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To fill the gap between the administrative functions and strategic HR duties needs to be addressed in order to deliver results (Barney 2012). This assesses the workforce to change that are needed by the organization to develop the talent that necessary to optimize the workforce and measure the result. HR is involved to play a main strategic role by supporting fundamental objectives of the business (Gunasekaran and Lai 2016). Horizon Nuclear power organization is the organization that builds nuclear power stations. The following discussion covers the strategic approach with the human resource planning management of the project with the program to manage the delivery of the project. It covers the areas that are very important for functioning the requirements with the objective of arrangements of schedules. It covers the management and control of the supply chain by management that relies on the hiring of Rachel Worrall HR. In the end, the discussion covers the specific requirements with legal obligations.  

Strategic approach

There is a requirement for a strategic approach to human resource planning at Horizon nuclear power by project management and standard program to manage the project delivery. The HR Rachel Worrall is mainly accountable for the delivery and development of a project that will be supported by the 368 professionals. There is a procedure of merit-based hiring that grew from five to 75 percent. This is important to develop an integrated schedule of work for the arrangement of performance plans to align with evolving business requirements. After the decision of investment, construction director is responsible for management actions that related to investment project for nuclear new build sites in The UK and Wales.

This is important to develop the schedule of integrated work and arrangement for projects, program delivery, and sub-program (Habib and Sabarudin 2019). The work should be underpinned by management to support arrangements of project management with a portfolio of programs at the project level. To manage and control of power station within the details of the next section (Ling and Yeong 2011). It will align the construction oversight actions and project engineering into program management approach. This will help the management to approach and follow the international and relevant industry best practices. By developing arrangements for applying appropriate oversight and control the construction phase it will help to regulate main actions with each phase. One of the main strategies to control hold points and supporting arrangement are in place and shall be applied appropriately. This will provide the proportional approach to activity constraint assessment and readiness to proceed and approved according to the association of risk by each hold point.

Control and manage the design

The authority of design situated by HR will specify the nuclear security, safety, and radiological functional requirements of the environment to design the power stations and monitor the base of design for establishment (Chris 2018). The final agreed design base will be liable to design and inform the action of construction operational unit. This adequate support will be responsible for the arrangements and maintain the integrity of design by the life of the power station.

Control and manage the site and construction

This will help to align the site of the action by managing interfaces with the existing power station (Tat 2017). It will include the number of staff that specialized in health and safety, environment and security. Arrangement of management by HR will implement the control and support compliance with regularity actions that will be undertaken by Horizon Nuclear power as follows.

  • General arrangement with the successful and safe management of actions on the Horizon Nuclear Power licensed and permitted site.
  • Arrangements of security, nuclear safety, and radiological environmental protection management.
  • Projects site management, the arrangements of site management to be applied to specific projects.

Supply chain management

To recognize the important contribution of procurement processes to the delivery of nuclear security, safety, and radiological environment protection by project life and specifically during development, commissioning and construction phase (Martin 2016). This type of commercial function will provide the commercial expertise to ensure the timely, legal, cost-effective and efficient, and quality supply of goods and amenities to meet the requirements. The functions of assurance will provide the expertise to ensure and association to monitor and inspect actions that are applied as a part of the procedure of procurement (Sarkis and Kee-hung 2011). Following are the functions that will support the inspection of the agency.

Supply chain controls

The developed necessary process of HR will ensure and assure nuclear security and safety with the environmental protection for the procurement of amenities and products for the power stations. This process will cover the end to end supply chain management with the identification of the requirements to completion of the contract and include appropriate procedure to ensure a regular improvement culture is maintained specifically by regards to the learned lesson (Kenneth 2012). Appropriate market intelligence with the potential supply chain and suppliers will support to meet the requirements of the market by evaluation of selected and pre-qualified requirements to determine the scope of work to procure. Establish processes will enable to monitor and inspect actions to apply within procurement actions.

