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Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

1. Recent opinion poll and criticizing. 3

2. Description of a security study. 3

3. Identification of to security related topics. 4

4: Identification, review and purpose of security related program.. 4

5. Examining aspect of security. 5

6. Identification of scholarly article. 5

7. Identification of one field relevant to journal article. 5

Conclusion. 6

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The security studies have changed with the passage of time. The security learning provides opportunity so that specialized understanding can be gained in relation to multidimensional aspects of national and international security (Burgess, 2012). The current assignment focuses on the subject of security with reference to domestic or either international scenario. The security program will be discussed in the particular study.

1. Recent opinion poll and criticizing

The recent poll of Program for Public Consultation and Center for International and Security Studies shows that large numbers of Americans were backing the agreement of US with Iran on Nuclear Program. The survey question can have a bad impact on the mind of people. The people may not be aware of the consequences of developing a nuclear weapon such it can result in higher confrontations with the foreign community (Williams, 2012). The questions could have written in different way such as “Do you the effect of the Nuclear Program?” The question could have been based on the outcome of developing nuclear weapon. The world may not feel safe in doing their operation and can be threaten by the people or country.

2. Description of a security study

The cyber attacks in a country can be harmful that can lead to loss of private data that can be official or personal information. For example, there was an accusation that Chinese Government is backing hackers to attack US national security. Therefore, cyber attack not only a big issue for industry but for also world (Kim & Chung, 2013).

Experiments: The government officials can conduct experiments in order to decrease the problem of cyber attacks. According to (Reagan, 2011), a generator can be developed to tackle cyber attack. The generator can get self destruct if there is an attack that can make people alert.

Surveys: The surveys can be helpful in knowing the affect of cyber crime in particular area. The personal interview can be carried to know the reaction of people that are attacked by hackers. On the other hand, mail or telephonic interview can also be effective (Betts, 2012).

Field Research: The field survey can be effective in knowing the percentages of people in one region are affected by the cyber hackers and the amount of loss they have incurred.

Therefore, these all methods can be effective in collecting required information and understanding what kind of information has been theft by the hackers.

3. Identification of to security related topics

The biological weapons and transnational crime can be taken as the security studies. The biological weapons can be used by the terrorist to attack one nation. It is considered as a bacteria or virus that can be spread into the atmosphere in order to hostile the people. Therefore, it can not only kill humans but also plants, pets or livestock. The weapon is considered as cheap and 1gram of toxin can kill up to 10 million people (Fournier, 2014). On the other side, transnational crime can be bigger threat for the security of national or international borders. It is regarded as the organized crime that is coordinated across the borders of nations that includes groups or large networks which works together for operating the illegal business.

4: Identification, review and purpose of security related program

The Export Control and Related Border Security Program has been designed in order to avert the propagation of weapons of large devastation and weaken the accumulation or transfers of conventional arms. Therefore, firm national strategic trade organize systems in nations that posses or supply deliberate items (Jervis, 2012). The program can be effective in ensuring compliance with standards of international in order to regulate the trade in stuffs on the control directory of the regimes of multilateral export control. Thus, it can put a stop to the sanction of transferring to end users or uses of proliferation distress. The EXBS program function in accordance with the partner government for the purpose of identifying gaps of regulatory and institutional so that better resource requirement can be developed (Burgess, 2012). The developed program is effective great support in five major areas such as Laws and Regulations, Licensing, Cooperation among government and industry, Enforcement and Interagency and International Coordination and Cooperation (, 2014).

5. Examining aspect of security

The Data Integrity can be problem in maintaining authentication in the business process. Therefore, issues in data integrity can be evaluated through qualitative phenomenon. The qualitative approach such as phenomenology and field study can be taken into account for data integrity problem (Miller, 2014). The reaction of people towards the integration of data and its effectiveness can be studied so that accurate feedback can be generated. On the other hand, the field study can be helpful in knowing the causes behind the lack of integrity of information. The major issues such as Customer complaints, Revenue loss, Issues of Consumer Authentication, etc. can be studied through field research.

6. Identification of scholarly article

The cyber security department has used statistical methods in order to investigate and exemplify cyber data.  The scholarly article that is The Road to Cyber-power: Seizing Opportunity while managing risk in Digital Age. The article focuses on the use of multivariate analysis that can help in comparing every part of cyber traffic to all different cyber traffic. The large amount of data has been simultaneously considered so that threats of cyber can be distinguished in quick time from the genuine traffic of Internet (Nunes, 2012). The advancement in the technology of computer and enhancement in the size of database has helped in developing a feasible atmosphere for multivariate statistical analysis. The multivariate analysis has been conducted which shows that the people or business are affected by the cyber crime and protection in the form of cyber security has assisted to be protective from the cyber attacks. The descriptive analyses were effective for evaluating the data in order to get the desired result (, 2014).

7. Identification of one field relevant to journal article

The article of Return to Work Outcomes among Social Security Disability Insurance Program Beneficiaries used analysis related to descriptive and multivariate. The cumulative proportion of beneficiaries has been evaluated for every return to work landmarks (Kiafers, 2014). The multivariate analysis shows the association among the age and accomplishment of the milestones and the relationship among type of impairment and attainment of milestones. The linear probability model has been taken in account which represents that younger beneficiaries can enroll for the employment service in comparison to older beneficiaries (Betts, 2012).  On the other hand, sensory impairments beneficiaries have the higher chances of attaining any of the benchmarks whereas people suffering from back or musculoskeletal disorders have the lowest likelihoods. The period of education increases for realizing the milestones of return to work. The author has effectively presented the findings of the study that is comprehensively understood by the readers (Peacock, 2012).


The whole assignment concludes that security studies in any form helps in knowing their outcome on the nations or business or people. The research survey method is essential for acquiring necessary information related security related matter. The security related program has been discussed that helps in knowing the positive effect on the life of people and on the country. The security issues can lead to destruction of life, property, etc. that can largely hamper the country and their work process. The aspect of security has been studied through qualitative approach that provided great support in assessing the data. The statistical analysis and multivariate regression is helpful in analyzing the two sets of information.

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