Data analysis of pacific church Assignment


The pacific conferences of churches are generally secretary related which has remained silent for too long and therefore this will play a serious part in the victimization of Papuans. Many of pacific partners known their first hand including their worlds are changing. In the pacific countries the church is the central community to their life. The life partners of the pacific churches have a significant opportunity to support, educate and prepare all the local communities for climate changes impacts. This program will support them up to nine pacific church partners including their exploit. By this their contexts and the main way of enabling grassroots communities to adapt to increase an impact of climate change. Mainly it is part of house of community by which the people were not much concerned with their earlier health at the earlier stage. The pacific church has many community vision among of them The HSPT is most popular which will support to empower women with their families and their communities to achieve a healthy life style including self care and self responsibilities (Libby, et al 2001). This program is very popular and very successful to help the pacific church women fellowship’s group access health information including lots of information and proper service. The main purpose of this report is to produce and analyze the data and the figures given by the church to reduce obesity and the government also supporting the Church for getting the data to them. The success of the innovative thinking by HSPT is promoting and building a suitable relationship with all the pacific communities and collaborating between them. These collaborations takes place between the main pacific health providers in Auckland and delivery of the pacific strategy for national program.

Brief background

Pacific church was conceived in February 1957 with the help of a group named Palos Verdes- South under the guidance of the Rev. Dr. Harry Sunder, who is a retired person from Unitarian minister. The pacific church has held many services day by day in a week since first St. Patrick’s day. Over the lifetime the pacific church conference has meet only four locations. Pioneer Methodist ministers established the main university of pacific church in July 1851. As an inventor including higher education the pacific church provided the west coach with its first medical school of Stanford and now a day’s it became the state’s first coeducational campus which is helpful to offer an undergraduate teacher programs corps. The university has all it’s experienced with its greatest growth and an expansion into graduate to professional education under the administration of Dr. Robert Burns. This is school of pharmacy which is now known as Thomas J. Long School of pharmacy and sciences of health.  In 1996 the pacific church broadened its footprint to Sacramento with the college of law including the independent law school. In November 2011 the university is finally purchase a new campuses in San Francisco at about 155 Fifth streets. The new campus provided more space and facilities within the requirements to remain one of the top nation dental schools. The main goal of this programme started by the church is to save people of the Pacific communities from obesity and the other health related issues mainly from smoking and cardiovascular diseases. The pacific church is involved in a programme which is to reduce obesity among the pacific communities as the people from New Zealand suffer from the health related issues like the cardiovascular diseases and smoking has generally. They have the nutrition provider who produce a diet chart in the school and spread them among the people. The physical activity provider in the church makes a list of several exercises which is included in the programme which helps in reducing obesity.


There are two types of methods are used in data analysis in pacific church conference. First of them is primary methods which conclude the vision and aims of the pacific church program. Another one is secondary method by which the pacific church programs are more effective or successful including the primary requirements of the church aims. In the following segment we will see the different types of methods including the data analysis.

Data Analysis

What is the Pacific Church program’s vision, goals or aims?

