Discuss these two types of advertising and show in two self chosen

examples (brands) how it is applied it in the creative strategy and the

creative execution of Adverts.


“Transformational (emotional) vs. informative Advertising”


Advertising appeals the colorful representation of the information about the product and services. The basic aim of advertising is to convenience the person or the target customers about the certain products and how the person will get the benefit after buying the particular product as a whole. The message broadcasted through the advertising appeals helps to manipulate the customers mind and make the mind for buying the particular product. There are number of products in the market, which is colorful and made by the companies across the globe that provides comfort to the people. In order to sell their product various appeals are used for influencing the people. The advertising appeals are designed in such a way that all the products look positive in its nature and ultimately persuade the people buying the product. Advertising agencies and various industries use different appeals in order to promote their products in best possible manner. Let us have a glance over the type of advertising.

Informative Advertising

According to the Kotler, the key intention of the advertising process is to enlighten about the product or service, convince, and remind about the product at regular intervals. In case of informative advertising few things are specially taken care of it generally indicates and explains

ü  Detail review of the products, how it functions

ü  Built an image or good positive outlook for the company or the brand comprehensively.

ü  Transmit the information or the details about the  product and services offered by the customers

ü  And manage the corporate image of the company in case of misunderstanding or any sort of negative publicity.


Best example for this type of appeals is the advertisements related to the motor car company Mercedes and BMW the German based car company. A large chunk of people believe that Japanese auto companies like Honda and Toyota produces better fuel efficient cars compared to the German cars. In this type advertisement used by BMW, Mercedes uses all the potential to show the target customers about the product and quality that these companies are using and the concept regarding the Japanese companies’ may not be adequate. The advertisement does not directly compare to car made by Honda and Toyota, even if it is in the same segment. But the appeal is to inform the customers that you will be delighted with the fuel economy that the cars like BMW and Mercedes will give it to you.  The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between the car company and the end user, where the companies believe that they are somewhere compared with the other companies in this area of fuel efficiency.(informative advertising,2010)


We can say that informative advertising is used to generate good repo of the product and company.  In many instances the business house may run as a part of abide by law like liquor companies runs informative advertisements like “Never drink and drive”. In many cases it has also been noticed many organization runs informative advertisements related to the social awareness “like always use seat belt in the highways for better safety”.


Emotional Advertising

The term emotional appeal implies to the concept of advertising where mental or psychological analysis takes place within an individual. Various social factors are also taken into consideration which finally leads to the purchasing of product. Many customers are tending to drive by emotion which leads to the ultimate purchase of the product. All the leading firms try to sell their product and services. It generally happens where there is plenty of similar product range in the market which is difficult to differentiate. It includes both personal and social effects.

Some of the emotional appeals are discussed as under:

Personal appeal: There is some personal appeal which drives an individual to purchase a product or subscribe the services. It basically includes safety, fear, sentiments, peace and pleasure.


Social Appeal: Social appeal – The factors related to the society may also be an influential factor in the buying or purchasing a product. This situation happens where the person or individual considers that the appeal is important or social recognition, status and acceptance in the society. There is also a mail order advertising which is set in small type than ordinary print. (Hopkins, 2009)


Fear Appeal- Fear can also be a crucial factor where the appeal is concerned. It is one of the widely used appeals where the advertisement related to the individuals health and beauty aspects are concerned. Advertise appeals to the buyers directly to purchase the product or service directly.

Insurance products are some of the best example for this kind of advertisement. All the products related to the insurance are sold with this kind of appeal.

Humor Appeal – It is the appeal that is used widely in the advertising industry. Around 30% of the advertisements are in this category. It is an excellent way to capture the attention of the human being.  The humorous advertisement can persuade the customers to go out and buy the product in case the customers derive benefit out of it.


Sex appeal: Sex appeal is one of the well sold and mot popular genre where advertising is concerned. Matters related to sexuality, suggestion of the message through sexual context has always proved as an attractive matter to the viewer. It generates a strong feeling about the product or services offered by the company. Moreover the appeal has to be in such a way that it connects or project the product and is not vulgar in its aspect, which may lead to a low brand recall. For example The Company related to Body care and Fragrance Nivea, a German Company uses this appeal.


Rational Appeal- The name itself suggests that there must be some reason to purchase the product and services from particular company. Rational appeal focuses on the individual or personal needs to buy the product because of some valid reason. Here, the particular product and services are described properly and what are the benefits related to it. A good number of advertisements can be seen in print media in this regard. (Ambekar, 2009).

Thus, we conclude that appeals in advertising can create wonders in the minds of people and ultimately leads to the purchase of the product.



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