Research help on: NHS trust summary & approaches

Research help on: NHS trust summary & approaches

Q??Analysis and Findings of research data in NHS trust??Sample AssignmentSolution:

4.1 Research Approach

This chapter will introduce the main findings of the research and provide an in-depth analysis of the qualitative data gathered. The starting point of this section explains the thematic approach utilized during the analysis and emphasizes the benefits and disadvantages of such method, whilst defending its use for this particular study. Furthermore, this chapter will present the themes selected to consider the data as well as the reasons why such topics have been chosen and the key issues to be studied within each theme. Throughout the analysis, the ideas and contributions of the people interviewed will be quoted and examined in detail alongside my understanding of such information. At the same time, reference will be made to the quantitative figures collected through the questionnaires with the objective of supporting the main qualitative data and to provide a better framework for discussion, comparison and analysis. Flexible working hours’ are also defined as working time arrangements allowing a continuous choice regarding the duration and the temporal distribution of working time for both the employee and the employer. A simple deviation from the standard working time is not seen as sufficient for a distinction. The definition intends to exclude shorter but regular working time arrangements such as part-time work or deviating but regular working hours such as shift work (MacEachen et al, 2008)Get Sample AssignmentFlexible working has had a positive impact on employee loyalty and improved performance at NHS Trusts. Company has undergone a complete culture change, improving staff recruitment and maintenance and development a highly co-operative working environment. Team performances are enhanced at NHS Trusts by more flexible resource planning and increased motivation. Staff at NHS Trust believed that this achievement was principally due to the company’s work-life balance policies. Staff is invited to produce a arrangement for flexible working viewing how both they and the company will benefit. For examples it includes flexible working hours, part time working, shorter working weeks, split shifts and career breaks.

4.2 Thematic analysisBuy Sample AssignmentIt can be seen that the Thematic Analysis can be defined as the process where that information and the data is assessed by the theme. The data used in the report is inductive in nature. This shows that themes arise from the data and the information itself & are not forced by the analyzer. In this type of analysis both analysis and collection of the information are transacted simultaneously. The implementation of the analysis of the thematic in the qualitative research connects to the suggestion of applying relevant themes to categorize and arrange the factors of the findings of the research. According to the Gibson, this thematic analysis can be considered as the process for analyzing of the data as per the commodities and differences throughout the set of data. According to the Boeije, these kinds of themes show a pattern of the data analyzed by the researcher. It is recommended that the assessment of the findings of the research with thematic approach may be started by subsequent three steps; even many of the authors think that such kind of steps shall not be apparently recognized and pursued but generally overlap throughout the analysis.  According to the Browne there are three steps such as Initial Coding, Development of the coding scheme and coding of the data.

 Initial Coding:  This type of stage is related with the preliminary screening of the data and information collected & the recognition of the applicable suggestions that can be used in answering of the research questions. The stress is on, describing of the interest in the accounts of the participant as compared to analyze its meaning.

 Developing a Coding Scheme: Once, the analyst has found the basic elements throughout the collection of the data it becomes mandatory for the analyst to categorize the suggestions into codes which shall create the theme for the assessment. Browne recommends that each of the codes must be named and provides a concise explanation to explain it.

Coding the Data:  The last stage converts the data into themes so that the assessment involves every type of information is needed.

