Writing Assignment on : social struggles in the northern region

Writing Assignment on : social struggles in the northern region

  1. Since the year 1986, the state of Uganda had experienced the civil war which was dominant in the northern region. The political upheaval had been very shocking in the state and it involved random killings and the consequent homelessness. Thus the population of the state had to move to the Internally Displaced Person’s (IDPs) camps but then also the people were surrounded by atrocities and were surrounded by the mental and physical restlessness. In the scenario when there was conflict all around there was seen the scarcity of food, discomfort in the air and the African population was rendered shell-shocked. The violence was the one major factor which initiated the other social struggles in the country the first being the deteriorated health culture, the atrocities of the war led the men to become over ambitious and over-aggressive that only fueled the concept of the prevailing patriarchy in the nation state.

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyThus there occurred the situation of the intricate humanitarian plans it led more than half a million people to come and live by accommodating with each other in the camps. That is how the people got engage in forming unprotected relationships and that resulted in the infectious diseases and the higher mortality rates because of the HIV Aids (Mugyenyi, P 2002). At the backdrop of the civil strife laid the scorching realities like the disrupted healthcare system, the increased migration of the skilled doctors and the nurses to the outside countries both because of the hygiene constraints and also the job opportunities in the countries abroad. The lack of information and the education also resulted in spreading the disease. The mental trauma and the dislocated made men more aggressive and authoritative that sex became the only escape for them that they raped or hired women for sexual gratification and that became a business for the richer and the dictating men in the African society. While the males and the females engaged in such multiple relationships according to the statistics they avoided safe, in fact because of the lack of the information most of them even did not know about the contraception and such measures. Another factor that was found common was the lack of knowledge or no knowledge about the phenomenon of family planning. Therefore, the civil strife was followed by the devastating and the severe consequences like the development of the HIV which is massively fatal.

Assignment Expert AustraliaThe methods that had been used in the study were straight forward and quite focused and had the sole purpose to make out the prevailing problems and also aimed at providing the solutions to the problems that they were facing. Therefore the method was based on the 121 item questionnaire and it completely focused on fetching the socio-demographic profiles of the candidates participating. The questions were based on the sexual history of the couples and also were aligned in a way that tracked their reproductive patterns. Also the questions were centered on the knowledge which they had about the family planning, the desires which the parents had for taking up the families further, and also how were the contraceptive experiences which they have had. The next step in the method was the introduction of the concept of the contraception and that how can be used in both modern and the traditional sense so pregnancy could be protected (Slutkin, G 2006). The modern methods which could be used were taught to them like the sterilization techniques for the men and the women.

Assignment Help AustraliaThe casual questioning was also a part of the method where the face-to –face conversations were being help to initiate the topics about sex. In the conversations the respondents were asked to provide names of the methods which they were using, and if they failed to take up the names then they were given at the spot counseling of the sessions about the possible methods of family planning and the safe sex. This method is usually known as the prompting method which was used to provide knowledge to the people who knew the method with some other name or the ones who knew the method but did not know what is it referred as. The participants in the method were asked the structured questions that from where they achieved questions like from where they obtained the family planning techniques and that whether they have ever undergone any discussion with the health workers. The method was purely ethical as before letting the individuals to participate they cleared the clauses, the objectives, procedures and the steps involved and also that the respondents were free to step back if they felt awkward. The methods were semi-structured in nature and were guiding the survey.

Sample AssignmentThe role of gender, poverty and religion included many significant factors which affected the phenomenon of the family planning and that increased the transmission of the HIV disease in the Gulu region of Uganda.  The role of the gender was such that women were seen to be more oppressed and so they are seen to be obsolete and uninformed in terms of their knowledge and awareness. So according to the statistics 66% of the women were seen that they did come up the health workers and discussed about the family planning measures than men who were 56% in the same aspect and in the lesser women were involved in the process of discussion with their partners about the family planning and the contraception and that is only 54% of the women could discuss it with their partners and the ratio of the men was high with 72% who discussed with their spouse. This meant that the men in Uganda are the one who have been exercising patriarchy and the rules and the regulations are being put on women with regard to the reproductive decisions and the family related prospects. This showcases the superiority of one gender over the other. In terms of the class in the society those individuals belonging to the peasant class and the others the HIV was seen to be most vulnerable to HIV (Richard, L 2007).

