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Economics Article writing: JAPAN JOBLESS RATE

Economics Article writing:

Jobless rate in Japan

The article under discussion is related to the increasing level of unemployment in Japan which has been shown by the April employment data. As per the article it has been shown that there has been a slight increase in the level of unemployment in Japan in the month of April. This has been due to the impact of the rising struggle in the electronic sector which has contributed to the increasing job losses. The rate of unemployment in the nation has been to the rise and has shown an upward trend from 4.5 percent to 4.6 percent in the month of March 2012. The nation’s jobless rate has shown an upward trend while the internal affair ministry of Japan has shown and expected that the as per the defying job expectations the rate of unemployment will remain flat to the current level. With the increasing household spending has given hope to the development of the lumbering economy (Means, Samuels and Lee 1994).

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Education Related essays and services: Graduate Teaching Standards for Multi Cultural People

Education Related essay:

Graduate Teaching Standards for Multi Cultural People


Teaching is one of the heaviest works that one has to do and this duty is full of a lot of responsibility and courage. One has too train themselves in the best possible way so that students are able to grasp the maximum and thus become educated in the society. Australia is mainly a land where a lot of people from all over the world come and study. Thus as per Lawrence(2011),  there is multi cultured and this needs to be effectively communicated so that there is maximum advantage that a person can have. We have to make sure that our student is able to understand and they are able to cope up well with our people and thus we have to make him or her comfortable in our class room.

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Economics Essay writing Topic: What do soaring Chinese wages mean for global manufacturing?”

Economics Essay writing question:

What do soaring Chinese wages mean for global manufacturing?”

Economics Essay writing review Solution:-

Summarizing the article

            China being the world largest manufacturer and also the provider of cheap labor is moving towards dearer wages due to global demand and supply factors. Becoming the fifth largest producer in global manufacturing of smartphones, televisions, steel pipes and other products china has surpassed America in the year 2010. China has so cheap labor and produces so cheaply that they are successful in highly curbing the inflation in many of its partner countries it is trading with. But this era of cheap labor is on the verge of drawing too closely (The end of cheap China 2012).

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Psychology Essay writing help: Cognitive Psychology

Psychology Essay writing help

Memories can be distorted as well as constructed i.e. we can at times recall events that never really happened or talk about experiences that actually never happened with us. This construction of memory can have special implications especially in case of eyewitness testimony. But if in first place information never entered into memory, the recall of such information will not be helpful for the legal system. It is unfortunate that lot of research points that false memories are both persistent and convincing i.e. people understand them as being real (Brainerd & Reyna, 1998).

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Marketing Assignment Case study Review help: ICT tourism Sector

Assignment Case Study Review Question:


Assignment Case study Review Solution:

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) are the important component of the business culture. In the present world ICTs has its own distinctive characteristics (Egger and Buhalis 2008). Through the application of correct technology, a manager can easily obtain the visible benefits of the organization and is able to easily stimulate the growth of the company along with the market evolution (Campilho 2004). The hospitality industry is at the vanguard of the entire tourism sector and is specifically sensitive to the increasing competition pressure and is increasing the need for effective control tools and operations (Cunningham sand Cunningham 2004). The support provided by the ICTs to the tourism and hospitality industries is much sought-after that has made these industries capable of giving the new opportunities for developing its business (Moutinho 2011).

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Marketing Assignment Help: Key Stakeholders and role of Team building

Marketing Assignment Help Essay writing help:-

  1. Discuss who the key stakeholders are in the implementation of marketing plans, strategies or activities and outline their key roles and responsibilities. Your answer should address both internal and external stakeholders in the marketing implementation process.

2. Identify the key resources that are required to be considered in the implementation and prioritisation of marketing plans, strategies and activities. Your answers should address the three main resources areas, capital, human and financial; as well as the process of assessing how to prioritise marketing activities. Provide examples of ‘real’ live situations and product to illustrate your answer.

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Project Management plan Assignment

Project Management Assignment Question:

Seven important principles of project management which are needed to be considered while undertaking a project?

