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                                   Project Governance and Integration

                           Manage Project Governance and Integration


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Project Governance is a framework within which project decisions are made. It is a set of rules and procedures which helps to see the project executed as per the standards.  With the help of project governance, project managers know how it can help in delivering and managing most difficult projects. Governance can help project managers to see that their project is going as per the schedule.

Project Part 1: Aject International is been approached to provide a business plan for development and implementation of system for a large state government. They want an establishment of

  • an intranet facility within and across the department to enable internal communication and reporting
  • a secure online facility to enable communications with other departments
  • a portal to enable access to specified areas of department functions/ information
  • a reporting system that would enable costing to be calculated on a user pays basis for external users—this part of the system includes an extensive database of contracted organisations, including their funding arrangements with the department

Before project starts, project goals, scope, risks, timeline, budget and objective should be defined.  This must be communicated to all the stakeholders of project, and any issues should be resolved and agreed before the work starts.

Project Planning goes through following stages

  • Initiating—during initiation phase business plan is designed, scope of project and stakeholders expectations are set. Plan is done to develop an online portal for communications between different department and a report system to .maintain funding data. Governance activity during this phase is to discuss with sponsors and stakeholders about the roles and expectations. Project sponsor a senior staff member from a section of department managed by dissenting senior executive will have the responsibility of approval of business plan (Project Charter) and signs off on major deliverables and approvals.
  • Planning –Planning is the key to any successful projects. Without properly planning a project can result in failure. Good project planning can help to save time, energy and money. At the end of project plan everyone should be clear about the schedule and tasks assigned. Governing project plan, risk management plan, budget plan are properly estimated during the process.
  •  Execution—once we are clear with project planning we should concentrate on executing of tasks allocated. This should happen as per the schedule plan. During this process project kick-off meetings are necessary to understand what is required from all team members from their part of execution. During this phase governance activity is of project manager is to ensure that all work of project is being performed on time. Where project sponsors ensures that required deliverables are submitted and project execution is completed and tested properly.
  • Control and Monitor—while the project is going on, is the responsibility of project manager to govern if it there are any issues or risks involved. It is project manager’s responsibility to escalate the progress of project to stakeholders. He should also ensure that it is as per the business case.
  • Closure—Project should always end with a formal sign-offs. A formal sign-offs with client, the government department needs to be done. An approval should be taken and should come to an agreement that all work done as per the plan and no more work will be done. Project manager should ensure all work is documented and delivery of all reports and documents. Document things learnt and areas of improvement.

Processes and procedures project manager uses in analysing and reviewing project governance.

Governance is a method used to monitor, procedures and methods followed during project. An effective governance plan with proper procedures helps to make sure that project is executed as per the schedule, and all the requirements of projects are met. For effective project governance we should ensure that goals, scope of project, procedures, processes, quality and schedule are properly defined and met. Governance procedures include

  • Get approval for project plan
  • Collect requirements and define standards
  • Identify risk by creating risk management plan
  • Track progress of project , if it is as per schedule
  • Resource management plan

Information sources for project are source through which we can gain knowledge and understand the requirements to build a system. Information can be an already existing systems and identifying what new features can be incorporated to improve that system. Collecting information from sponsors and stakeholders about what needs to be built. Also you can collect information from user documents and other documents of an existing system.

Detailed information analysis is required to deliver project as per the requirements and as per the schedule. Analysis is done by defining project goals and requirements for the project.

Project is a set of activities to achieve objectives using planning, executing and identifying resources. Risk factors are always involved in any project, and one needs to identify the risk factors involved in a project. Without doing that if we go on with project work, there is chance of failure in delivery as per schedule, budget problems and quality is not up to mark. One important is to identify risk during initial stage. This will help in less impact on project objectives

Project Checklist by Project Manager.

One of successful project management is to define a checklist. Project checklist is to check that before starting any project all requirements of project are defined properly.

Phase Checklist Activity Deliverables Remarks
Initiation Assign Project Sponsor

Create Business plan or project charter

Create project proposal document, which identifies, goal, budget, duration estimation and resource allocation.

Assign Project manager

Send documents for sponsors review and proposal

Proposal document and business plan  
Planning Plan project Kick-off Meetings

Project schedule plan

Budget Estimation plan

Resource management plan, allocate resource and plan budget

Risk management plan

Training resources

Define deliverables

Requirements documents.



Monitoring and controlling Project Progress Meetings

Document project progress include design and  implementation

Update Project Plan Document

Update budget and risk plan

Does system testing

Quality Analysis Testing and approval

Development approval by sponsors

Design Documents

Test specifications


Closure Update deliverables

Formal project sign-offs.

Project acceptance document

Agreement with client

Update user guide document

Document lessons learnt

Approval from client

Provide build and live support

Project closure reviews

User Guide documents and build deliverables

Project acceptance document

Lessons learnt document



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