The pacific church area is houses of community where people were earlier not much concerned with their health. But of late their focus has way into their health concerns. Moreover health to them is not just eating and exercises but other related aspects as that of the family violence. Together these things cumulatively build up to a healthier church and hence a healthier family and community. The committees have dealt with food, nutrition, gout and diabetes sectors but quite to take note on the above two of mental health and family violence. The latter two are pretty sensitive matters in pacific church zone (Hampton, 1983). Food and nutrition has been much worked upon and have proven good results in past couple of years. But the main vision of the program will stick to its original sectors as that of safety, prosperous journey with inclusion of body and mind. Throughout it shall remain same as always. From the interviewer aspect the question, how do you see them now and are they any different to what they were when you came in. The pacific community are always unconscious about their health. So the habit suddenly creates a vital health problem. The pacific church programme makes the people think about their health related problems. Health is not just about focusing on the physical condition but it also includes the family violence all together. By doing the exercise and eating healthy food is not the perfect healthy condition. The next focus must be to the family condition and also the processes which make a healthy family in terms of peacefulness. If we have a healthy family then simultaneously we will have a healthy church. Thus it will results in a healthy community or population.  From the iinterviewer point of view several significant question, with those difficult things, which you’re obviously bringing up there, like the violence and everything else. Are those ideas are coming from the churches. The communities are always focused to the food and nutrition. The other topics such as family violence, mental health are not getting importance but these elements are most effective components and they need to be give importance for the help of the mankind. The lot of hard work has done throughout the community for making these elements even more successful in our life and most importantly the procedures of handling specifically of these elements are possible in recent days. We have to make sure these the whole procedure must go through the right line and these will be very helpful to the mankind. From the Interviewer source there are several questions, so you are seeing that they’ve now got willingness to may be look at the difficult stuff. The churches which are always talking about the health related topic that how to make a good physic but most importantly the family violence topic which sometimes discussed in the church that should give more importance than that of the  physical health condition. If a person is suffering from the family violence and also he is getting a healthy food and exercise it will be worthless.  The family violence controlling is more important than other topic. In this world if a person does not have the peaceful condition he will never be able to make a good physic because of the stress. From the interviewer aspect, so what you are talking about with the pacific church programme vision is that is bigger than just health eating-health action, diabetes. The vision and the mission goals are always be run in the principle which is applied in the previous module. The vision of the programme must be safe and it also includes the mind and body concentration because it needs to be same for maintain the equal objective of the specific mission. The Interviewer focused let’s go back to that, if you could put it in a sentence what is your vision five years down the track, I have got so many especially for the pacific church programme it will be just start the pacific families and community and converting or taking the ownership. As early as possible we have to make sure that the system which is running by the pacific church is very mush helpful to the entire community. So for the purpose of benefit to the mankind and the development of the individual are important in our vision and it will be a way which shows a positive foot mark towards the goal. The data can be analysed by the government of the Pacific as the church can collaborate with the government to have a look at the obesity and the heart related diseases. The government can give a statistical report to the church programmer and the nutrition provider of the diet chart needed for every individual to follow who suffer from obesity problem. The church can make a programme on obesity and promote the programme through advertisements and in that programme put a show on the effects of obesity and what are the things we should avoid doing in order to reduce obesity. The programme should provide the data to the nutrition and the physical activity provider about the risk factors of obesity. Data can be analysed by taking the figures from the WHO so that the nutrition provider can analyse the data and can give suggestions according to the report given.

What are the barriers that prevent the Pacific Church programme from being more effective or successful?

The main barriers to the programme can be ascertained to support to district health board, funding, mentality of the people. The district health board has purely concentrated on sole things and sole areas of pacific church regions. The broader sense of the programme must be taken into note. Moreover the funding issue is a major setback. For any execution of programme it is of utmost need to have a proper, sufficient and consistent funding. A mismatch of the pecuniary issues on any of the three mentioned points  will always be a setback towards running the programme successfully or making it effective acting as a negative catalyst. Another mentioned aspect is that of the people. Till the time there had been no proper communication to them about the programme. Thus to them it was more like varied opinions about the programme with diverse notions. This created a mixed ideology in the mind of the people. The main reason behind this was there were no clear job boundaries to the people who ran the programme. Thus there was no proper execution that could give a vivid clear lookout to the people in the Pacific CHURCH. From the Interviewer point of view what barriers prevent the pacific church programme from being successful or more effective, the support from the district health advisory board is not given sufficiently. It is a major issue which de-motivate the persons who always want to conduct the policy very well. These reasons are responsible for the irregular service. The Interviewer asked so you feel you have been separated from them, Yes definitely and I think it will be better now since the starting of the new month. From the Interviewer aspect what have you done to make them better, I think I manage to get them on the track and by the help of the pacific division the work is divided easily to the particular person. The Interviewer has followed Some question, before you came on board the pacific church programme was even silo from within the pacific, Yes but definitely various people has many kinds of ideas about the specified programme they had to, sometimes involving of many people does not make any sense if the work is not executed properly. It’s good if you have got the people that are actually on the same page. The Interviewer asked the group you have got now, the two community officers and your…is that working. Yes definitely the team performance is up to the mark and I think this is the best team I have got ever because the efficiency of the work is getting high day by day therefore the whole process is going through a smooth way and the development of the community is getting faster as a result of this the benefits of the society is in the peak position and this situation had never come in the history of the pacific church community service.

How can the Pacific Church programme be strengthened to make it more effective or successful?

The effectiveness or the success of the programme is largely in the hands of District Health Board. Rather than just participation they need to be more collaborative, active and needs to take things onboard. Rather just being a help to the programme they must be willing to take the programme in their own court as authoritative basis. They should own up to take the programme as their own programme. Only then there can be proper and every aspects be touched so as to make it a success all round. The spreading of the programme should be on wide area base which will facilitate encumbrances of wider population. On the whole it will lead onto achieving greater response and bring up success at every level with proper execution of the programme for actually whom the programme has been thought of. From grass root levels to the outright at hospitals the district health board must play key role at the programme.

