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TASK – Complete Assurance of Learning Exercise 2B, Steps 1–2, for Advance Auto Parts, Barnes & Noble, Estée Lauder, Family Dollar Stores, FedEx, and Ford Motor Company on textbook page 54 on which I have copied from my student textbook below. I have attached a copy of a group grading sheet in order to keep the assignment on track and highlighted it for this assignment.



Group Assurance of Learning Exercise 1 Grading Rubric

Criteria Points Possible

Points Earned

Subsection 1: Questions 1-28, 1-29, 1-32, 1-34, and 1-41 – Content 0 to 25 points

Provides appropriate, thoughtful, and accurate answers to the questions asked.

Subsection 2: Questions 2-14, 2-21, 2-22, 2-27, and 2-28 – Content 0 to 25 points

Provides appropriate, thoughtful, and accurate answers to the questions asked.

Subsection 3: Exercise 2B, Steps 1–2 – Content 0 to 9.5 points

Provides appropriate, thoughtful, and accurate answers to the questions asked.

Professionalism 0 to 1.5 points

Entire submission is presented in a professional manner and addresses the specific question(s) posed.

Format and Grammar 0 to 1.5 points

Proper grammar, spelling, and current APA (when appropriate) are used throughout the entire submission.


Instructor Comments:


Please see the below sample assignment for question #2 from the grading chart. Even though the writer doesn’t have the book in order to see question #2, I have copied a same of how the group assignment questions should be answered using a yes and no as well on each questions.






I have answered most questions for #2 so all can review, add some information with your thoughts and ideas! Tell me what you think!


2-14  A vision statement is short, to the point, and shares the organization’s vision all in one sentence. The vision shares what an organization wants to become. On the contrary, mission statements define what the business is and is generally much longer than the one sentence vision statement. While the vision is important, I find the mission to be of greater importance as it clearly defines the aspects of the given organization. However, employees may be attracted to an organization and inspired to excel in company endeavors as a result of its vision statement (Hawthorne, n.d.)


2-21  I find the three most important components to mission statements to be customers, concern for employees, and philosophy. While the product itself it an important aspect, the way employees and customers are treated is more important than product success. This leads to the philosophy, which is the fundamental ground of customer and employee treatment. I would be more likely to purchase a product seeing that humans are treated properly and the firm follows an ethical belief system than seeing the benefits and success of the product.


2-22  The leading difference between for-profit and nonprofit is the reason for existence (Ingram, n.d.) The mission statement describes what the business is. Therefore, description of a nonprofit would more likely focus on humanitarian aspects of the organization, while a for-profit may focus more on success and growth of the organization.


2-27  A clear mission statement…

  1. Presents accurate information about an organization to the public
  2. Attracts customers and future employees to the organization
  3. (I have come up with those 2, maybe others could present some more? The text lists benefits on p. 46, though I am unsure of whether we are to use those or come up with our own)


2-28  According to the text, mission statements should be reviewed annually, but “…effective mission statements stand the test of time” (David & David, 2015, p. 52). Henceforth, I believe the mission statement should stay the same if properly constructed the first time around. However, if the mission statement does not satisfy the nine mission statement components, I believe it should be altered until it includes more or all of them.





Business Group Learning Exercise

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Mission statement Advance Auto Parts Barnes & Noble Estee Lauder Family Dollar Stores FedEx Ford Motor Company
To fulfill the needs of personal vehicle owners and others showing enthusiasm to vehicle related products as well as knowledge at the correct price (Bryson, 2011). Yes No No No No No
To operate the best specialty retail business in America despite of their products No Yes No No No No
To bring the best products, people and ideas to everyone they are in touch Yes No Yes Yes No yes
Provision of convenience and low to customers, provision of exceptional opportunities and rewards for associates achievement and the provision of outstanding returns for investors (Bryson 2011). Yes     Yes    
To produce superior financial returns for shareowners through the provision of high values-added business, transportation, supply chain and related information (Ozdem, 2011). No No Yes No Yes  
To provide personal mobility for all the people around the world, being a global family No No yes No No Yes
Corporate activities will be done with highest professional and ethical standards         Yes  
To develop mutual and rewarding relationships with suppliers, employees and partners yes No yes yes yes yes
Continuously bringing the styles and approaches of industry shades to the businesses that are steady with evolving their aspirations (Ozdem, 2011). Yes yes yes No No No



Reference List

Bryson, J. M. (2011). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations: A guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement (Vol. 1). John Wiley & Sons.

Ozdem, G. (2011). An Analysis of the Mission and Vision Statements on the Strategic Plans of Higher Education Institutions. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, 11(4), 1887-1894.