It can be analyzed that the usage of the thematic analysis brought numerous incentives to the research of the qualitative particularly with concern to the generalization of the analysis. Using such kind of approach permits huge kind of information to be categorized into applicable themes so instead of explaining each suggestion separately, the analyst becomes able to interpret each and every subgroup and the same information mixed within them. It can be analyzed that the organization of the data is not only the benefit of thematic analysis and this kind of method brings many opportunity for the analyst to look at the issues carefully and provides needed flexibility to comprise all issues pointed throughout the distinct interviews. According to the Clarke, the analysis of the thematic provides accessible and flexible approach for assessment of the qualitative data. The organized framework offers the structure and the guidance for facilitating the interpretation of the information and the data. On the other side, the analysis of the thematic comprise various disadvantages, for e.g. the analysis of the thematic takes a lot of time & it is complex to perform as compared to quantitative methods. This thematic analysis makes it difficult to recognize and understand the perceptions of every interview participant. It can be analyzed, regardless of its limitations; the usage of the analysis of the thematic was definitely the sufficient method for assessment of the qualitative data collected during the research especially because of its easiness and the path it supported in collecting of all information together. Ignoring this kind of approach could have effect some data and information to be unconsidered and showed the poor assessment of the data collected.  It has been analyzed that the examination of the flexible hours on the performance of the employee and its effect on NHS trust shall implement the current theories. For that purpose, the examination shall be inductive & deductive in nature. In this report, especially deductive method has been implemented, with the stress on the exploratory research for enhancing the understanding and recognizing of case study Company that was examined, with particular stress on the usage of the stories as practices of knowledge sharing. The main purpose of the research is flexible working hours and how it operates with the employee performance in concern with their work.  It can be seen that the approach of the positivism was not implemented on the sufficiency of the research; it had taken into thought, the information of those who participated in the research and has responsible for the other reason affecting the results. As the finding of the research would not be simplified and considered through the broad perspective, this study has been made following the interpretivism paradigm. Following such kind of approach means conducting the in depth analysis of the small sample while take into consideration the effect of the atmosphere and the suggestion that there is no single truth with consideration to the matter examined.

4.3 Comparative analysisBuy Assignments OnlineIt can be seen that in the Comparative Analysis, answers and the suggestions to the survey and the questionnaire shall be evaluated with each other to come to a solution. For e.g. a multiple series of questions is asked from the employees like have u lost hourly payment due to flexible time functioning arrangements with answers like yes or no. If 100 individuals are sent this type of questionnaire with 60 yes and 40 no then it will refer their encouragement are influenced due to income loss caused by the working arrangements of flexi time. It has been analyzed that the Primary and the Secondary Data were collected from the Interview and the Questionnaires based upon the survey method. It can be analyzed that these data was collected from hospital of Royal London at White chapel, Nurses from London, doctors from supporting staff, other employees and department of HR at London and the Bart. The questionnaires were comprised of both open ended and close ended questions that were asked from the candidates their view about the specific issue. This was affected by the survey of the pilot to filter the questionnaire again. This kind of approach is estimated to enhance the efficiency of questionnaires and shall offer a chance for the respondent to refine the questionnaire to the user in depth to avert any kind of ambiguity. It can be analyzed that the face to face kind of interview was treated as the chosen method by numerous analysts for these kinds of surveys.

The various questions have been asked from the employees, doctors and Nurses in order to know the importance of the Flexible working hours in the NHS trust like according to your knowledge, which most important changes have you observed in the NHS Trusts during the last few years, To what extent do you believe an employee’s performance in the NHS Trusts will impact the Flexible Working Hour, What is the benefit of flexible working hours, What problems might you face if you choose a flexible working pattern? Were you most likely to make?

The various questions have been asked from the HR department such as What is the advantage of flexible hours working arrangements, What are the propositions of Flexible Working Hours on the staff’ routine at the NHS trust, Overall, do you have a good impression of the Flexible working hour practice and its impact on the NHS employees and What is the most important requirement for you to be included in the FWH pattern?

It can be analyzed that in 2000 the government of the UK initiated the new kind of policy such as Enhancing and improving working lives of employees at NHS. This policy was used in all the trust of the NHS. Every trust of NHS has innovative and new arrangements that provide employees with more easiness in the working environment comprising flexible hours, the chance to take break in the career and flexible policy of the retirement. It has been analyzed with improving and enhancing the employees live, the new policy has also enhanced the performance of the employees that benefited the patients of the NHS. The study views why NHS implemented this type of policy and what kind of arrangements are in position such as compressed and flexi time weekly hours and their limitations and effectiveness.

Major themes and Perceived Benefits

It can be seen that the thematic analysis is all about the analysis of the themes conducted during the research period.


