Psychology assignment study on: Relationship between business and society

Psychology assignment study on: Relationship between business and society 


Work is defined as the set of activities which people do in order to live, earn and spend their time. Usually work is directly related to the business where it contributes largely for monetary benefits of an organization. The organization works with and for the society where in order to survive it needs to maintain the balance in monetary as well as societal needs.Assignment Expert AustraliaThere is an old relationship between business and society. It is important for businesses to interact with society and follow the necessary social norms. The success of the business depends on how it adapts itself with the society. Human beings are one social element that often likes to interact with each other, especially like minded people. Due to this social nature human beings tend to develop a symbolic relationship and get involved in discussions to exchange ideas. The way human beings interact and develop relationship helps the business and society. Thus to operate an organization it is important to consider all the social factors and build long lasting relationships with the clients.Sample AssignmentMoney: The only difference between a Man and an animal

Human Beings started working much before money had been invented. Invention of money changed many social relations. At first money was only used for buying and selling of products but after sometime people started paying it as wages for the work done. This helped in changing the dynamics and created a social nexus. When money was being used for work and business human beings started understanding the value of time. It is said that human beings are the only animal that work for money and it is true. Though at first people were involved in agricultural work but still there was not any money paid for that.Essay Writing Tutor SydneyAfter the invention of money people started evaluating their value based on money. The wages and salaries came into effect for every work done. This is the biggest thing exists in society today. Every work done by a person is also compared with money and in people value the standard of work with money.

Work, Business, and Society- All are inter-related

There is a strong relation between work, business and society. In every organization there is existence of strong social values. The work culture is affected by the ideas and interactions between different employees. It should also be taken into consideration while interacting with the clients. Whether a person starts a business or works anywhere they need to adapt with the society around him. To be successful you need to remain updated and understand the social perceptions. Society and work have been there for many centuries and with new developments there were changes in the way society and work interacted.Buy Assignment AustraliaFrom the point of an employer one of the other things which people are considering today is providing work which involves application of mind and skills. This in a way is preferred as employees consider no work or heavily piled up work with no gain in the same league

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