Ideas for the Creative Assignment

 1. I am an art quilter and have a certificate in Fiber Arts from the University of Washington.  Quilting is a traditional art & craft that has been around since ancient Egypt.  There is a distinct “language” in quilting.  Traditional designs are copied across generations but also are gradually interpreted and adapted to local events and customs.

Art Quilting is emerging as a modern reinterpretation of this ancient craft, originating around the 70s or 80s.  With the advent of the internet and greater ease in international travel, art quilting is now an a form or expression that is recognized by universities as well as museums and galleries.  Art quilting does not have one local flavour, but is instead created by a sharing of ideas and concepts across the globe.

I propose to make an art quilt that explores the juxtapositions of adaptation of traditional symbolism, as well as the impact of time and technology on a highly traditional art form.  I would provide photos of the finished product, and could send in a sample of one of the blocks from the quilt.


2. For some years I’ve been involved in virtual art; that is the creation and

exhibition of artforms in virtual space. My particular interest is in taking

objects out of my personal and immediate experience of “nature” and to

recreate these in virtual space, inviting people from all over the world to

come and walk through them.


In the process of creating these virtual landscapes, I blend actual

photographic representations of plants and nature with imagery that comesmore from my imagination. So a Lewis Carrol inspired plant may sit alongsidea representation of a plant I found in my backyard.


This interest I have is in fact one of the reasons I was particularly

interested in enrolling into this course. I really enjoy taking my

interpretation and imagination of the local physical space around me, andinviting others from all over the world to come and walk within it andinterpret it their own way.


I guess this has been my experience of globalisation and the “glocal”: the

strange dissonance of allowing a stranger from anywhere around the world towalk through the intimacy of my own experience and imagination. I would bequite interested in exploring something along these lines for my firstassignment, if you think it is appropriate.


My thought was that I would create, on a “3d canvas” in virtual space, a

virtual representation of how I interpret and experience my own physicalbackyard and to juxtapose it with imagery and ideas of how data as ametaphor for space is experienced by a global virtual community.


3. Design a series of alternative tourist posters for Melbourne that depict  the downside of globalisation.


4. Create  a 16 shot/frame storyboard for the opening to a documentary that is positive about globalisation.


5. Design a mixed-media model/sculpture/painting that defines what globalisation mean to you.


6. Come up with a series of 4x posters advertising cocoa-cola in China.


7.  Film a 2 minute ‘news’ item about how globalisation has transformed life in Melbourne.


8. Edit together 24-36 found images, overlaid with a soundtrack, that defines what globalisation means to you.


9.  Choose one global product and write an outline treatment for a documentary that explores its impact on one local community.


10. Design a series of street art posters that define what globalisation means to you.


11. Adapt a global sit-com you are familiar with for a local market you are familiar with.


Marketing Campaign for Edward Bess

Edward Bess is an American cosmetic brand which is not available in Australia.

In order to develop a positive image of a company in the minds of the customers, it is very important to develop an effective and efficient marketing campaign. In this globalised world, companies are trying their level best to do business in every part of the world. No two humans are same, but people of any region share some basic traits. Thus companies need to formulate different marketing strategies for different countries. Here we are discussing about the marketing campaign for American cosmetic brand Edward Bess, who is planning to introduce their product range in Australian market.

Any marketing campaign is initiated with the creation of the image of the company in the minds of customers. Mission statement, company logo, colour choice are some integral devices that help to create an image of the company. In case of Edward Bess, black background with name of the company in beige colour portrays the image of a brand that seeks proper balance between modernity and timelessness. There are five traits that almost every Australian consumer possesses. They are as follows:

They spend money very carefully: Australians can be termed as smart consumers thus understanding of their changing value equation is a big challenge for brands. Moreover, the recent financial crisis has put an added financial pressure as a result they buy what they need rather what they want. Pricing of product will be very crucial for Edward Bess in Australia. They can also give gift vouchers of some nearby coffee shop or massage parlour to make customers inclined towards their products.

Lack of time: In today’s busy world, brands are expected to provide all sorts of channels through which a consumer can get in touch with retailer. Though in America, the brand is available exclusively at the department stores only. But in Australia, the company will need to make their products available on line as well.

The Green Consumer: Thanks to the green movements, consumers are becoming worried about the environment and are trying their best to do whatever they can to save it. Thus environment friendly products are the hot cakes in the town. Thus, introduction of products made from natural sources like fruits, vegetables and flowers will give an added advantage to the brand.

Consumer look for innovative ideas: Traditional retailing and promotional activities is no more of any interest to the consumer overburdened with choices. Thus, a brand needs to provide wide variety, enhanced involvement and more personalised products to the consumer. Keeping this thing in mind, Edward Bess has introduces “Lip wardrobe”, which is a bunch of lipstick and lip glosses. The same promotional tool has been implied to sell eyes products as well. Instead of selling eye shadows and mascara separately, “Private eye kit” has been introduced, which is again a bunch of both shadows and mascara.

E-tailing is the new buzz: Social networking sites have gained enormous popularity off late. People share their views and opinions through these sites. Online presence is not enough for retailers anymore. Customers look for 24*7 online support, personal interaction etc from brands.




















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