Strategic management essay on: Strategic business management

Strategic management essay on: Strategic business management


Buy Assignment AustraliaThe aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It remains large in the growth of the country. As per Kathleen (2007) it also provides the facilities for the growth of the economic, world trade and the international investment which is connected to the tourism. The globalization takes to the peak position in many other industries. The travel has grown to the high level for both the business and leisure purpose that reflect a huge impact on the aviation industry. The airline company provides a great comfort for the people to travel from one location to the other location in quick time through aircraft than travelling in ship. The industry is wide open and had good scope for developing to a larger extent with the revenue grabbed by business class and tourist people.

Strategic management and strategic competitiveness:

Assignment Expert AustraliaAs per Derek (1978) the strategic management is the most important for the organization to be in a successful side. It helps to shape the organization into good structure by focusing its energy and motivates the employees to attain the goal set by the organization to access and adjust with the respect to the change in the environment. The strategic competitiveness is the result of the complex and dynamic interaction between economic and social factors. The Qantas has good reputation among the airline company in the world. In order to regain the competitiveness the company should provide the jobs for the employee with good salary and benefits. They should also provide the flexible working conditions. The company should offer comfort for the employee to balance the work and personal work. The quality training and best remuneration should be given for the eligible employee to attain the goal of the organization. Providing the necessary safety and security for employee will encourage them to contribute efficient work.

External Environment

Developing the jet fuel in a sustainable way is virtually important for the Qantas Company and global aviation industry. The impact of the environment and energy security is also related with the fossil based jet fuel and push hard for the commercialization for the alternative sources. The Qantas Company has also focusing on the reduction of fuel consumption ion the jet to control emission gas in the atmosphere. The company is tried to reduce the average of 1.5% improvement per annum in fuel efficiency. The climatic change is the most important factor facing the global community. It produces the various economic social and environmental impact and risk .the noise measurement also limited to low level by replacing with the jet engines which will control the noise pollution.

University Assignment Help AustraliaInternal Environment

In the internal environment the Qantas group also providing the clear picture to the employees between the climate change and the sustainability. As per Barney (1991) the internal environment of working employee and managing community provide the excellence works and effective operation. The Qantas has recognized the internal force of work to the commitment and the positive vibration   by proving the environmental award. The award system explains the proactive leadership on focusing the growth of the developing business. Increasing the communication and flexibility among the management and the employee with the flat management structure. By providing the necessary training and multi skills activity to ensure the employee knowledge. Placing the employee in the prefect role based on the performance and skills with the innovation ideas. The outcome of the change will be more effective in the present as well as in the future development of the company. The employee are encouraged to clean up the surrounding by insisting the Australian cleanup day.

Business level Strategies:

As per Paul (2004) the Qantas used powerful strategy to sustain among the competitors in the aviation industry. The company focused on the growing network and potential routes. The have restructure the on underperforming routes. And also focused on the connectivity to preserve the network integrity. By understanding the current market condition company has introduced the international routes for the welfare of the passengers to enjoy their comfort. They Qantas group also played attention to the domestic market where the passengers can rush to travel. The jet star also designed the business strategy to reach healthy position. As per porter (1980) the main shaping of the company is cost fuel and also the key factors to bulk expenses incurred by the company. The company also reduced the fair cost for the passengers to travel more and use the company aircraft which will results in good revenues. And also producing the cost effective on the key routes by refining the proposition to enhance the value for money.


Sample AssignmentThe Qantas group can bounce back into the competition and can lead the Middle Eastern airlines by effective strategy in their business. The company should focus on the welfare of the employee by promoting good salary packages with good remuneration benefits. The other most important factor is cost. The company should reduce the fare cost to attract the passengers. This will help them to lead the other competitors. Moreover should replace the old engine with the advanced model jet engine to reduce the moose pollution. This will reflect in the fuel consumption and also reduce the emission gas that polluting the atmosphere. The customer service should be in proper way to communicate with the passengers for the queries. The Qantas is tie up with the partnership with the Asian airlines for the global economy and global aviation’s. They should provide full safety and security for the passenger and employee to participate in the success of business.


Buy Sample AssignmentThe aviation industry is top most industry in the world. Though its developing in a high level at the same time it require taking the necessary step for controlling the noise pollution. It should reduce the releasing of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere which causes damage to the environment and human being. When each company contribute their part to save the earth will reflective in green peace environment. The Qantas Company can also overcome the obstacles by eliminating all those negative effects on the company. And can march towards the success by designing the powerful strategy.

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