Evaluation of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team : 684838


  1. Project: The semester project will  be conducted by teams of students (generally 4 persons/team will be assigned).  The topic for the project will be evaluation of an  American baseball team of your choice. You will need to gather data on the number of wins/loses over the last 10 years, the opponents, any data on the offense and defense statistics  including high profile players, etc. Data analysis can include any quantitative and qualitative models plus material/concepts from readings.  Forecasting is expected, possibly short and long range modeling; productivity, cross-over breakeven and other financial analyses can be conducted.  Your instructors will brainstorm ideas with the class and the teams to align debate competitiveness.


Student teams will engage in a lottery by which you will determine your baseball team choice. Overall, you are to prove that the team’s management is making good decisions, or even, perhaps, that the management/coaches need to be replaced.  (You will be provided an article on an assessment conducted for a Greek basketball tournament that might inspire ideas toward data collection and intelligence gathering.)


Project Components: There are two components of the project grade. The team will submit, in hard copy and at a designated Assignment Dropbox a report. The team will participate in a debate pairing one baseball’s assessment against another’s.


Report: The Structure of the Report will follow the section Writing Business Decision Modeling Reports for Business (Pages 22-25) and thus contain, Executive Summary, Introduction-Background, Problem Statement-Purpose, Analysis and Conclusions and Recommendations. The Exceutive Summary should follow the template on page 25. Conclusions and recommendations must relate directly to the resolution of the problem(s) defined. The team will submit both a hard copy of the report and an electronic version at the Assignment Drop Box (see Schedule).


Debate: One student team conducting an analysis of a baseball team’s performance will debate against another student team conducting an analysis of another baseball team’s performancee. Each student team will have  approximately 10 minutes to present its argument as to the strength of the team when pitted against the other based upon decisions made. If poor decisions have been made, you will present options to improve your team (i.e. future decisions that should be made—trades, recruiting, salaries, etc., for example). The purpose here is to win the debate and earn extra points. The winner will be determined by vote of the remaining students in the audience for the debate.


Within the debate structure, each team member will contribute findings and recommendations Generally, each person will be alocated approximately 2  minutes and his/her individual presentation grade will be timed to conform within this time limit. Exceeding or falling short of the time limit by 30 seconds will negatively impact the person’s presentation grade.


2a. Project Report Evaluation: Since the project forms a significant portion of the course grade, grading of the project report will be based upon input from all team members. Thus, at the time of submitting your project,  you will submit your honest evaluation of the contribution of each team member. For example, a team of five  equally contributing persons would assign, 20,20,20, 20, and 20 percents. If someone contributed more or less, the numbers would be increased or decreased  accordingly with the sum as 100 percent. The scores from each team member are averaged and that percentage is usually taken to determine the individual project grade. For example, if it is determined that you contributed 100% (or more) to the project, and the report grade is a 90, your grade is 90; if you contributed 90% then you would receive a grade of 81.  If an individual’s assessments are significantly different than those of all team members, the professor may, at her discretion,  eliminate all self evaluation scores for that team and/or request further comments justifying the assessments.  All assessments are confidential and are never released to any other student for any reason.


Each student team will also have a private discussion bulletin board to which the professor will have access. The private BB allows questions and comments related solely to your project. We will monitor the discussion closely to determine whether everyone on the team is contributing. If you participated in a chat session and want us to see it, please copy the session and post it to the BB.  There are only four chat rooms and sessions get overwritten quickly, but copying it to a file can provide information for us and for your assessment later of each member’s participation and contribution. (Note: You must cut and paste into a doc file as the session transpires.) Contrary to most student usage, a chat is better for organizational purposes than for group project development. The BB allows asynchronous postings and files can be downloaded, merged, and edited to facilitate report writing.  It is the primary source from which we will determine an individual’s participation in the project.


Executive Summary

The relationship between the performance and the income in baseball has been extensively researched. Many predictions and forecasting have been done in relation to various variables in statistics such as players performance and player’s pay (Turner, 2007). Therefore, this is the area I wanted to investigate to find out how the variables are related to the performance of a baseball team. In order to this Milwaukee’s Brewers Baseball team was my focus and thus gather data based on various variables.


Baseball game is one of the most popular sports in the United States which is known as “America’s Pastime.” For over the past century, there has been Major League Baseball which has been going with a large and strong fan base through the various seasons of the games. The major League Baseball is considered to be most professional sport in the United States that is a legal monopoly by the act of the congress. Due to this fact, the Major League do not always fear any form of competition from another team in the country. Since baseball is unique it is of need to explore and evaluate the performance of one of the baseball team based on the different statistics gathered from the team. Today, baseball is even considered to have great affection and has attracted many funs to the game. Based on a lot of statistics in baseball, it occurred to me that the application of certain statistical analysis to the data from the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team would do for my project.

Aim of the Project: The main objective of this project is to settle the classic argument of which baseball aspect is the best measure of performance/success of the team. Theoretically, it has been known that within the baseball game, the human capital dictates the productivity of an individual player; unfortunately for the performance in baseball, the measurement can be obtained from the plethora of different variables statistics of the players and the team.


Based on my exploration and critical evaluation of the team, the data set for the past 10 years was obtained from the records/information of the team and consisted of variables such as the numbers of wins, numbers losses, financial information based on the player’s expense and revenue, number of players and pitcher and other relevant information that could be applied in the evaluation of the team’s performance, forecasting and prediction.

This project is based on the data gathered from the Milwaukee’s Baseball database for the past 10 years. The database contains high statistics that ranges from performance data, total number of games played, players financial statistics, wins and losses for the team and other relevant variable that would serve useful controls in the overall evaluation of the team.  The financial data was extracted from the records from the database of the team and was limited to 2008-2017. We discovered that there was high inflation rate in the baseball revenues and expenditures and thus the financial data was limited to the number of years to ensure accuracy of the data for high results. After the data was gathered, it was then transferred to Microsoft excel for further analysis. Other complicated statistical packages such as minilabs and SPSS were limited in the analysis of the data. For this project five major variable/factors were considered in the analysis and critical evaluation of the aim of this project. They include wins, losses, financial revenues and expenses of the players and pitchers.

Analysis and Results

The analysis based on the above mentioned variables were conducted as follows. The diagrams were used to support the findings of the analysis for the results.

Analysis of Wins and Losses

Based on this, the data set on the number of matches won and lost were applied in the analysis. The pie chart and bar plot diagram were used to illustrate this finding as displayed in the figure 1 and 2 below.  This was conducted to evaluate whether the team’s performance has been declining or not.

  • To settle the classic argument of which baseball aspect is the best measure of performance/success of the team

To forecast revenue based on player expenses wining number and the attendance

Evaluation  project based on the related to the performance of a baseball team. In order to this Milwaukee’s Brewers Baseball team was my interest team and focus for this project . Analyses on  the variables were conducted in excel software for windows


  • A constant trend on the performance of the team is portrayed throughout the season. The trend line seems to be center aligned. This implies that the team is not in a position to change the pattern of the performance. The performance for the next five years is predictable.
  • The general performance seems to be constant for that matter and there is significant relation between the wins and the player’s pay
  • Based on the analysis, my findings show that the performance of the team remotely relates to the level of the revenue. There is no other single variable from the above data set that would help in the prediction and forecasting on the performance of the Milwaukee’s Brewers baseball team