Alcohol Consumption among young Australians

                             Alcohol Consumption among young Australians


Alcohol use in Australia is quite ubiquitous through the continent and it has many facets and effects on the inhabiting Australian society. Alcohol use is thus a part of the Australian culture and the lifestyle. Alcohol does possess a tranquilising effect and thus creates a very soothing effect after its intake in the human body. It relaxes the human nervous system and it also changes the thought process of the human being. Thus, it is widespread and Australians use alcohol in order to relax, for the socialisation, the celebration and such activities. The health institutes are in fact of a view that alcohol is only suitable to a human body if it is taken up to a limit but if the human being gets obsessed with its intake then there are strong chances that they can go into addiction (Lubman, D et. al (2007)). The young individuals attain a changed behaviour after they fall into a habit of taking alcohol and such substances like drugs. The paper thus attempts to address this issue of Alcohol intake among the youth in Australia and that how the over use of the alcohol has shaped a new culture and a unique ideological perspective for the youth.University Assignment Help AustraliaThe condition among the youth

The addiction is seen as the desperation for consuming alcohol so that a stress-free state could be attained by the young individual. In addiction every vision just gets so blurred that the wisdom to choose between the right and the wrong is lost. There can be seen that it would be a challenge for the social set up of Australia as there is a triggering need to balance the space that alcohol has acquired in the recent years. The main issue that the paper attempts to throw light upon is that how there is a big health risk for the Australian youth with this new wave of the culture they have eventually devised for themselves ( (2012)) According to the statistical data that can be gathered through various governmental and non-governmental organisations and such resources it can be seen that Australians do consume a large amount of the alcohol and that also quite frequently. The data brings that from past more than a decade the alcohol consumption among Australians has been 10 liters for each Australian on an annual account.University Assignment Help AustraliaPatterns of Alcohol Consumption

In the year 2007 the same consumption rate among the youth of the Australia is astonishing, when an estimated 14.2 young adults (15-25 years of age), that is the 90% of this age group had consumed alcohol in their life span as of then. On the other hand the young adolescents who have had not consumed alcohol ever, their rate increased in the same year but only by a very small number. Also the number of the young people who stopped drinking alcohol their proportion had declined only by a small degree in the year 2007. The tendency to drink more and more by the time has been seen among the young Australians and the drinking is such which actually puts them to risk. It is shocking that the rate which the young individuals have been getting alcohol consumption the age bar has been lessening. It is seen that by the age of 14 the Australian adolescence have tried alcohol and the case usually got worsened by the youngsters reached 16, as they were on full alcohol serve, this can be seen that such a youth is at the high risk of attaining an addictive behavior as a corollary of the alcohol consumption (AMA. (2009)). The data for the year 2004 had shown that the Australian youth belonging to the 20s have had consumed twice of the alcohol than the ones in the 15s, and these numbers are more than the consumption rate of the elderly Australians belonging to 40s and 50s.Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaIt is brought that the adults of the 18 years of the age including both the females and the males have been given into the alcohol habit and so are suffering from health risks. The culture which they have driven themselves to be unique and they think that to whatever consumption patterns they are being directing themselves, it is only a matter of being ‘social drinkers’ thus the consumers’ perception is such that they find this behavior free of any health problems or related risks. According to the National Alcohol Indicators, the unfortunate facts can be summed up like in the past decade more than 2500 young individuals that is within the age bracket of 15 to 25 years died from the injuries and the diseases caused by the high risk drinking of alcohol in Australia (Brussen, K.(2010)). The statistics show that within the six years from 1994 and 2002, more than 10,000 young people were hospitalised for the addictive behaviours in alcohol consumption. The popular youth culture that is seen among the youngsters is that of the escaping through the pressures of the life by giving in to parties, loud music and lot of alcohol and drugs to be relied upon. The hangover of such actions is something that results in the road rages, the violent relationships, the suicides and the depression among the young individuals (Ewis, A 2009).

The three levels of alcohol interventionEssay Writing Tutor SydneyThe popular phrase ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it is rightly said because if the problematic is worked upon right from the beginning then there are very less chances of attaining the extremes of the same problem. Therefore the addiction to alcoholism can also be prevented before it stretches itself out of the limit. There are three important stages to which the prevention can work. The levels can be defined as primary, secondary and tertiary levels, at the primary level the intervention starts by initiating the reduction of the risk taking behavior in the concerned individual. The process would include the protective measures by giving the consumer proper medication and the counseling sessions.

The primary attempt is to deviate the mind of the alcoholic by changing the immediate atmosphere of the place where the person resides. The same would also be followed by establishing the personal goals and assets, the capability of making the appropriate decisions should also be initiated in the person. Also, in the primary set up the person would be made to realize that how social participation is meaningful and helpful in personal construction. The alcoholic’s conscience shall be worked upon and therefore he should be made responsible enough to realize the importance of health and that the addiction has to be treated (Jones, S and Magee, C.(2011)).

The secondary level would include the understanding and the anticipation that what can be the consequences of the experimental techniques taken up for the targeted individual. This level of the prevention treatment would involve the promotion of health by early detection of the level to which the problem exists. This level is also referred to as the Health Maintenance.Buy Assignments Online The final preventive level is the provision of the rehabilitation to the targeted individuals. This is helpful in pacifying the individual off the disease and the recovery from the after-effects of the same. Also the rehab centers have the responsibility to put a check on how active the person is, thus techniques like expression, talking, painting writing or dancing would be employed, as such activities ensure stress release efficiently, especially for the people of this age group.

