Search for a recent opinion poll dealing with some aspect of security-188929_SECS Assignment

Search for a recent opinion poll dealing with some aspect of security (domestic or international). Make sure to trace the survey back to the original organization. Post in a discussion thread (i.e., on the Week Six discussion board) five questions from the survey, the response options, and the findings. Critique the survey questions. Could they have been written differently? What problems might have occurred in the way they were written? Be sure to properly cite the survey.

Choose a general security studies research area of interest to you (e.g., security of Americans abroad, domestic security issues, etc.). Write a brief description of a study in that area that could be done using each of the following methods: experiments, surveys, and field research. Explain why the method would be appropriate for the study you propose.

Identify two security-related topics of interest and look for data that might be of use when studying those topics. On this week’s discussion board, tell us what you found, including a link and a description of the available data. If you were unable to find data on that topic, describe how such a dataset might be created (i.e., what materials would you need to review, how might you sample, etc.).

Identify a security-related program. Review the purpose of the program and discuss on this week’s discussion board how one might go about evaluating it. Be sure to address outcome measures and research approach (including design structure).

Pick some aspect of security that could be examined using the type of qualitative approach described in this week’s chapter. Briefly present the topic and how you might study it. What would you need to do in order to analyze the resulting data?

Identify a scholarly article in our field that utilizes statistical analysis. Present a brief description of that article, including any hypotheses that are tested. Identify the types of descriptive or univariate analyses that are presented, as well as any bivariate analyses presented. Did the descriptive analyses raise any flags that the author(s) identify?

Identify one field relevant journal article that employs one type of multivariate regression. Provide a brief summary of what the author(s) hypothesized and their findings. Explain the type of regression they used and why. Comment on how clearly the author’s presented the findings.