Screenshot of the output using


The pacific church area programmed is by large based on family health and nutrition notes. The people out there face issues based on health and family violence. Discussing on this aspect firstly let us concentrate on the nutrition issues. The area has worked laboriously for the lush green crops. This combined with systematic scientific approaches have produced fruitful results for the last couple of years. Thus food scarcity has been rolled out for the common mass that can sufficiently support their four square meals. This is interlinked with the other issues as that of family violence and other interlinked problems. Moving further on the issues come the physical activity levels of the people. Delegacy towards their work is an important look out. Increase in their activity level is a prime concern of the church. This is because idleness can’t bring out fruitful results. Hard work is the key to success and there can be no shortcuts to achieve success. The above lookout into apt nutrition will boost up the activity level of the people. The area has noticed erstwhile malnutrition leading to underweight and also hand in hand obese problems when crop flourished. Thus both prove to be detrimental to the programmed success. Thus suitable diet and fit nutrition styles are required to maintain a well-balanced weight regulation of the inhabitants. This will lead to less health problems and less hazards due to health. Health will not stand at hindrance point in this proper balanced weight physique of the people. Smoking has been quite prevalent amongst the common mass. This not only calls for health problems but also reduces life span of the people. More importantly this causes reduced urge for workouts on the professional area. Also smoking brings up habitual aspects. This mainly causes time wastage and lesser amount of activeness. Thus there occurs an urgent need for abstinence from smoking habits. In case of health issues provision for health care should be at hand. There is a need for set up of health center and hospitals at the local levels of the Pacific Church area. Moreover maternity care and other issues such must be such that they get proper health guidance (Denzin and Lincoln, 2000). A follow up of the health in the area must regularly see into. “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man” – Swami Vivekananda. Thus the in store perfection or skill can only be brought into expression by proper education. Thus there is a good need for setting up community education in the pacific church area. When the people can be educated they can learn to be more self-organized and move into better lifestyles. They shall there by learn up to be more professional and care taking of their own needs. Their skills and expatriations can move on to get a better reward and recognition (Sutton-Brady, 2008). These all conjoined together will make the program a grand success ultimately keeping commitment to their vision and achieving their goals.

