Name of the Company: XYZ inc.

Job Title: Senior business development executive

Date: 20-04-2012

Times of Work: 24*7

Supervisor’s Name: Mr. John

What duties I performed today?

Answer: Every day I used to perform my tasks which were assigned to me i.e. to increase the business of my company. Today I went to meet 3 clients to promote my products and I could convince 2 clients out of 3. They are very much interested in our products and they have asked for the quotations.

What I learnt today:

I got various learning today. First of all I got the learning of new kind of techniques for the B2B client handling and convincing ability. While talking to my 1st client of the day, I got the learning and idea that how to make a new chain of B2B customers in an effective manner.

Other Information:

Today, I traiveled around 25-30 kms by my own vehicles. I met with few of my colleagues and seniors in office then I went for the client meet. I met with 3 clients today. As far as the health and safety instructions are concerned, I always take care of health and the safety consideration whether its work or my personal life. These two are important aspects for the long run of life. So I give priority to them. I face challenges everyday but these challenges make me more energize and enthusiastic to attain new goals in my life. They make me more strengthen and competitive and also help in idea generation for the better approach of the problem solving ability. The learning was like training for today. I got an opportunity to meet with such a good and innovative personalities, this was really like training for me to gain new heights of my career plans and goals.

What I have learnt from completing this work experience:

I learnt a lot from this work experience. I got new learning and ideas for the betterment of my future career goals and planning. I got new colleagues who also helped and supported me in various manners and aspects for the better future aspects and career opportunities. Earlier I was an introvert kind of personality but now I am an extrovert and very much interactive with others. These are various learning which I got while my work experience with this company.


Challenges are everywhere, but they make us familier with our capabilities and capacity which is insider us. Nobody knows how much capacity he/she has within self but the challenges and hurdles reveal these capabilities in us. As soon as we face challenges we come to know that how much capable we are. The same happened with me while handling various clients and while promoting my products, I received various failures and questions but rather stopping myself I worked upon it and now I am here. So I can conclude the challenges are the main catalyst that makes us energize to move ahead.

Positive aspects of work experience:

1.     Personal: I got the new ideas that how to meet with various business tycoons and giants and such a huge personalities. These things made me more face to face with the new consideration of the personal improvement and personality enhancement.

2.     Work Related: If I talk about the work related learning, it is really unbelievable and can’t be explained in words. I joined this company as a raw, but now I am mostly a developed and concrete personality that can handle any kind of client and make them force to get interested in buying our product.

These are the real life implications of my work experience which I enjoyed a lot while my work experience.

Planning and Preparation:

Work experience always helps for better and growing future opportunities. Work experience is like a new learning which we learn from our practical implications and that is a kind of learning that helps and supports us in better career and future opportunities.

I can work with all the business development opportunities with my current work experience.

I can apply for my work experience in my company to provide me the work experience certificate that will work as a proof while applying to other companies.

I worked a lot to achieve this much of height in my career and this is a kind of practical work experience which I learnt here in this company, I worked really hard to gain this much of work experience.

The material that best describes my characteristic and indicates that I am a professional person with a good knowledge base will be the perfect one for me.

There are various kinds of implications regarding the safety issues, so it is better to know about all these aspects before starting with the new job.

All the aspects which is genuine and required for the better and excellent handling of the roles of responsibilities of this job profile is a right for me at this workplace.

As per the requirement of job, I need to understand the e-CRM softwares and their implications, as we need to use this software in this job profile.

Every learning can be implemented at the required time and place. So here in this job profile, I can use my technical learning that I learnt while my classroom studies to understand the e-CRM software and its better implications in the real life experience.

Planning is the most critical and important part of any learning and work. It gives a better understanding of the terms and methodologies being used in the particular work.

Skills Audit:

All the skills required for this work is very much relevant for me and correlating with my previous job profiles.

I want to learn the new aspects of the e-CRM and other e-business softwares to better understand the new implications of the technological advancement at work place.

Skills I already have


Level of Skills


How can I improve these skills while working?



Communication skills




Keep on practicing


Planning and Strategic aspects




Need to understand some more aspects for the excellent growth and future opportunities


Technical Skills




Need to understand new technologies and their implications for value addition in the profile


Review of learning goals:

My three goals for work experience were as follows:

1 Goal: To learn about the process and it’s utility in the real world phenomenon.

2 Goal: To make a perfect and effective utilization of the theoretical knowledge in practicality.

3 Goal: To find new and innovative ideas for the betterment of the organization and self career to gain competitive advantage.

I achieved these three goals with the help of my knowledge and skills. The proper utilization of the learning which I got in my life and their practical implications made me understand these consideration and importance of the real life phenomenon and to make a better approach to achieve success.

I properly utilized all the theoretical knowledge and skills for the better implications of the practical considerations at my work place. This also helped me to innovate various ideas for the further enhancement my knowledge and skills and it also motivated me towards my goal of life.

Information about other modules had also helped me to understand some aspects of the practicality in various ways such as the training and development, motivational factor, brainstorming and others. These aspects helped a lot in further enhancement of my career goals and objective and I could find out a clear picture of the practical implications of my theoretical knowledge and skills.

Future work experience and career plan:

What will do you differently in any future work experience that you may undertake?

Answer: To repeat the history is not a big deal but to create the history makes a difference. Here I will also prioritize the tasks in an effective and efficient manner that will support me in defining new ways of learning and its practical implications. These aspects will surely add some values in my work experience for the future perspective. It will also make me clearer about my future plans and strategies for the long term of career and success in my life.

Has anything that you have learnt in your work experience changed your future career plans? If no then explain why not.

Answer: I learnt various new skills and knowledge while my work experience in this company. I realized that the practical implications are very much different from the theoretical knowledge which we get in class rooms. But we cannot negate the importance of the class room learning. It works as the foundation in our practical life. Here in this company I learnt a lot, with my mistakes and work experience. At each time I got some new ideas and learning to enhance my future growth and aspects in an integrated manner. It actually moulded my future growth and career plan and provided me new opportunities to attain a new growth and pick of success in my career.


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