It can be analyzed that it is the trust of NHS for attaining the effectiveness in operations; they have started to deal their 25% of the contracts on the conditions of the flexi time. In recent time, NHS is thinking to go for advance planning for improving of the schedule fit. It can be analyzed that are several employee benefits in relation with the changing working environment such as feeling valued, Enhanced self esteem, reduction in problems, Enhanced relations and higher degree of control on the work. Due to implementation of the flexible time at the NHS trust, employers have perceived following benefits such as great morale of the staff, fascinating the broad range of pool of the applicant, enhance efficiency, decreased absenteeism and enhanced rate of the retention. As per the NHS, flexible timings minimize the work load of the employees and communicate their accountabilities. In general, it is formed that the working environment and the work are significant determinants of the health. The finest practices of flexible hours are values of NHS in its existing policies. According, to the trust of the NHS it keenly advances the comfort of employees by schemes hold by the cultures of enhancing working lives. Flexible hours are the way of accomplishing the objectives. The NHS trust wants to motivate all the staff to donate to productive solutions to balance the personal goals and the work. The trust of the NHS along with permanent and temporary services of staffing based upon contracts of flexi time. The arrangements of flexible working are significant & they are more obtainable by the organization in association to spirit during the retention and recruitment of high performing employees. According to this kind of arrangements, they are objected to the win sate for the organization, involving the path of amplified efficiency and productivity to employees through the benefits of the work life.


The employers of the NHS considered that the benefits of the business of the of the combined age workforce are broadly recognized in the trust of NHS. There is apparent proof that both absenteeism and the turnover are minimized and the commitment and the motivation are enhanced in the organization employing ages of all people. The work programme of the NHS employers has established a numerous achievements which demonstrate that the trust of NHS is the employer in the area. The award of the status of the Age employer by positive age in 2006, recognized as the one of the organization in the great nation to have policies of model for elder workers by AARP and the survey of the trust of the NHS in 2007, 78% of the organization of the NHS had policies of workforce for age in the position as the part of broader opportunities and generally on the age diversity. The programme of Dispatches pointed out how the old workers may face discrimination. It can be analyzed that the many of the employers of the NHS have taken potential steps to alter the attitudes, to provide arrangements of the flexible employment for all ages of staff and to offer attractive chances for those viewing a second future in the life. It has been analyzed that the employers of the NHS knows that the trust of the NHS is working very hard to solve the issues of discrimination of age & has a basic role in showing good case studies between the organizations of NHS. In general, it can be viewed that the NHS has no position to formalize its procedures about the elder workers to make sure their flexibility of working hours. But in this study, the management assists employees on the basis of the individual by hearing to his problems and places him on informal basis. NHS does this, to coordinate the good relationship among all the members of the staff without any discrimination. It has been viewed that trust of the NHS take care of both women & men equally while transacting with the cases associated linked to flexible hours. This shows long term obligation of the employees with the trust of NHS.Get Sample AssignmentFLEXIBLE WORKING HOUR, JOB SATISFACTION, AND EMPLOYEE LOYALTY

It has been analyzed that the Flexible working hours has an affirmative consequence on loyalty of the employee and enhanced productivity at NHS. It has been analyzed that the NHS are on contracting of the staff to work for 1770 hours per year, with a provision of 160 hours to protect sickness, appointments of the medical, peal production and rework. Working Hours can be determined by the demand of the patient with the need that the hospital release resources and input to the nurse on the time and of high quality. To maintain the core hours, employees may take afternoon off to consume with the family. Due to the enhanced balance of the work life, employees may feel trusted and valued. In recent time, multi skilling has enhanced as the members of the staff learns jobs to fill the gaps if the people require time off for various commitments. NHS thinks that excellence of the performance is about making a positive kind of environment. It has been observed that at the NHS people who require time off for any reason can request for it, and other employees at the NHS will hold them. Efficiency and loyalty are significantly enhanced with more than 50% and people more satisfied at the work and the similar part reporting the similar and the improved efficiency. Performances of the team are improved by more elastic planning of the resource and enhanced motivation.

