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Describe about reflection of personal experience, online trading, authentication methods, network password security: Following password policy best practices and models for Technical Specification of Information System Security.

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1: Reflection of personal experience

At present, online shopping has become very popular. I used to shop online frequently. It is a nice experience to me. I am able to see a lot of products any time anywhere, which gives me the chance of choosing the right products from a vast range in less time. The quality and security assurance statements and the reviews of the customers available in the online shopping sites are displaying the level of security at the sites. Although there are many security assurances given in the sites but I am worry about the online account hacking. Because of this reason, I use the cash on delivery service of the online shopping.

2: Online trading

As a medium online trader, I have to consider about the development and maintenance cost at first. The cost should not be very high but the site must have to assure the security of the customers’ accounts. The descriptions of the people and working strategy of the people who are working behind the website will be given in the website (Huang and Benyoucef 2013). The privacy policy of the company will be written clearly in the site. The security of the shopping site will be handled by a third party company. Most of the customers give importance to the security trust mark ( 2016). Therefore, the trust mark will be used on the home page and the payment page of the site.

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3: Authentication methods

The biometric system will be able to reduce the time of the authentication than the manual checking. High level of security will be provided by the system as the biometric password cannot be hacked just like the normal alpha numeric passwords (Zhang, 2012). The problem of the failure of the system can be handled by manual checking by a guard but this will be happen in some special issues. At the time of huge entry of employees, manual checking of individual with their IDs is a problematic and inefficient concept. The issues of ID exchanging, duplicate ID and fraud can be prevented by investing some money on the biometric system.

4: “Network password security: Following password policy best practices”

Online account hacking has become a serious issue of the present world. Major websites like Facebook are hacked by the hackers and thousands of personal ID, passwords is being stolen by the hackers. After taking significant security measures, the managements of the websites are not able to stop hacking. One of the major issues of this fact is the similar types of password using in several sites by the users. In this article the users of the online accounts are suggested to use different types of complex passwords for different web sites (Cobb 2016). It has been also suggested that the organizations should use two factor authentication system and should keep updating the IDs. The suggestions given in the article will help the organizations and the users of the online accounts to minimize the issues of hacking.

5: Models for Technical Specification of Information System Security

In order to develop an online book store, the first thing to be considered is the attractive design of the website. The next fact is about the security and quality assurance of the site. The formal model of e-commerce design will help to use the security protocol and formal authentication of the customers in the site (Zhang et al. 2012). The security of the online shopping will be maintained by using an efficient encryption method. Proper use of public and secret keys by following the formal security aspect of e-commerce will help to develop and run a good e-commerce business of books (Joe and Ramakrishan 2014).

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