Society assignment essay help on: Community forms

Society assignment essay help on: Community forms

A community is a cohesive unit that contains people who share common values, beliefs or the similar circumstances. Usually a community forms a collective identity that defines the status and the fundamental scenario under which the individuals present in the community live. The communities are further developed by the social members living in the same society. These social elements are the ones who possess a selfless attitude and thus are ready to help others out of distress and solitude in their life. In a way the task is to develop the community and it is called community development. The term is applied to the set of the practices and the disciplines which the social leaders, the activists and the social professionals possess in order to improve the facets of the local communities in a particular location. The developmental schemes aims to empower the individuals with the skills by which the can work to bring change within their own communities. A common agenda is therefore set for the community developers (Kenny, S 1999). These developers can also be referred as the community support workers and that is how I am also working for Migration Points. The organization aims to support a range of distressed human beings, they are the immigrants and have been dislocated from their lands. The circumstances in their lives have led them to a new ways of life altogether. Either they are not competent, or they are disabled to get in the competition of the running world.University Assignment Help AustraliaThe main motive as a social supporter is that major areas are worked upon, they are Capacity Building, it is seen as a fundamental approach that has an underlying concept which would focus on understanding the hindrances that circumscribe the people, the governing bodies or any related organizations to the community and subsequently helping them in realizing that what are the prime goals. This also includes the enhancement of the abilities that are necessary for favorable outcomes. Further, social empowerment is also an important step while I indulge in this support work. Empowerment can be interpreted in many was where its prime meaning would be retained in every context and that is to increase the strength in both mental and the physical contexts. In the present situation as the focus is upon developing the communities it means that empowerment is to increase the social, mental, political and the spiritual strength of the individuals (McClellan, D and Tanner, K, 2011). I would like to relate to the five important competencies that I find interesting and relevant to the work which I take up as my role. The ideal role of the welfare worker is that the person as a contributing member to an organization helps the individuals in distress, the families who have been suffering from any kind of trauma, the small tribes or the groups who are unable to speak and let their voices be heard in the public and the people who consistently face the social, emotional and then financial problems that adversely affect the quality of their life. The duty that I perform actually work for changing the social environment, the duties are entirely based upon the professional training and the education that me and my fellow members collectively got in the organization.University Assignment Help AustraliaIt is pleasing to throw light upon the six core competencies, the first competency to which I would like to relate is ‘Practice of social welfare in an ethical manner in accordance with values and ethics of the profession’, with reference to this I would like to elaborate that all the tasks which I do to help out the people in distress is that the others are only treated as the human beings and other factors like their behavior and the attitudes never become the obstacles in treating them with affection.  Also, the equality is granted to each individual who seeks shelter, they are subjected to every right as a human and also they are treated with dignity and worth. The ethics are the important elements that are kept in mind while I as a community supporter engage in the social welfare work. There are many situations when we as the community supporters face many social dilemmas but then it all gets sorted once the morally upright decisions are taken. Thus, even while as a community supporter the policies also that I get to involve myself in, is ethically limited and regulated. For example, there have been cases of homeless people, the organization has come up with the small quarters like holding tents and the camps so that assistance can be provided to the people for at least a specific span of time till one of the member of the affected family gets a permanent scope of livelihood. Also, another example can be cited and that is the provision of financial aid for the families whose children are disabled mentally or physically, the aid has been so fair and unbiased and thus has been devoid of any boundaries of race or gender.Buy Assignment AustraliaThe second important competency to which I can relate to is ‘Communication with a broad spectrum of people and organizations using appropriate techniques and media’. Communication is the key to success, and that is the primary focus that I should be having in this profession. The community needs might be changing through time and that would let the community developers to take up new roles and ways to helping them out. The important aspect is to not change the ever going process of counselling and initiation of Community engagement in anything that is being done. So these two principles would remain abreast of the changing community needs while I get indulged in community welfare (Checkoway, 2012). Communication among the affected individuals lead to the community engagement is an important factor which is important and is essential for the growth of a community, it can be seen as a process in which a community itself can come forward to benefit the organizations. The prime step is thus taken up by the individuals of the community in which the work is done collectively so that the whole community can be benefited by the same. This requires active engagement of the people to bring change. The other important thing that I as a dedicated community worker keep within my