Project Management Assignment review:

There are seven important principles of project management which are needed to be considered while undertaking a project:

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Accounting Assignment Help: Aboriginal Reconciliation in Australia

Accounting Assignment Help Question: What reasons does final report of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation give for failing to achieve Reconciliation by 2000? What varying functions is education expected to take in the Reconciliation process?

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Assignment Help: Marketing Analysis and PEST analysis on Jamie’s Oliver chef

Assignment Writing on: Summary of the marketing environment (both micro and macro environmental forces and trends) of Jamie’s Oliver chef?

Assignment Writing Solution:

In order to analyze the marketing environment for Jamie Oliver’s Chef, in which it is operating at present, we need to understand first of all the concept of ‘marketing environment.’ It has been termed as the ‘direct or indirect influence of the external forces on the acquisitions of inputs and the generation outputs by the organization (Dibb et al; 2001). For the present study we need to study the macro environment at Jamie’s Oliver Chef which consists of the broader forces which affect all the organizations which are present in the market. We also need to study the micro environment which consists of the organization specific forces which reflect the nature of the business of the organization (Palmer and Hartley, 2002).

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Computers Assignment Help: History and Generation of Computers

Computers Assessment Help Question:

Computers- What they do how they run??

Assessment Overviews the question:

Computers: A definition

Computer is an electronic device which converts raw data into meaningful information.  It is an object that takes input and results into output.  Computers are also known as programmable machines which have two principle characteristics as listed below

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Supply Chain Assignment Help: Kings Beer exports and logistics

Supply Chain Assignment Question:

Write a Board Paper asking the board of directors of the chosen exporter to adopt and implement your proposed export strategy.

Supply Chain Assignment Reviews:

1.      Brief Synopsis of the Issue

The paper identifies factors that are involved in international trade and argue why exporting the product, King’s Beer, from India to the UK would be a good strategy for the organization. The paper studies international trade theories, export strategies, logistics and ethics towards its recommendations.

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Accounting Assignment Topic is: Australian Auditing and Assurance standards

Assignment Question is:

Outline the major revisions to the auditing standards and discuss their implications for auditors conducting audits.

Assignment Review frame is:


The auditing standards prescribed by the Australian Auditing and Assurance Standards provides a framework that enables the auditors to conduct the audit procedure that helps them in presenting a true and fair opinion on the financial statements of the companies. These standards have to be followed mandatorily by all the auditors irrespective of their size of firms. In the year 2009, the AASB has released a clarity project which has revised as many as 43 standards which supports the financial systems integrity, better public confidence, capital market stability and strengthens the overall framework of the auditing environment in Australia.The following essay outlines the major revisions that have been brought about and their corresponding implications.

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Law Case Study Help: Business Law Help

Case Study Question 1: Can Ruth argue promissory estoppel?  Could she argue that she should be compensated for the continued work to assist Hazel on the basis of the promise for profit?

Case Study Answer is: In the present case Ruth cannot sue the estate of Hazel for $50,000 as she cannot prove the presence of the intention of creating legally binding relations behind the offer made by Ruth. The services by Ruth could have acted as the consideration for the contract, but it cannot be said that Hazel had the intention to create legally binding relation when she stated that she is going to leave $ 50,000 for Ruth in her will. Inn absence of a written contact she cannot sue for promissory estoppel.

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Law Case Study topic: Margaret and Emily

Case Study Question is: Include a discussion on “consideration”, and “promissory estoppel”?

Answers of Case Study Overviews:


There was an oral agreement between Margret and Emily that Emily will work in the shop of Margret and in return will get any unsold Doll. But at the time of entering into agreement Emily was a minor i.e. under the age of 18 years. According to the Law, a contract with a Minor can be valid, void or voidable at the option of the minor. [Business Law Ppt, 2009] hence at first instance, it seems that the agreement between Margret and Emily is not binding but a minor has a right to repudiate contract after attaining the age of majority and escape from the liability or can reaffirm that. The Question here arises is that whether Emily can confirm the contract after attaining the age of majority? Ratification may consist of any word or conduct of minor showing the interest of the minor to be bound by the contract. [US Legal, 2010] Here in this case, Emily continues working for her mother even after becoming major; this shows that she had the intent to continue with her agreement.  The contract entered by the minor for the benefits of service paid by him is a valid contract.  Here, Margaret agreed to give Emily the unsold stocks against the service provided by her but at the time of retirement she announces to give the unsold stocks in charity.  Emily can make Margret to comply with the terms of agreement as it was a legally enforceable agreement. It is only Emily who can make the contract void after attaining the age of majority.  But this option can be exercised by her only during her minority once she attained the age of majority. Once she does nothing during her minority to repudiate the contract, she cannot make it void after that. [Ken La Mance, 2011]

