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London School of Economics              

London, United Kingdom


November 26, 2014


Graduate School Recommendation for Sophia Wendal


To the Review committee,

Sophia Wendal is the best student I have this year and I am delighted to support her graduate application. She is very intelligent and inquisitive towards the new and exciting topics.

Sophia has attended only one class with me but we have maintained contact through learning and sharing discussion in my office and on the tennis court. She is one of the excellent students of my class. She was awarded A grade score in my guest lecture.

She has an analytical bend of mind and explores the subject in detail to understand the root reasoning of the subject. She has played a variety of roles in college. She voluntarily organized a stock market simulation session held last year.

She will always be remembered for her creativity, adherence to role and dedication. Sophia is one of rare catch for any graduate program. I would watch her career grow and develop with a high expectation.


Jan Carlsen

Sophia’s teacher – Professor of Honours


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