Health and Social Care


Give a brief discussion on health and social care.

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a) Introduction

  • Objective of this task is to find out different refugee welfare systems in different countries (refugee welfare system, cited in Arnot et al. 2013)
  • How countries like UK, US and Canada provides support to the refugees
  • The differences and similarities of refugee welfare systems in UK, US and Canada

b) The comparative method

  • Comparative is used to compare two or more aspects using feature-to-feature comparison method (comparative method, cited in Felsenstein 2012).
  • Feature-to-feature comparison method will be used to compare refugee welfare systems in the UK, U.S.A and Canada.

c) Similarities and differences

  • In UK, the Government provides asylum support to the refugees.
  • The Government helps them with housing, cash support, and extra money support for mothers, young children, and maternity payments (refugee welfare system, cited in Stewart and Mulvey 2014).
  • Caseworker volunteers, support volunteers and interpreter volunteers in different states are responsible for providing extra support to the refugees.
  • On the other hand, in the USA, mostly government is responsible for providing refugee welfare systems
  • Cash and medical assistance, refugee cash assistance, refugee medical assistance and immigration benefits are provided by the U.S.A government (refugee welfare system cited in Beaman 2012).
  • Private companies such as Private Resettlement Agency also assist the refugees to receive welfare.
  • In Canada, only the Government looks after the refugee welfare systems (refugee welfare system cited in Olsen 2016).
  • Canadian Government provides health care, financial assistance and settlement assistance to the refugees.

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d) Reason for similarities and differences

  • UK and the USA follow almost same Governmental structure.
  • They handle refugees from almost same countries such a Syria.
  • Both of these countries mostly allow refugees of war-affected countries thereof; their welfare systems related to refugees are same.

e) Conclusion

  • In the end, it can be concluded that UK and U.S.A have the similar refugee welfare system (refugee welfare system cited in Wunder and Riphahn 2014).
  • However, Canada belongs to a different culture and backgrounds, therefore, their refugee systems different.

Reflective report

  • I followed the instructions provide by the teacher and used the structure provided by him.
  • I chose two countries U.S.A and Canada with UK which was the instruction of my teacher to compare their refugee welfare systems.

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