Nursing Assignment Help:: Closing the gap among Australians and mental health

Nursing Assignment Help:: Closing the gap among Australians and mental health


Closing the gap among Australians and mental health

Solution the Essay question frame is::

Closing the Gap


The aim of the closing the gap is to achieve the health status to equality and the expectancy of life between the TorresStrait and aboriginal people. As perPearson the gap provides the statistics and accumulation that compare the both class of people health and life expectancy to live long life than all other Australians. This essay elaborates that how the nurse and midwives are helping to close the gap in indigenous health. Closing the gap is concerned with the campaign including the organization government and agencies in order to reduce the level of negative among the aboriginal andTorresStrait people. The government also took the necessary steps to determningthe key areas that need immediate action health, healthy incomes, education and safe communities, this is also serves the economic participation and leadership with the governance. The closing the gap is the strategy that aim to reduce the disadvantage of life expectancy and child morality to access the education. The government has set the objective to measurer the improvement in the health and population of indigenous. The main importance of the target is to focus on health housing earlychildhoodeducation and economic participation. The achievement of the improvement can be done only through the executing of the targets you reflect in a high way. Closing the gap recognize the enormity of the challenge during the time frame to face the government in the effective way.

Major impact:

As per Baum the early death of indigenous people is related to the long term policy of removal of children and removal from land culture and region. Due to these activity the various issues has been raised like chronic illness along with diabetes cardiac and lung diseases. This is mainly due to the poor nutrition and for not getting quality food for the proteins. They are also affected by mental health and abuse of substance which increased the rate of suicide. They lacks in accessing the infrastructure education and health funding. Even though the policy of the government changes the structure remains idle but some small improvements are made to live long life with improved of maternity and morbidity rates.

Indigenous disease:

According to Deaton the chronic disease is one the major disease which affects the people of aboriginal and Torres strait. They are affected more than the other Australians. It is due to the cardiovascular disease chronic respiratory problem and cancer. It also damages the kidney of the human. This disease can be controlled and limited by determining the earlier identification and the management of risk factors. This disease can be reduced with the special package in which the community involves in the activity of smoking and chronic disease. The significance of the package is to preventative focusing on the health of the aboriginal and TorresStrait families and their community. The package also provides a good support and funding for the coordinated and primary focused patient health care. The midwives can also promote good health through the interaction of the local communities and lifestyle of health programs. It is necessary to remove the barriers which help the patient to access the essential services such as health care and specialist care. It is better to better to build the number of primary health care system to attain the more number of patients and the workforce of indigenous heath care. The modern midwives force shouldunderstand the importance and concept of respectful health system and cultural safe. They should be professional trained to providecare in a manner that will prevent the harmful to aboriginal andTorresStrait people. And also ensure the primary health care and infrastructure for the indigenous people to bring them in the standards. To promote and respect the rights of aboriginal and tore strait people to ensure the health services to access in good quality.

Key steps to control:

Due to the new advance steps the nurse and midwives are taking the necessary step towards the closing the gap in Torres and aboriginal health. The significant steps took by them make an effective contribution and responsibility towards the closing the gap.As per Sanders it is more important and necessary to understand the health statistic about the aboriginal and TorresStrait people to represent them in a good way. Every new born baby died without proper intervention. Moreover it is more important to recognize the violence of the domestic figures present in the family distress where the kids abused of living in a violent family. The major health related problem for aboriginal and TorresStrait is the mental illness that represents the disrupted with the pain and sickening to commit suicide. This is also applicable for the people who live with the alcohol and substance abuse. The poor living condition and poor education will represents in the child protection and prisons. It is the great chances for the midwives to overcome the problem by analyzing the statistics to make the difference by thinking aboriginal and Torres strait people is belonged to the same community with the real lives.


It has been concluded that country has to come a long way by giving the preference to the issue raises by the indigenous people among the Australians. The government should also take the necessary step to promote the awareness for the people affected by proving the health and cultural values. The indigenous people are less healthier than the non-indigenous people  and it also complex in nature but it provides the combination of factors like education, employment, social status etc. in order to achieve the health improvement of the indigenous people it is necessary to fund more to be medical service and preventive. The mainstream should not be very difficult to access the Medicare and pharmaceutical   benefits. Without decreasing the disadvantage experienced by the indigenous people even though the programs and some of the benefits health service pays more success in developing the health conditions. The government also should make valuable move to closing the gap by dealing with the health issues that have a huge impact on the death. The rate of improvement is totally depending up on the money time and other resources are given in the line to long term.


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