Another persistent problem is that of the family violence. This problem has caused maximum problems in hindering the program. Family violence intermingled with all other problems. A happy family will produce better results in all aspects of food, profession, health, safety, prosperity. But latest development in division of work among the community officers showed good results. A clear vivid unambiguous message about the program has been conveyed to the people who were till then by large at dark. Communication from the church as well has improved. Reconciliation with other churches also has. Helped in making the move widespread and reach out more efficiently (Lodico and Spaulding, 2010). Community officers have started playing key role in making the program execution smooth.  Team work has brought up a better way to work for the vision. Participation of District Health Board is also a major factor. The need of the hour demands not only participation from the District Health Board but also it owns up to take the ownership of it. The uptake by the district health board will allow a better functioning in the program. Since health issues as that of gout, diabetes are chief concerns they can provide proper guidance to the people in handling such disease and disorders. Moreover if they go onto providing health care to the people as a systematic way the program will enjoy a greater success. Health care at each level for the mass of people will ensure better health conditions in the area and probably eradicate problems of malnutrition and disease controls. For all this there is a first and foremost need of funding. A substantial funding with consistency is pretty much ought to be the decision making of the program (Lovelock and Gummesson, 2004). The Pacific Advisory board has supported the program on all aspects including funding. The health committees are doing a massive work in facilitating this program. They begin their work at 8 in the morning and work up to 9 in the night at a stretch to make the program go onboard smoothly successfully. Not taking into consideration them remuneration it is actually the compliment that is they deserve as a reward to their hardships. At first only a handful of community officers managed the whole of  9 churches. So there was an over burden of the work. Discussions with the Pacific Advisory Board proved fruitful. This was in terms of appointing more community officers and also instead of upholding the program it was rejuvenated with more funding from the Board (Wright, 2000). For the community Officers it was now required that there is proper planning and coordination. Also there must be a good analysis of the same, because there is lack of qualified nurses, and any type of qualified clinical people. But due to the church the Health committees has come up with a solid formation. The church helps the health Committee to receive the all messages easily. Due to proper analysis this things can be done properly. The health committee in this part working with the church and provides the Health Committee a solid structure. The data which has collected from the church can make a huge difference in the Pacific Community if they are properly analyzed. The church is doing a lot of doings for the Pacific Committee that is why the data which is received from the church have to be analyzed and from the analysis any one can automatically understood the doings of the church for the pacific Committee. And it will also answer the actual work of the analyst position in the pacific committee. The community officers are doing their best in whatever way they can. But more activeness from the Health Committee would be fruitful. So in the coming years the in-veto powers will go from the community officers to the health committee. With the help of the strategic thinkers the churches would set up a robust structure. The community officers will then act as a helping hand to the committee (Lancaster, 2012). For these purpose it is very much required that the district health board not only just takes the initiative but take it on priority basis. Also from the discussion among three others it has been so understood that the pacific church program should largely concentrate on nutrition, health issues, and most importantly mental health of the people. The mental health has not been upright owing to several socio economic conditions these had led marked effect expressed as family violence. Inter dependence between these factors post up a new problem when such problem occurs. Thus there is a need to spread awareness and introduce community education. This will not only help the health committees to guide the people regarding their health issues but also be such that it will educate the people from grass route levels as well. This will enhance the acceptability of the program but also help in achieving the goal set by the Pacific Church Program. Thus from the discussions it can be clearly understood that by and large the program has different aspects. Problems, program execution, church roll, community officers roll, health committee functioning, pacific advisory committee decisions are as follows (Kotler, 2003). All these when act in place the program can fulfill its vision, mission and goal. For these purpose help of the district health board is very much essential. A proper coordination, planning, execution and importantly analysis of the above three are required. When the program is on board analysis of its functioning and execution is very much required to further decide the running of the program. The role of the ministers and the Pacific Advisory Committee is very crucial in making the program run. Funding issues are also important to facilitated smooth running of the program as resolving health issues, community education, remuneration of the health officers would require a good amount of financial support on regular basis.The effectiveness or the success of the programme is largely in the hands of District Health Board. Rather than just participation they need to be more collaborative, active and needs to take things on board. Rather just being a help to the programme they must be willing to take the programme in their own court as authoritative basis (Bernard, 2011). They should own up to take the programme as their own programme.  Any hindrance in the pecuniary aspects would call the program to suffer its space and also there are chances of the focus being getting disturbed. The role of the church is also very important as communication to the mass will be well accepted from the version of the church. Also the church will be able to not only create a solid structure for the program but also increase its acceptability to the people (Cameron, 2009). The eight churches will help the program in spreading the awareness and will have a far reach of the program not being confined to the Pacific Church Area. Facilitation of the spreading will help the program in making more vibrant and successful. At first due to lack of proper organizational powers the program did not have much success but with the passage of time and reorganizing the program coupled with funding assistance the program has gained space and better and greater response from the people are now obtained. They have now started believing in the program and this has helped the program sets its space from sloth start. This is well seen by the nutrition scenario. As in the last two years a good yield of crops have well managed the poor nutrition scenario to a better and well fitted one.

 The program is now all set for meeting the success and the planning and coordination and designing are just best suited for the prevailing conditions (Crowther and Lancaster, 2012). It is now required that there is proper execution of all the designed planning and close monitoring and analysis of the same is carried out by the health committee, district health board and the Pacific advisory committee. As from the discussions it so appears that it is not an overnight job but requires a long term systematic carting out of the required with proper evaluation of the consequences and the outcomes. The effectiveness or the success of the programme is largely in the hands of District Health Board. Rather than just participation they need to be more collaborative, active and needs to take things on-board. Rather just being a help to the programme they must be willing to take the programme in their own court as authoritative basis. They should own up to take the programme as their own programme (Bryman, 2006). Only then there can be proper and every aspects be touched so as to make it a success all round. The spreading of the programme should be on wide area base which will facilitate encumbrances of wider population. Once the program gains a success issues like family violence, mental health, nutrition, smoking prevalence all shall stand resolved. Also activity level of the people would be seeing to have increase manifolds than it was before the start of the program. Finally a change in the mentality of the people is a prime key factor towards attaining the set goal.


From the above segment we may conclude about the pacific church purpose to present some initial findings from the recent survey of pacific island from three Polynesian countries. The main aspect of this study of remittances distinguishes from previous research.  Another important contribution of the study is it will cover migrants in the both urban and regional areas. The previous survey of the church has been restricted exclusively in large cities. From all the given data’s it will show an increasing proportion with recent arrivals in the Riverina area and it’s important to the best of the knowledge. Finally in relation to remittances a number of interesting observation which can be made of all requirements with investigations that are associated with the probability of remitting of the total amount (Sutton-Brady, 2008).


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