Buy Sample AssignmentThe communication was much lesser within the societal network and the lack of exposure to the information and the education. The agrarian societies were seen to be more orthodox and solely relied upon the laws of nature than any technical invasions. Also the role of the religion is powerful in the state as that also holds the rule for the political decision making in the region (Chodos, B 2008). Therefore the majority being Roman Catholic in nature is found to being fuelled by the disease as the law making has been liberal by the religious pre cursors here in this region. But according to the laws the people are seen as the ones who have also improved in this regard with the 72 % of the Roman Catholic HIV stricken population to the present 38%. This has been helping the religion to gain popularity and with much anticipation by the public this society isgrowing better and has started to move towards its own betterment with regard to health.

Get Sample AssignmentEven if the government and the healthcare centers come up with the better options for the facility of the educational programs there are seen that there reside certain barriers or which can be  referred to as the blockades or the barriers in life in one or the other way. There can be a range of the barriers like the personal barriers of Uganda like the bad experiences which they might have had related to the use of the methods related to the family planning, the reduced sensation because of the contraceptives. In some cases it was seen that the spouse was at times not agreeing with the decision of the partner. Sometimes the experience is such that they get the fear of the side effects that the course of intervention might produce.  Another barrier to the implementation of such programs could be the negative thoughts about the concept of the condoms and the painful consequences of the vasectomy. Another barrier is that the proper communication cannot take place between the couples being Africa a male dominated society and so decision only came from the dominant party and that is the males in the family (Wairagala, W 2008). Also, another barrier is the dilemma which is formed at the part of the individuals when they feel embarrassed to discuss the core of the problems to the concerned physician and that they even feel shy to give their details to the doctor with regard to the records which would be maintained by the patients. There are the barriers with regard to the structure and the environment that is the availability of a few doctors, the lesser provision of the heath centre in the region and that there were no specific centers or the regions found for PLHIV. With this regard the most of the population was gathered at one place and so the resources exhausted without even being utilized by the masses that actually needed it.

  1. The higher mortality rates have been seen happening in the society, and especially among the infants and the children in the society. The loss of life has been there because HIV had been widespread that statistically it was being passed from one generation to the other and the death in the society because of the violence and the disease. The deteriorated health in fact made the children lean and weak and it led to the death also (Chodos, B 2008). The HIV educational programs in fact promote that if an individual is HIV stricken then the problem should be told to the partner and if it is hidden with respect to the embarrassment that it can cause to the HIV stricken person. In fact if the partner is told beforehand then it is good for the couple and the future generations because then certain disease intervention or the safe sex programs can greatly help to achieve the better life. The strategies that can be employed in order to prevent the disease to become present just everywhere around the region is that the family planning programs should become ever running in the regional health centers and the special positioning of the HIV centers could be made in the health care systems. The properly trained staff should be kept with regard to the training of the nurses and the senior doctors to be present for providing the counseling sessions to the families and that how can they be prevented from HIV. The next strategy can be the implementation of the referrals and the follow up centers so that the people can come and share their problems. The strategy is that there should be the ready availability of the surgical contraceptives for the public (Cohen, J 2008).   There should also be assigned the nursing professionals to the community workers in the health department (Michael, M 2006). Also, the general public should be taught that the point of view of both the genders is equally important and thus the old beliefs related to the monopoly of the males should be discouraged by each and every member and the social status of the women should be worked upon as well. Their health concerns should become the prime importance because they are the ones who are meant to take forward the families and the generations.

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