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Alcohol Content

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Originating in the mexico, kahlúa actually has become number one selling amongst the group of coffee liqueur in the globe. Since the year 1936 this brand stands for very rich heritage, and is full of variety as well as color; something that truly is very unique. Kahlua is a hero ingredient within several cult cocktails as well as drinks, and to name some: Espresso, Mind Eraser, White Russian, and Martini, It also turns average evening to a fun as well as different social show up. Kahlúa Original also offers the enticing scents for bittersweet coffee bean as well as roasted chest and nut plus multilayered flavors for black coffee as well as sweet butter. Very strong notes for the caramel as well as mostly toffee and mild scent of Kahlua with the faint touch for the rum. Kahlua Specialty and Ground Coffee also has distinct flavor of famous and well-known coffee liqueur along with sweet, and creamy notes of the vanilla, caramel as well as rum sugar (, 2015).


It is deep brown in color and is attractive as well as deep. Kahlúa also offers inviting scents of the bittersweet coffee and a good roasted chest-nut as well as multilayered and multi faceted flavors of the black coffee as well as sweet butter. It also combines the delicious notes of the rum, and also vanilla as well as caramel. This liquor is very mild and definitely not at all overpowering. It also has permitted total flavors to arrive through at the time when people taste it. This liquor mostly contains flavor of toffee and caramel along with some faint flavors of rum (, 2015). It is slightly watery, but smooth and average aftertaste of a toffee keeps people lingering in the end.


It has a very light body because of nature of roast along with colors of some dark brown and also hints of the amber when it is held to the light source. They are best suited for the light-roast and light coffee drinkers as well as for those who in fact prefer flavored and tasteful coffees. Toffee flavor also is further enhanced as well as paired well when it is added with some butter and pecan flavored cream (Kahlúa, 2015).

Kahlua is the coffee liqueur that is made from rum base and together with the below mentioned flavors



Cream and



A 750ml bottle of the Kahlua is priced approximately for $18. It is $5 less costly than average price of all other coffee liqueurs.

Alcohol Content-

Kahlua is the coffee Liqueur right from Mexico as well as has alcohol content of about 20%, that is around average for any liqueur. Palate of the liqueur is actually characterized by the Caramel, Coffee, and Cream, as well as Vanilla notes. For making of this liqueur coffee from foothills of the Mexico’s best and good coffee region actually is hand-picked as well as roasted in some small batches for creating perfect flavor of the liqueur (Koch & Koch, 2004). This coffee is a ground towards holding in sweetness of fresh and new coffee beans.

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