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Question 5

Uses of the Surfactants

  1. Anionic surfactants are mostly used in the preparations of the shampoos since they have perfect or excellent properties of cleaning as well as high effects of hair conditioning. They are effective in the cleaning of the oil. They include alkyl ethoxylate sulphates and alkyl sulphates
  2. Cationic Surfactants have preservative and disinfectant properties. Their applications include skin cleaning for the case of burns and wounds
  3. Non-Ionic Surfactants are common like for the case of the ethers of fatty Alcohols
  4. Zwitterionic Surfactants are preferred for personal care considering that they are very sensitive to the skin and they have mild properties. They are used in cosmetic items as well as in shampoos since they have high properties of foaming.
  5. Amphoteric Surfactants  are preferred for cleaning materials made from substances like aluminum.

The higher dosage of the surfactants should be 200mg/kg while the lower dosage should be 100mg/Kg

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