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In case of APA formatting, paraphrasing can be used in an impressive way. Sometimes paraphrasing can be a tricky option. In academic writing, one need to be sure of not copying the author’s whole writing part from a selected portion either from a book or a journal. Therefore, paraphrasing can become an impressive source in writing to avoid author’s writing style or wording from being copied. Whenever one uses an author’s writing style and texts, proper citations have to be presented with the same. But in many cases, such borrowing of style and texts from the original sources can be considered as plagiarism (Blanco, 2009). As a result, paraphrasing can be used tactically to make a note of understanding from a particular written paper. The paraphrasing must present only the idea of the source, not the style or wordings. Also, a writer can use his grammatical skills and sentence making capabilities to make sentences different from the original sources to avoid plagiarism that is strictly avoided. Apart from that, a writer can indeed utilize the main points of the source to stay away from unintentional plagiarism. To use the paraphrasing technique in a sound way, one should write in his words without looking at the original sources (Zedeck, 2011). Finally, to make an absolute decision on paraphrasing on a given topic, a comparison of writing must be done to check the clear distinction in writing.

To use the APA function is a positive way, the writer must verify a few points in case of paraphrasing from a writing source. After finishing the writing part, the following things must be rechecked to avoid plagiarism (Leong & Austin, 2006).

1. One has to look for the words that have been used both in the original writing source and in the written paper. The writer must change the phrase or the sentence structure using sentence making skills. To use maximum change in the wordings section, synonyms must be put as per requirement on the topic.

2. In the next part, the writer must verify whether there are precise sequences of wordings as in the source paper. If such word sequences can be found, the quotation signs must be presented in the phrases similar to writing part or the writer has to rewrite the whole paraphrase again. Proper quotation marks and citations must be added in case of using word sequences from a written source to avoid plagiarism in APA style (Matsumoto, 2010).

3. Eventually, the writer has to verify whether the meaning of the original resource is instinct in the printed paper. To secure the academic honesty, writers need to represent the original idea respectively that cannot be considered as plagiarism. By understanding the meaning of the original resource, the writer must not emphasize his viewpoint in a paper. In such cases, the author must present his research work to establish his perspectives separately.

4. In case of APA referencing, page numbers not required in the paper. So, in paraphrasing technique, the citation is needed to be done following proper rules and regulations. Paraphrasing can present the scope to take the help of a research paper previously completed in an efficient way and take ideas from the paper to conclude a recent paper on the same topic.

IT Metrics- Applying Measurement to solving a business plan

IT Metric is an experimental measure that can be used to determine and review the position of a particular business development. IT Metric can directly introduced in a business process to address the key substances included in a commercial environment such as investors, clients, and workers. Specifically, in this very paper IT Metric has been used to make a business plan applying measurement technique. IT Metric is a quantifiable process to make a statement of the numbers of investors, associates, customers and workers attached to the business (Lahiri & Li, 2009). Applying measurement can indeed make a successful business plan that can create enough resources for the company to follow (Golińska, n.d.). By choosing right metric is a key to success. Applying measurement can establish some opportunities to acquire long-term profit goals for an organization. Creating a business plan by following such measurement tactics can produce its impact on the company to say the least.

Measurement technique can create a list of investors and associates interested in the business style of the organization. By counting the numbers, a corporation can make strategies such as market expansion, financing, and joint ventures. Such metric can be helpful to determine long-term profitability as far as business is concerned. With the number of investing options increasing, a company can make new business policy and strategies suitable for market expansion (Jaccard, 2013). With growing associates, the rate of business expansion can be monitored to set the limit higher as far as revenue is concerned. Once the organization has committed to the metric, the metric inertia can gather pace to determine the perfect business plan suitable for the group. On the other hand, such significant numbers can put more value on earnings and profitability. The critical success of such metric can decide the input and the output at the same time minimizing the risk. The measurement technique can also be utilized to calculate the numbers of the customers attached to the business. Identifying the target demographic can be considered as one of the keys to making a business plan. Following the measurement model, an organization can make a list of the consumers make a solid business plan (Jääskeläinen & Laihonen, 2014). For instance, marketing strategies, product pricing and product positioning can be decided as per the numbers suggest. Creating such business plan depending on numbers can make a clear statement as far as marketing is concerned. Suitable business plan can be adapted to produce maximum success. The measurement technique can also create a statement about the workers attached to the organization such as executives, supervisors. To create an efficient business plan, proper selection of executive and employees is required at the highest level to produce the best result as far as human resource management is concerned (Uzarski, Burke, Turner, Vroom & Short, 2015). Critical evaluation of numbers can certainly put enough evidence to make supportive business plans. After completing the research, the current policy can be changed successfully to get the best ideas and strategies as far as business is concerned.


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