Ethics Assignment help on : Aristotle’s theory of ethics

Ethics Assignment help on : Aristotle’s theory of ethics

In Aristotle’s theory of ethics Eudaimonia is an activity that goes with the reason and this is seen to be derived from the excellence that is given by the human beings for the things they do. This conception derives from the point of view which he holds that rationality is something unusual in the human beings as that would require the exercise of the thought process and the capacity of reasoning to a high degree. According to Aristotle’s theory, Eudaimonia would be gained by the people only when the beings develop the capacity to give reasons. It is something that not only requires having certain character traits but the exercises which require the activities to be done with relevance to the rationale behind it. The philosopher asserts over his claim that a person has to have certain virtues and the excellences that are usually appropriate to the function. Aristotle can be related to as a eudaemonist because as he depends upon the concept of virtue as he finds it necessary for the growth of the soul and also the importance of certain outside goods like the friends, the wealth in the society and the political authorities. He also believes when a thing or an entity has a function then there is also a function which the thing should perform well. It is a kind of happiness and the fulfilment in which people live and end their life too (Athanassoulis, N. (2010)).

Assignment Expert AustraliaOn the other hand community is an important account for the philosopher, as he asserts that community is an essential place to be in and this condition would only led to her total flourishing. It is the good for which every human being should aim for and that is for the good and the goodness lies in living the life to the fullest. In order to built a complete communitarian perspective the philosopher engages in the encouragement of the citizens to participate in various governmental efforts. According to Aristotle, the nation-state is a domain which understands the concern of the individual who exhibits it (Kraut, R and Skultely, S. (2005)). Therefore, Aristotle is the one who preferred to be with the rules of the law and the not the rule made by the citizens, as then the state would be only regulated by the societal laws and not the private interests. Aristotle attempts to support the mixed and a blended system of politics and thus he rejects any basic democratic pattern or the communism.

Get Sample AssignmentA cosmopolitan approach is something that relates to the ethnic groups across the human civilisation and forms the fundamentals of the shared mortality. This approach is more associative with the Aristotle’s basic view of the economic, political and the moral relationships in the society. But in this approach one cannot relate this to Aristotle’s account of communitarianism, the country in contrast to the ideology of cosmopolitanism (Kleingeld, P and Brown, E.(2011)). Also, throwing a light upon Aristotle’s concept of flourishing is such which has advanced a little further from the Nicomachean Ethics, and thus based itself much on the fulfilment and the satisfaction which the political territory could provide to the people who inhabit the state and this ideology would only be directed towards the government which should care about every free being of the nation-state. But changing to the cosmopolitan thought, it would be more of the personal car and the relationships in which a general being would always be fixing him rather than taking care of the community as a whole and therefore it would not be feasible to keep up with the communitarian aspect. So, this way Aristotle’s ideology would face ethical crisis in adapting to a new cosmopolitan approach (Philpropsophy – Philosophy Articles and Article Summaries. (2012). The changes which he would have to make to the existing thought is that he would have to move from the collectivist to the individualistic perspective and from utilitarian to an altogether different setting where the people would be determining their own rules and ways to flourish.

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