Psychology assignment on: Euthanasia should be legalized or not.

Psychology assignment on: Euthanasia should be legalized or not.

IntroductionSample AssignmentIt is very clear that power to participate with lives of people must not be handed out under the medical or legal guidance. It can be said that euthanasia must not be legalized. The word Euthanasia is emerged from Greek word which is called as Easy Death. It is considered as one of the public policy matters being argued today. In other words, mercy killing called euthanasia is considered as the matter of purposely helping or making someone die besides of permitting nature to take its life. Generally, Euthanasia is considered as killing of someone in name of compassion.[1] On the other side, it advances abuse and offers doctors with right to the murder and in contradictory to the religious beliefs. It is also examined that euthanasia sometimes considered as assisted death. The distinction is, in euthanasia the individual is dying acts the last act whereas in case of assisted death another individual executes the act.[2] There is a long debate on whether euthanasia must be legalized or not. According to some medical researchers, people who are on life support system and suffering with long diseases producing much distress and pain, in that case euthanasia is considered as better choice.

According to some researchers, Euthanasia promotes abuse and offers chance to the doctors to do murder which is in contrary to religious beliefs. According to some doctors, Euthanasia assists in relaxing patients from misery and pain. In situations like, at last stage of cancer when the patient is in so much pain and people related with them grant his/ her wish to terminate his/her life in a merciful and painless way. For instance: a physician may assist in process by offering lethal medications with the help of intravenous or oral routes.Get Sample AssignmentOn the other side, if physician administers himself, then it is considered as physician assisted suicide, but if physician forms up injection apparatus and the individual who wish to die press the button and translate it in to the euthanasia. It is examined that on the other side, there are some political and ethical issues regarding the similar subject. Netherlands, Belgium and the Oregon are the places in world which have laws related to permitting assisted suicide. In year 1997, Oregon was considered as the first country to pass the physician-assisted law in the region of United States. In, fact this law is called as Death with the Dignity Act which needs the Oregon Division of the Human services to analyze and collect data and information on individuals indulged in act to issue annual reports. This, law permits physician assisted suicide and still Euthanasia is illegal.

It can be said that doctors are the people who we belief to cure and save us, we respect them as people who trained to secure our lives, but euthanasia offers opportunity to the doctors to play as God and captures the opportunity.[1] According to the perspective of medical community, legalizing euthanasia can be considered as a necessity for the doctors. The criteria must be strict and its application must be careful monitored. Euthanasia is performed in several ways like Santara in Jain community. It is examined that if person is living a misery life with no any signs of recovery, a social and medical enquiry must be permitted. But legislators must make it securely because there is higher risk of issuing bogus certificates. It is also examined that Euthanasia contradicts the religious beliefs. Euthanasia copes up to contradict with more than one religion and it is considered as gravely sinful. For example: Catholic Church of Roman has its own perspective on the Euthanasia. In 1980, Vatican made a declaration that no one can make a try to kill the life of the innocent person with violating the fundamental right. It is clear that suicide or intentionally causing death is considered as wrong and same as murder.There are twelve reasons which show that Euthanasia must not be legalized. [Buy Sample AssignmentVoluntary Euthanasia rejects patients final phase of the growth

  • Voluntary Euthanasia weakens the medical research
  • Voluntary Euthanasia considered as unnecessary because other treatments exist
  • Voluntary Euthanasia results in euthanasia tourism
  • Voluntary Euthanasia alters the conscience of the public
  • Voluntary Euthanasia breaches accepted code of the medical ethics
  • Voluntary Euthanasia results inevitably to the involuntary euthanasia
  • Voluntary Euthanasia offers too much authority to the doctors
  •  In year 1994, British lords suggested no any alteration on the law made on euthanasia after the extensive enquiry.
  • Hard cases creates bad laws
  • Autonomy is significant but never perfect
  • Requests for the voluntary euthanasia are hardly voluntary and free

It is broadly believed that there are two alternatives open for the patients who are suffering from the terminal illness such as either they get euthanasia or they die in unrelieved suffering. It is viewed that thorough research in case of Palliative medicine in current years has virtually shown that symptoms faced in last stage of terminal illness might be either alleviated or relived by the techniques available in the market[2]. It can be said that patients who are suffering with the terminal disease is vulnerable. They lack the skills and knowledge to reduce their symptoms and might be suffering from fear about the effect of their disease on others. It is examined that those who deal with terminally disease patients understands that they are suffering from depression that might impact their judgment. It is very clear that elderly people experience a burden to their family and society in situation of shortage of inputs and resources. In this situation, elderly people might feel pressure to request for the euthanasia voluntarily and freely. These elderly people are required to hear that they are loved and valued. It could be stated that Autonomy is very significant and we should respect the opportunity of being living in a society and understand that personal independence has its restrictions[3]. Right require protection, but should be maintained against restrictions and accountabilities if we want to be exactly free. It is observed that once the voluntary euthanasia is legalized in one country, then people from other countries will start to take benefit of it. In this manner, no any state or country may perform in isolation. It is clear that, actions made in one country may have an impact on other countries because of the future changes in their laws.[4] It can be said that legalization of euthanasia may make doctors less responsible and offer them with more power. Patients normally decide in favor of the euthanasia because of the information received by the doctors such as information on their treatments, diagnosis and estimated range of the future suffering. This is also the reason which contradicts the legalization of Euthanasia.

ConclusionBuy Assignments OnlineAt last, it can be concluded that it is unethical to help or indulged in a death of human beings, in few situations taking into fact the indulged person quality of the life, euthanasia must be legalized. It shall make the individual having an alternative to consult with his medical advisor and decides the accurate way and time to terminate his life. But at the similar time, laws must be in place to ensure that there must be standards to avert unnecessary casualties in the current hectic schedules. At last, it is very clear that Euthanasia must not be legalized. Euthanasia is viewed as controversial subject because it disturbs the normal functioning of the life and lead towards making a more abusive and violent society. In simple words, it can be said that Life should be treated as a gift not a practices and choices like euthanasia violate the crucial concept of the human society. While understanding the significance of the autonomy of the individual patient, history has revealed that legalizing euthanasia may pose a serious threats and risks to the society. We are required to understand that any requests for the voluntary euthanasia are rare in conditions where the emotional, physical and emotional needs of terminally disease patients are properly fulfilled.

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