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December 7, 2014

Letter of Recommendation for Peter Smith’s graduate Application

To the Review committee,

I would like to write a letter of recommendation for Peter Smith, a commerce undergraduate student in our University. I am known to Peter for the last 2.5 years when he came to pursue the under graduation program from our University.

This undergraduate program at Uppasala University designed to teach the business practices to larger group of public. In order to get into the program, the student is required to have a high score in schooling and exposure to some extra curriculum program. Peter has fulfilled this criteria and has been one of our bright student of the program.

He has undergone an Internship program part of the degree curriculum. He has built up an insight to Banking industry by way of spending his summer internship days with the leading bank of Sweden- SEB.

He is a cultured, well-mannered and an ambitious student.

I recommend him to be part of a Graduate Program without any reservation.


Thomas Nilemo

Peter’s teacher – Professor of Commerce


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