Operations Management Reflection


Describe about operations management reflection.

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The overall course has been conducted on the subject of operations system and management. This subject is necessary for understanding regular operations in commercial sectors. Moreover, understanding of this particular subject is necessary for conducting management and operations in a commercial sector.

This assignment is a reflection of my understandings of related topics in the coursework.

Overall Course

The overall course is based on operations management. The course comprises of several topics. These are as follows:

  • Introduction to Operation Management
  • Operations Management
  • Operations Performance
  • Operations Strategy
  • Product/Process Design 1
  • Product/Process Design 2
  • Mass Customization
  • Supply Demand Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Planning
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Quality Management 1
  • Quality Management 2

Of all these topics, my subjects of interest were Operations Management and Operations Performance.

Operations Management

From the course, I have learned that operations management is basically the operation of resource management with respect to the manufacture and delivery of services or products. Further, I have learnt that Operations Management is essential for all commercial outlets for customer satisfaction. Before undergoing the course, I did not have a clear idea how to be a successful operations manager. From the course, I learnt that, to be a successful operations manager, one needs to enjoy his duties, have deep understanding of customer demands, good communication skills and good analysis skills.

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Operations Strategy

The most important lesson I have learnt from the course is that the most important part of management is operations strategy. I had some detailed idea about the operations strategy, which says, operations strategy is essential for any commercial sector for planning the course of operations. Experienced personnel are needed to be appointed to produce a good operation strategy.


We, as a group, conducted the course together and helped each other for deep understanding of the topics. We divided the topics between us according to our subjects of interest. I undertook study on Operations Management and Operations Strategy. Through good teamwork, we completed study of the course together and learnt each topic with great understanding.


After completing this course, several suggestions can be provided regarding my part of the topics.

  • Operations Management is essential for any commercial sector
  • Operations Management should be carefully implemented by all commercial sectors for proper operations, manufacture, delivery of services or materials as ordered by customers and clients
  • Operations Strategy is necessary for structuring the plans for operations management
  • Every commercial sector should have Operation Strategy prepared for the success of their commercial activities


The whole course work has given me a lot of knowledge about operations management, most of which was unknown to me previously. Now, I have a clear idea of the topic. In addition, due to good teamwork with my classmates, I was able to learn more quickly and understand the topics, which seemed difficult to me.

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