in the past. These products have been my favorite and I want to serve the company in the marketing department and develop their client base.


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