Memory Formation and Brain Function: 1353353

   The memory has been encoded in the patterns present in the synaptic connectivity in between tow neurons. But sometimes paying attention in a particular matter, distract people from the other essential activities around them, this is called selective attention.

Title: YouTube video (1)

          In that video, a brain game has been introduced. The peoples ware asking for filling up a specific form by a person in the counter and then for a reason the person in the bar hides and another person came with a pen for the peoples and regularly talking with them, and pretending like he is the person, gave them the form. The observation shows that the majority of people have not even looked at the person standing in the counter. They were focusing on the way, this is a video of selective attention or paying attention in some particular matter. Careful consideration is nothing but the modulation of contextual neurons. The area V1-primary visual cortex neurons have small receptive fields that can monitor the retinal image and are participate to create the visual features easily. The Later levels Neurons are tuned to the features that are relatively much more complex, and critical combinations of shape and colour. The regions of the human brain, which are known as the attention modulator regions, are also believed to be the sources which control attention signals.

Title: YouTube video (2)

       The video mentioned above is a video of selective attention. People, watch the video first time will only paying attention to the white t-shirt peoples and the ball they were playing and starts counting the passes of the basketball. They even overlook the gorilla, because their focus has been stacked on the white. There are so many categorized features that influence the perceptual section.  Physical salience is a characteristic which is associated with the contrast with one or more feature dimensions. Objects with a unique colour or unique in motion, show a considerable difference with those dimensions. These dimensions permit them to compete more efficiently with the stimuli that have quite similar features to those of other stimuli. That shows that the attention captured by the stimulus that focuses on the role of functions are a contrast in guiding attention.


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