English assignment help: Positive changes in life

English assignment help: Positive changes in life 

First and foremost, to make a positive change in my life, I will start with a proper exercise schedule. Every day morning I will start my day with exercise as this will allow me to be energized throughout the day. Secondly, I will communicate my ideas about the project and other official things with my team members so that they can help me out with any input that they have. This input will allow me to relax as my team members will be thinking equally hard, as me, about the project and at the same time, they will also get a chance to grow. I will reach home in the evening rather than that of night so that I can spend some quality time with my family members. I will talk to everybody for at least 5 minutes every day so that I can know the situation of my house. More importantly, I will spend my weekend with my family members rather than that of my laptop and computer. At least weekly once, I will go out with my family for lunch, dinner or a movie so that we all are bonded to each other rather than staying like strangers in the same house.

University Assignment Help AustraliaI very well understand that attainment of these goals aren’t easy because I am never used to this schedule. Initially, I will find it difficult to concentrate at home while I have work pending but I know that I will have to do that as it will reap benefits in the long run. To achieve this thing, I will gift myself something that I love on attainment of every set goal. I have also decided that I will maintain a diary and before going to sleep, I will update the activities that I did during the day. At the end of the week, I will assess the diary so that I can get an idea regarding the goals that I have accomplished and the goals that I need to accomplish.

Buy Assignment AustraliaSelf leadership is the only way by which a person can achieve peace of mind. Many people may assume that this thing is applicable only to people who are in managerial position but that is not true. Self leadership should be understood by everybody so that they can control their life rather than that of allowing someone else to control their life. Self leadership is a practical concept and hence, everybody should analyze it and add it to their everyday life. The advantages of self leadership concept can be that it allows a person to be humble and down to earth rather than disrespecting people around (Lifehack 2006).

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