Reflective Summary

This chapter shall cover the basic learning benefits acquired by the analyzer within the conduction of the research, pointing out the results of the various chapter of the study. It can be seen that this part shall describe the overall benefits created by the research & how these may contribute to the learning path of the researcher.

It can be concluded in last that this research has certainly been very useful to me as the student, a professional and as the individual. On the whole, one of the major benefits I achieved connected to my capability of monitoring resources and time to have my project completed on time, as I had spend most of my time in library or at home for completion of my project. At the commencement of the study, I significantly learned about the impact of flexible hours on the employee’s performance in the modern business environment. Additionally, I became capable to understand the impact of flexible hours in the environment of modern business fully. In this report, in the beginning it is discussed, what is the impact of the flexible working hour’s practices in the environment of the modern business, in fact analyzing the practices in many of the organizations those are favored to start good application to achieve some kind of relief from the conflict of the work life of their workers to enhance the performance of the organization. Then I discussed the usage of no minimizing in work life conflicts that is to achieve the concentration of practices would be impact of numerous beneficial impacts to the Company and it direct to the optimistic kind of job linked manner. In this report, it has been mentioned why flexible hours are experienced significantly in the industry of the hospital because of various reasons. The objective of the study is to evaluate the existing flexible working hours at the trust of NHS, to investigate the flexible working hours at the trust of NHS and their consequence on the performance of the employee and to analyze the arrangements of the flexible working hours at the trust of the NHS donate straightly to enhance the performance of the employee. It can be analyzed that another benefit that I have gained from this study is changing of my perception towards the research, before I was thinking the process of the research was difficult and time consuming, but currently my view has been altered and now I can view the significance and importance of the research. In whole, I enjoyed the contribution of the research to make even better and at last I enjoyed in conducting of the study.Sample AssignmentIt can be said that this report, helped me in understanding of the research paradigm and how this effects the other kinds of methodologies used in the research like strategy and approach used. It can be analyzed that, equally explaining the method of the data collection and details of the sampling enhanced my knowledge on the flexible working hours; particularly I decided to implement a triangulation method and had to investigate more than single method & more significantly made me informed of the significance of defining to the individual in the detail, how the study has been done. This research has been conducted for enhancing the working life of the employees in accordance with the rising complex family structure and lives for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the work. The organization may implement the strategies of flexible hour because it’s more effective in the period of the short run and even more profitable.  The implementation of the flexible working hours is better for the success of the long term and able to improve the performance by minimizing the overhead with superior performance.

It can be seen that I started the fourth chapter with the learning advantages that I gained with the development of questionnaires and interview questions that could be sufficient for me to gather the required data. Moreover, conducting of the interviews assisted me in developing of the adaptability skills and communication as I was required to manage the interviews for ensuring that the timing was sufficient and the respondents remained concentrated on the theme at hand. It has been viewed that, after the collection of the data, I was faced with major challenge of the study as I opted to perform the analysis of the thematic that I had not done earlier. The assessment portion of the study was challenging as I did not earlier investigated qualitative data and the individual comments regarding the topics asked throughout the interviews. It can be seen that in chapter five, the major learning incentives were associated to the truth that I was required to define the large amount of information to derive the conclusions.  In this report, recommendations have been suggested to the NHS trust and created the foundation for the further research that basically assisted me in viewing this research from the distinct prospect and created me to think how the issue can be further expanded. Surely, I cannot move without referring these words in the reflective summary that has benefited me in enhancing my capabilities & how this kind of work shall impact my future career. Additionally, the truth that I was required to carry out the detailed research about the NHS trust and provide me the chance to widen up the knowledge about the organization and recognize how the flexible hours can benefit the organization. It can be analyzed that besides, several advantages there are various disadvantages such as workload, demands of the customer, disbelief of the manager and danger of bad career consequence. Limited awareness about the alternatives available to workers may be the reason of not using the arrangements of the flexible work.

I can say that I have gained the valuable insight in managing of the time and organizing the work to make sure that I have met the prescribed deadline and offered an informative project. It is apparent that the study has enhanced my capabilities and skills and has greatly donated to my career and its advantages shall offer power in many situations.