Social Campaigning against addictive alcohol consumption

There are many steps in which the alcoholics can be treated; in fact many social campaigns could be used to raise awareness against the ill effects that alcohol consumption can have over the youth of the subcontinent. Research is the first step which turns out to be convincing for the rest of the process of treating. In the situation that is mentioned it is necessary to locate the young victim in a background which would include researching through the individual’s life prior to his/her being addicted to this isolated behaviour (Cunneen, C, and White, R. (2011)). The details would include the space that the individual shared in the society, the quality of relations which the person have had with family and friends, the time that the person spent with peers, whether the person is an introvert naturally or there is any such cause for the changed behaviour, also the loss/ grief that the individual got exposed to in such a young age or any other ritualistic/performance pressures.

This developmental method of research is an active mode of studying the psychology of the targeted. While researching, it is of higher importance that basic ethics get followed which would in turn determine the quality of the development. Therefore it would also be a part of the organization’s responsibility to keep all the details of the victim confidential and the survey that is undertaken has to pass the consent of the guardians/parents of the young addict (Linda et. al (2012)). The second effective mode can be, Group work, it is an effective measure in which a group has a mutually shared aim would be a successful one. The wiser motive is the one which is wholeheartedly made for the benefit of an individual needing help, therefore if a group is a non-profit organization then it would enhance the quality of the methods that would be employed under this mode of social work. A group would be working towards the growth of an individual at a spiritual level. Group work is to include a small number of addicts and they should be taught to deal with stress.

The technique is Stress management; it would ensure that the addicts undergo regular meditation, which is the first step forward to release the negative thoughts and attitudes. Once they are put to a habit of meditating even for a few minutes in a day, gradually it helps them effectively to grow in a spiritual sense. One of the most important campaigns that can be seen is the National Binge Drinking Campaign in Australia, which was started in the year 2008 in Australia and so the government announced $53.5 million for the implementation of this campaign, this is designed to address the issue of the high level consumption of the alcohol among the young Australians mainly within the age group of 17-25 years. The main objectives that can be seen is guided by the strategic approach which attempts to raise awareness of the harmful implications of the excessive drinking and the fatal consequences of that example the road accidents, violent actions, unsafe sex and the social embarrassment (Jones, S and Magee, C.(2011)). The campaign also works to personally convey the appropriate messages to motivate and support the target individuals, this can be done by let them assess their own behaviour and that what can be the rigid reactions of the families can be if the youngsters’ behaviour goes to an extreme limit.

Health Promotion and Nursing as a strategyBuy Assignments OnlineThe right strategies are used by the nursing professionals boost the self-esteem, the stateliness and the veracity of the target individual/group. The same professionals also will to provide the right atmosphere to the individuals with the right psychological and the spiritual fulfilment. The nurses which are registered they have the prime motive to treat encourage the targeted with affection and it is natural that they do not possess any stereotypical notion about the individuals background, culture or the race (Livingston, M.(2008)). There are certain ethical constraints on which these nurses act, in case of the instances of those youngsters which show certain serious health or the emotional problems or such concerns then they confidentially let it come under organisational notice and do not wish to panic the individual getting treated. It is the responsibility of the nursing unit to help the youth according to the environment they want to live in, and then monitor them and interview them positively which can act as a motivating factor against alcoholism. As the emotionally unstable people belonging to the same bracket might want to stay in separate wards or with the ones who are of their age, in that case the nurses are usually empathetic to their needs.

The proper development of the individuals can only take place if they are treated according to the maintained standards. It is only possible once their problems are assessed and analysed. This health issue shall be treated and therefore the nursing professionals shall be contacted by the families and the guardians who have such acquired the addiction to alcohol consumption as that can be risky in the long time living. The most important thing which can be recommended to the parents and the families (or even the extended families) is that the concerned individuals should be understand shall be encouraged for better life (Collins, D, Lapsley H. (2008)). The parents can become the most appropriate source of happiness for them and can help them attain new perspectives for living life. The nurses in a way act as the right friends to them and the resolve the issue of alcoholism. The main issue of acquiring a new culture among the youth really needs to be attended to as that has been taking the whole young population of Australia to almost a strange domain of life that subsequently would be proven as fatal.

ConclusionGet Sample AssignmentIt can be concluded that the youth of Australia has almost formed a unique culture on its own. This culture holds a special scope for the consumption of alcohol and the rate of drinking is such that the youth is almost making it a habit. Thus, there have been regular addictive behaviours throughout the nation state. It is embarrassing to see that 90% the individuals faring between the bracket of 15-25 years have had consumed alcohol. The larger picture as provided by the National Alcohol Indicators is triggering as the youngsters indulged in the unfair means, unacceptable behaviour and in fact fell prey to accidents and deaths in the hangover of the alcohol intake. There is a great significance which the discussed three intervention levels have in order to protect the future of the young adults in Australia. The issue is sensitive and thus should be crucially entertained (Mordaunt, C . (2012)). The social initiatives like the National Binge Drinking Campaigns shall be promoted so that the youth shall be sensitised well in time.

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