English Literature: Bomb Bursting in Air


Why does the author allude to “bombs and bursting in air”? What is the significance of this reference throughout the work? Explain.

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The author, Beth Johnson Bomb has used this particular title, “Bomb bursting in air” in this essay quite allegorically. Apparently, it seems that the entire essay is endowed with the incidents of bombs and bursting. The essay provides an in-depth understanding about the unavoidable consequence of human life[1]. Human being is bound to accept those consequences, as these are the part of human life.

As per the case scenario, it has been observed that a girl of five years is possessed with a brain tumor in her brain. [2]It is painful to accept that truth though it is unavoidable. Thus, the author has intended to highlight that human beings have to prepare themselves for any kind of disastrous consequence, as it is undeniable. [3]Bomb bursting is devastating as it renders death. A large number of people have to become victimized with the fatal consequence of bomb bursting. Still this consequence is unavoidable. If this kind of occurrence happens in life, no one can be rescued from this devastating occurrence. [4]

Therefore, the significance of choosing this particular title is to point out the harsh reality that human being can never avoid the circumstances that are going to happen in their own life. Likewise, the consequence of bomb bursting can never be avoided. People have to let their head down at these kinds of circumstances. In this way, the author has intended to link two occurrences with equal significance.

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