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Executive Summary

This particular project generally focuses on the main and the major processes of the Boral BLD which generally produces their own products and supplies it as well. The Building Products portion is occupied with Australian blocks, top tiles, stone work, timber items and windows. The Boral USA is occupied with Bricks, refined stone, top tiles, fly powder, solid and quarries. This particular generally highlights the main causes and the consequences of the improvement of the Boral BLD. Further in the research you will be able to recognize that how the CEO of the company helps the Boral BLD by making the annual report of the company.


Question A

Boral is a huge integrated building raw materials and products thereby they also produces and supplies the products as well. It is the chief producer of cement in Australia. Therefore, the plants of the cement factory are generally located at Berrima and Maldon in New South Wales and Warn ponds in Victoria (Fuller, 2002). On may 12 2004, the Australian Competition and consumer commission declared that the proposed acquisition of ABL by Boral BLD would have the effect of sustainability lessening competition in the market for the purpose of supplying cement and concrete masonry products in Australia. Therefore, this particular corporation declared their intentions to make an offer for the purpose of acquiring the entire ordinary shares.

Question B

In my opinion, the success of the corporation was generally made because of the CEO of the company states in the annual statement that the Boral BLD is one of the most promising and well maintained corporation which generally helps the people in selecting products. The Boral BLD is the only company which has the power to produce, supply and sell the products in an effective manner (Keown, 2008). Therefore, the claim suggests that the CEO and the chairman of the board company has empowered the company so that they can be able to achieve a wide range of success in order to produce more products and sell it to the customers.

Question C

The company Boral BLD has generally acquired by a perfect environment which generally helps the employers to work safely (Shapiro, 2009). As we all know that before working in any of the organization each and every employee should be provided a safety of work assessment for the purpose of maintaining their health and safety as well. Therefore, the main and the major responsibility of the corporation are to protect their employees from burnout which can generally harm their company. This particular company is been driven towards the position of the senior management because an experienced employ can generally help the fresher to understand the ways and techniques of work.

Question D

The measurement of the Boral BLD can generally maintains the internal culture of the company. Therefore, this particular company generally maintains the environment sustainability so that it can be helpful for the employers to work in a healthy and safe environment. The internal structure of the company can be analyzed in details by the practice of the SWOT analysis of the company.

Strengths: The Company maintains healthy relationships with the employees to make a better work culture, and the implementation of this process energize the growth and the development of the company (Keown, 2008). The builders practice the use of strong and durable raw materials along with other building materials while they confined the cost of maintenance in a low level. The Boral BLD has a high quality of thermal performance with the combination of good design principles. They not only maintain the standards of their raw materials at a quality level but also maintain their acoustic performances well. The set their buildings secure from any kind of accidents and makes the total set up fire resistant. Their designs are also flexible as per the needs of the consumers.

Weakness: Sometimes the raw materials supplied by the suppliers are not up to the standards. The lack of the maintenance also acts as the weakness of the building sector. The innovative designs as per the demands of the consumers sometimes results in fragile construction of the projects, the breakdown of which witnesses the damage of the company’s goodwill.

Opportunities: As the governing heads of the company treats its employees with proper support in the working fields, the employees also work desperately for the benefits of the company which generates the total development of the company in the modern day markets. The innovation in the working fields helps the company to attract new clients and the growth of the company gets energized (Shapiro, 2009). The governments of the countries also provide its detailed support for the work process of the company and the company gets new projects in new dimensions in several places.

Threats: The natural calamities are the main threats of the company, which totally stops the working process and several constructions gets washed out. The flaws in the designs cause the disruption of the company’s good will and the results in the breakdown of the buildings. The strategies of the key opponents must be neutralized in proper period of time remain sustain in the market.


The corporate governance generally involves a collection of relationships between the management of the company, the board member along with the coagulation of stakeholders and the shareholders. The company practices its allocated works following the guidelines set by the corporate governance and merges its strategies and ideas and objectives of success and the total work process gets totally monitored through it ( Keown, 2008). The Boral BLD maintains its total working process by the acknowledgements from its governing bodies to its shareholders. They perform both the long term relationships as well as the transactional relationships at a proper balanced state. The Boral BLD daily checks their system and maintains a proper balance in their working culture and practice a highly improved communication system in between the managements and the investors in the long term relationships.  The Boral BLD deals with the maintenance of the accurate compliance with the implementable legal and regulatory requirements by the virtue of which the company maintains its working activities.


Question E

The main and the major analysis should be done on the external business environment because it is been referred as the major cause of environment sustainability. Therefore, the impact of the government regulations does not have an effect over the corporation because this particular company is been referred as the registered company and thereby it pays all the taxes relating with the taxation process. The main competitors of the corporation is the leading brand of the product because as mentioned above this particular company has the power to produce and supply their products so it has been competed with the leading brands of the company.

Discussion and analysis

By solving this five questions which is generally based on the process and procedures of the Boral BLD provides an enormous experience about the external and internal business environment which is been referred as the most essential part of the business sectors. The main and the major part of the project is the annual report of the company which is been maintained by the CEO of the company. This particular analysis will help you to come to know about the several steps and moves taken by the Boral BLD for the purpose of producing and supplying their own products in the markets as well as to have a competition with the leading brands of the company. This project is simply based on the company’s impact and the procedures followed by them for the purpose of maintaining and improving several laws of the company (Shapiro, 2009). The project not only helps to gather the information’s of the company but it helps to generate an overview about the total working process of the company. The internal work culture and the business strategies of the company get analyzed in details. The strengths of the company along with the weakness led a total emphasis in the company’s background and help them to clear their weakness and strengthen their structure of development. The opportunities will surely help to strategize their future goals and the ways of developments and to come out with proper remedies to nullify the threats of the company. The project throws its light in the projects undertaken by the company its success and the claims of it in the modern day market.


By going through this particular project you will generally come to know about that this particular corporation offers totals, cinder, black-top, squares, blocks, roof tiles, concrete, bond added substances and dry blends, solid, cornice, and brightening solid; and fiber bond, grout, hardwood timber cladding, protection, jointing mixes, lime, metal parts, oxides, pavers, plasterboard, plasterboard frameworks, putting DIY, and putting DIY packs (Keown, 2008). This particular company generally produces their own products and thereby it supplies their own products into the market. So this project made an interesting time which also helps us in recognizing the procedures and the process of the company. The Boral BLD is been referred as the complete production company which also supplies and sells their products in the market (Fuller, 2002). The main competitors of the company are the leading brand of several companies which compete the Boral BLD and help them to improve their quality of work provinces throughout the world. This total report led an emphasis in the growth process of the Boral BLD and its materials being used. The overviews of the Boral BLD are studied through this report which deals with the cost management patterns and its generalized performance. The project report defines the overall structure of the Boral BLD, its structure of buildings, its patterns of designs and the growth and development along with the economic condition of the company.



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