routine is that I should speak all that is effective and doesn’t hurt other’s sentiment. There have been many instances when the people whom I have dealt been so far having been from different backgrounds with a big difference in the language and the cultural regulations, so in such cases the extra care is taking so that we and they can understand that what is meant by the message they are willing to deliver. In case there are any discrepancies the written communication is encouraged, this way one can get a better idea of what the other is up to. In fact I would like to reflect upon the case where some elderly people were in such a state of destitution that they could not speak their grief out, and in that case the daily writing could come to their recue where they spoke out their hearts and their feelings. Such elderly people could only found solace in the written aspect of communication (ASRC 2012).Buy Sample AssignmentACWA’s third important competency has been ‘Assesses, plans, implements and evaluates programs, projects and work programs with clients’, the special plans have specially been designed to help out the disabled people; the people who are either mentally or physically challenged. I have worked in various projects which have so far helped the children with disability, the project had so far focused upon the children who had fallen prey to the bias at school or had been facing the inferiority crisis at school. The motive of the organization has been to let those disabled children feel that they are special and as much the part of the same society. The services that so far I have provided to the disabled are in well collaboration with the purpose that ACWA’s third competency has held. It is evident by the work I have been involved into because there has been a proper interaction between the potential needs and the provisions to empower the destitute (McConnell, D, 2002). The programs policies have been subject o modifications according to the need of the hour and thus hold a proper working methodology. Before taking up any job to help the disabled a relevant study of the population does take place in the organization which matches the criteria that ACWA has declared. The program design does ensure that the feedback is cited and is worked upon whenever necessary. Also, the work is done at national level where the clients and the supporters are constantly verified and also monitored that how the help is actually fruitful in fostering the project.Sample AssignmentTeam work is something which is important and I have always joined those hands which have been put forward in helping the people belonging to a community that requires attention. So, I was always keeping in mind the importance of team work and the social planning. This fundamental also goes in adherence to the fourth competency ‘Plans, organizes and carry out work autonomously and as part of a team’. The plans have been made and have been designed to help others but working in the team does make a worker realize that execution is what matters. If the flaw remains there in the implementation of the policies and the programs then the fault is completely there at the part of the management. Therefore, I have been working in an organization which is values autonomous working and also believes in retaining the dignity of the tem member. For an example, it can be elaborated that the organization set rewards for those community supporters who do exceptionally well in helping out the people who need care and attention. This way I have been identified and encouraged to serve the communities better (Campbell, Da et. al 2007). The team that works on field and the team that has worked in the office have been kind and supportive, thus there has always been retained that element of cohesion which makes the whole organization to be identified as one.Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaThe final core competency of ACWA which is significant is ‘The use of one’s personal attributes to effect in dealings with clients, colleagues, employers, and the general community and demonstrates an awareness of both formal and informal societal structures and systems and their implications for clients, workers and community services organizations.’ The importance of relationship building is there whenever any social task is being performed. In my work my personal experience has always counted and therefore has always helped me out in dealing with the clients. The community support working is such which helps out to explore different behavioral patterns of the clients. Thus, it has always been challenging to form the rapport with the clients as they are sometimes too tough to be handles and there gets tested one’s patience and the personal temperament. The self awareness plays its role whenever different people are being helped through their traumatic cases. The work is necessarily carried out on the societal frameworks and thus the personal care is provided to the clients to the maximum level. The situations that the clients have suffered through are usually looked from many angles. Thus a sustainable community is the main target that I have always liked to achieve as a community support worker. Sustainable communities can be defined as those communities which are formed after proper planning and thus are designed in such a manner that further promotes the sustainable development of the members of the community. This would mean that the people are treated as the equivalent members in the society and all the basic necessities shall be provided to them. Sustainability shall be there in the domain of economics, living conditions and the municipal infrastructure.Assignment Help AustraliaThe work that I have been doing is therefore completely in association with the valued and most significant core competencies by ACWA, and therefore I feel that it is matter of pride to have successfully and morally helped the people in need. More than the rewards which I have achieved in Migration Points, what have always mattered to me is the satisfactory job that I performed at my part ( 2012). The helping out the asylum seekers, the rescue of the disabled children through the powerful tool of education and over all development has always been my primary goals and wonderful achievements.

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