The main purpose of the research is to understand the conflicts of the work life in the environment of the modern business. The purpose of the study is to understand the consequences of flexible hours on the performance of the staff and shall describe the impact of flexible hours by using of various case studies on numerous hospitals under the trust of NHS. After done the analysis of the findings various benefits and limitations have been found on the flexible working hours. For limitations and the problems various recommendations have been suggested to the number of hospitals under NHS trust.

The first recommendation is managers and staff of individual members must keep in mind the subsequent principles when taking the request for the arrangement of the flexible hours. The NHS trust would desire to accommodate as workable in reacting to all kind of requests. The trust of NHS should not compromise on the standards of the quality and delivery of the service comprising safety, health and lawful requirements.

The second recommendation is that the suitable manager must discuss with staff and colleagues which can be influenced by the demanded change before the decision is verified. The arrangement of the flexible working hours must not cause inconvenience and harm to the members of the staff.

The third recommendation is arrangements of the flexible hour should be advantageous to both the hospital and the individual. It has been analyzed that the contractual alterations to the condition of the service may only be approved following cautious matter of the consequence and proper recognizing of the circumstances of the individual. It is advisable to the NHS Trust that pays and incentives required to be modified on the basis of the pro rata to create the changes in the worked hours  and the consequences of the projected change must fully described and settled with an individual.

The arrangements of the flexible hours must not result in the additional cost due to the cover of the replacement. It can be analyzed that the flexible hours can be used in a number of ways. One alternative is to offer entire easiness so that the work may be done at the workplace and the home. It has been analyzed that flexi timings offer individuals to work for hours as they choose keeping in mind the certain constraints of the needs of the business.

The fourth recommendation is that arrangements of the flexible hours must not result in the additional cost due to the cover of the replacement. It can be analyzed that the flexible hours can be used in a number of ways. One alternative is to offer entire easiness so that the work may be done at the workplace and the home. It has been analyzed that flexi timings offer individuals to work for hours as they choose keeping in mind the certain constraints of the needs of the business. This can be early weekends, morning and evening whichever fits them. The system may work well because the manger has to concentrate on the productivity as compared to judging the individual on the number of the hours worked in the organization. Such kind of the arrangement must be agreed locally among the staff and the manager and the suggestions of the colleagues are involved. This system may be applied to the individual on the contracts of the part time and full time.

The fifth recommendation is that the systems of the annual hours must be adequately adaptable to modify the changes in the working arrangements and times and can be efficiently started to redesign and reconfigure the services and  plus current services bringing out the advantages to both patients and the staff. The system can be helpful where the overall minimization of the staffing is needed. It can be analyzed that the minimization in the absenteeism as an outcome of the enhanced flexibility for the staff presenting them the chance to match their worked hours to their needs of the home.

The sixth recommendation is arrangements of the flexible hour must be accessible to all workers and employees and hence all jobs must be refereed for flexible hours. The arrangements of the flexible hours shall be put in position if it may be illustrate that the individual needs can be maintained with service and full thought must be given to the consequence on the members of the other team. It must be advisable for the employers to view seriously for the request of the working for part time and discuss with their employees how this kind of change can be accommodated.

Employees must establish the method for conversing with employees to know why the employees want to change the timings of the office from full to part time. Employer must regularly review how the employees are given with the information on the accessibility of the positions of the part & full time. It is advisable for the organization to consider, what to do for changing the process of the working hours simple for the employers and the workers. The work from home throughout the organization shall be reviewed and controlled on the annually basis to make sure that the conditions of the policy are working efficiently. Flexible working hours must be portion of the integrated method to the work of the organization and the life of the employees with the requirement for party to be flexible and open minded in their method when apply for considering authority to current working patterns. It has been analyzed that employees are motivated to converse their changing situations with their managers and recommends various paths of working that are not mentioned in the policy. The policy of the flexible hours is to make sure that no employees receive less positive treatment on the basis of the gender, civil partnership, race, color and national origin. The organization must understand that workers want to adopt the flexible timings in order to manage the personal care.

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