For the verification of objective evidence that procured to items and saves the time of final testing and undertakes appropriate supplier performance metrics to ensure that contractor meets specific performance requirements with the completion of a specified contract (Ou and Musa 2011). This also includes a requirement that regulates and granted access to monitor and inspect the process to regulate a graded approach that used for assignment. It is based on the evaluation of the risk in the project actions with the classification of structure, components, and systems.

These all functions of HR will support the identification and engagement strategies to increase the stakeholder, employee and market confidence in the organization. The team building activities within the organization will create the teams comprised of international and local talent to brought diverse experience and thinking. This will create a sense of trust with commitment and enjoyment as a key to delivering sustainable high performance.

Types of employment contract

Assuming Horizon Nuclear power as an Australia based organization there are three main types of employment contracts. This is necessary to document the specific employment relationship in written is a legal requirement that will support Rachel Worrall to manage relationships and business with employees. An employment contract is rights, duties, responsibilities, and employment conditions help to maintain the legal relationship between employee and employer. This includes a number of terms that written or not and legally binding duties of employers to pay the wages (Damian 2011). The different kind of contract applies to the status of employment of the individual. This is important to holds correctly determined the employment status of a person that hired before to write an employment contract. Following are the employment contract.

Permanent employment contracts

Permanent employment contracts applied to employees that work continue hours and are paid according to a salary or hourly rate. This kind of contract ongoing until terminated by the employer or employee that can be full or part-time work. Employees on these contracts are entitled towards the full range of employment rights at a statutory level.

Fixed-term contracts

Fixed-term contracts provide a set end date like one year or six months. This is necessary for HR to consider as this type of contract look to cover staff a big project, cover maternity leaves or take on interns. This types of employees are protected and hold similar rights as permanent employees. They cannot offer less favorable terms as they are fixed term. These cannot be extended by agreement as cannot usually keep someone on fixed-term contracts for more than four years as this point they become permanent employees. Employees within the organization continue work beyond the end of the contract that is not formally renewed as there is an implied agreement that the end date has changed and the employer still give a proper period of notice. This is necessary for Rachel Worall to inform fixed-term employees of any permanent vacancies in Horizon Nuclear Power.

Casual employee contracts

This employment contract is suitable for scenarios that an individual wants to commit to work for an organization and not sure about the working hour to unable and offer them each week and not guarantee a continue working pattern. This type of contract should specify the minimum number of hours that expected to work every week with the expectation of working pattern and hours that offered with the minimum that is likely to fluctuate. Individuals with these contracts will accrue the holiday base on the number of worked hours and will be entitled to employment rights that include statutory sick pay that eligible for the statutory minimum notice period. The casual employment contract with a pattern of working hours develops over time with the pattern of work that is more likely to form on the basis of a contract with a written agreement that will be deemed to be working according to permanent employment contract as opposed to casual.

Legal obligations

There are many legal obligations for businesses. These are varied and depend on the business nature (Finaly and Cameron 2013). To avoid problems it is important to understand obligations. For this Rachel Worall will follow the some legal obligations

Structure of business and registrations

The structure of business should be determined by the registrations of tax in addition to personal liabilities. Rachel Worall is responsible to maintain the correct business registrations that are renewed and maintained. These requirements include pay as you go withholding and reporting towards Australian tax office.


This is necessary to have the specific license to conduct business and need to use business license finder to determine that need.


It is important to comply with the competition and consumer act 2010 that consists the Australian Consumer Law. This outlines particular protections for the consumer against practices of business and includes:

  • Ensuring the safety towards products and safety.
  • Laid agreements and unsolicited customers agreements.
  • Ensure standards from contracts that not hold unfair terms.
  •  It is important to comply with the Privacy act 1988.


This paper evaluates the strategic approach for the new build sites in the UK and Wales with the objective to create and perform business plans to align by evolving business requirements. For this HR Rachel Worall consider the organization and agreements that described prospectus of management with the capability to arrange structure that enables to review and update appropriate business delivery points to demonstrate that horizon is capable and competent to proceed further. In the end, the discussion covers the Australian employment contract with the full description of the permanent employment contract, fixed-term contracts, and casual employee contracts. This also covers the legal obligations that present the necessity of the structure with business registration, licensing, etc.


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