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Law Assignment Help on: Law and legislations of European Commissions

Assignment Question Topic is :  Evaluating the IFAC’s view in relation to provision o f non-audit services.

Assignment Answers Overview :


The European commission had released a legislation that proposes many reforms for the audit of firms. If the particular legislation gets sanctioned very soon it will be transformed into laws that will totally govern the audit market. The IFAC has in response to such a legislation have agreed on certain reforms while being non supportive on many other proposals that includes the prohibition of the non audit services. The following report evaluates the legislation and the response of the IFAC with regard to the prohibition of non audit services.

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Asked Question : Management of Change

Asked Question Overview for  : Management of Change

Asked the question frame is: 

Executive Summary 

This project planning report lists major elements that cause or require change management within our organization. It includes identification and analysis of issues requiring change. The issues spread across areas like change management to address changing bureaucracy and stakeholders. The first section introduces to the organization and highlights its basic missions, focus of strategies and talks broadly about the change and its impacts on the organization.  The first section, with the help of models of change management, illustrates why change is required. The following section explains the planning process to manage the change by developing the management plan. It also lists the potential and current impact of change on the organization’s resources like stakeholders. The final section explains how the change management plan will be implemented to stabilize the change for better prospective.

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Assignment Overview: History of social and economic life

                        Asked Question Overview for: History of social and economic life in Australia:-

Historically Australia has given most migrants the right to stay permanently but this is changing today. What is the significance of this? Discuss.

Answer the Question Frames is:-

During the second part of the 20th century, worldwide migration appeared as one among the key aspects within social advancement and growth in almost all the areas of the world (Iredale, 2001). Its importance is expected to increment further during the coming years since the populace mobility is continuously growing in number and takes on new forms (Taylor, 2002). Moreover, migration is the outcome of the incorporation of local communities as well as national economies into worldwide associations. Migration results in further advancement of the country. There exists mounting belief that migration is vital and unavoidable element of the social and economic life of every country and state and can prove to be advantageous for both the country as well as the individuals. However, migration also has serious issues associated with it like over-population, lack of job opportunities etc(Iredale, 2001).Migration is regarded as one among the defining worldwide issues of the beginning 21st century, since a large number of people are moving today as compared to the previous times. According to the researches more than 192 million individuals are residing outside their birthplace that is around 3% of the total world’s populace. Additionally, between the years 1965 and 1990, the total number of worldwide migrants incremented by around 45 million accounting to growth rate of around 2.1%. Further, taking the above discussion into consideration the continuing sections now provide an insight into the fact that how and why there has been change in the migration system of Australia as compared to the previous times.

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Assignment Overview: Decision making capabilities in Digital Media

Assignment Overview: Contemporary issues in digital media

In previous reports we have looked at various concepts of visualization in digital media and also evaluated the views that have been presented on visualization where the comparisons and approaches were also looked at. However, at the same time there is a need to look at the issues that are there and how they can be tackled. To ensure that the issues are understood, it is important to understand few things that include knowing your client, know your consumers and prove results beyond direct response (Greg, April 21, 2010). It is very important information visualization systems to focus on the end users capability to understand and benefit from what is being presented in the form of data, more importantly as the decision making entirely depends on the providence and user experience rather than on the design. In this proposal we will look at analytic gaps that are an epitome of obstacles faced by visualizations aiding towards analytic tasks likes decision making. In this report, a proposal will be presented for a framework that helps design and evaluate information visualization systems (Amar Robert and Stasko John).

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