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Health has become a major concern for the entire human beings which need proper attention in individual as well as in global level. In the beginning of the era of civilization, there were several activities which gave rise to quality of life of the human beings. This particular assessment will be focus mainly on the health issues faced by the aged group of people and related advantages and disadvantages. Strong emphasis is to be done on the basis of variety of possibilities to remove the disease and implications are required at all levels (Argiris, 2012).

It further approaches the hygiene issue of the cancer patient and the various ways in which it can be solved. It deals with the selection of a design of a project which will include the lung cancer as a problem which leads to oral hygiene as well as making a clarification on the dental care and kidney transplantation (Blair, 2012). Hygiene need to be maintained in a proper manner by the health care provider as it is one of the important factor which has an adequate role in the development as well as to provide wide evidence on the desired research study.

A research is needed to solve the problem of dental care and it can be possible if a step is taken to understand the entire problem and make a design of a systematic plan and make ways to implement that. Health condition of the various patients can be managed with the help of indigenous community and efforts to be made in understanding the health of the designated patients and further development steps need to take on an urgent basis. It is difficult to do the research on a qualitative manner because certain problem arises in the process that needs to be done on a systematic manner (Cagle, 2012). Every health provider should first concentrate in diagnosing the disease of the patient and then act for the solution. Diagnosis should be done on an effective manner and further check is also recommended by the health provider who is specialist in that area of specialization.

The research that need to be done have to begin with the data collection methods followed with the evaluation of the data which is collected and put them in a synchronized way so that there is no problem in the data reporting process and all the data will be available in an effective manner for implementation (Contents, 2012). A large budget is required for the implementation of this research and it should be encouraged in the first case because due to that many patients will be relieved from this issue and they will further be dealing a normal life.

One of the significant approaches which need to be taken in the evaluation process of the design of project is that the labeling should be properly done according to the types and the practical as well as the assumption related to theoretical knowledge. It has been evaluated in one of the research that there is no definite way for the research done on a qualitative manner because the results will different in each of the cases (Doody, McInerney and Linnane, 2012). Hence, the assumption which needs to make on the lung cancer which actually leads to the disorder of the rental part is little bit difficult from the practical point of view but the efforts should be genuinely made to solve the problem.

Some of the factors like ontological factor and the various research oriented factors which is epistemological factors need a proper scientific research in order to make the progress in an efficient manner which will lead to a structured phenomenon. It can be further elaborated that it is essential to make a research design which will help in increasing the possibility of phenomenon that the patient will be relieved from such kind of diseases (Editorial Board, 2012). Several information need to produced in case of this research which will lead have a perspective idea of the entire research.

The main resources which can be identified will be the next step which is testing of the hypothesis and developing the same in order to assign the responsibilities if the nurse which are actually registered in the purpose to looking after the issues related to health care and also help in identify the various resources concerned. Proper time should be maintained while conducting a research which will help in the design of the various fundamental issues in the process of research before implementation (Hsu, 2012)After a proper time policy, the next step will lead to designing a model which will make clear about the workflow in the process in development which will be helpful in analyzing the entire strategy in research.

After the hypothesis is suggested, there some issues related to the risk factor and also about the after effects of the risk which are generally adverse in nature. Hygiene is a very serious issue which needs proper concern while dealing with the problem of health care system of the aged group of people. This hygiene issue has become a serious problem worldwide which needs proper attention at all levels and it has an overall impact on the materialistic attributes in the more perspective ways. The structure of the design can be adversely affected due to several fundamental issues and if there are any unknown variables present in the hypothesis. This will lead to problem in the research design so it should be evaluated first and then steps need to be taken for the implementation process (Huber, 2012).

The theoretical assumption of the research design will lead to proper understanding of the information related to the main participants of the research. Further interpretation need to be made in order to solve the social related issues which need proper attention. Another attribute which has to be kept in consideration is the idea of generation about the various research topics in practice which will ultimately help in the progress of the patients suffering from lung cancer (Kazerooni and Sundaram, 2012). Research design can be properly structured if the category mentioned in each sector of research are properly mentioned which will lead to development of various opportunities.

It is recommended by various writers that various methodological issues are based on the theoretical as well as practical assumptions which will definitely have a designated research process enabling a philosophical point of view. Findings can be more valid if there are of the research is based on adaptation so that there will proper flow of the design of the project. Strong valid points can be justified if there are ranges of various phenomenons which will lead to the philosophical approaches in developing a valid database about the research design. Research will make easier to look after the lung cancer by the registered nurse and several efforts should be made in the application of the desired study (Kostovich, 2012).

Quality of the research can be highly maintained if proper identification is made on the practices related to hygiene issues which will definitely lead to development in the current scenario in the market. Proper research is conducted on the basis of the theoretical approaches which will have a social impact on the entire world in the process of research. There is a correlation between the various assumptions made in the philosophy and research which is done on the qualitative research which will have a in depth information regarding the results of the various research concerned.

Some of the research oriented data will help to evaluate the approaches relating to the design of the project work and have a clear understanding about the underlying assumptions of the disease (Leary, 2012). It is important to consider health as the prime important factor and efforts should be made in the well being of the specific individual. Mental health is another issue which means that it plays a significant role which needs proper attention for maintaining the quality of life. This research will mainly concern on the health issues that can be physical, mental or even issues related to behavior related to bad prognosis. The issue of prognosis is playing an important role and needs to be regulated for a development plan which should be systematic in all manners. From the point of view of the person who are responsible for the health care that they should be very good at diagnosing the problem first of all and take the necessary predictive actions (Ness, 2012). It should be done on every individual patient for better result so that no one faces the diseases in the near future. If single diseases are wrongly diagnosed then it will not only affect the management but also the family of the concerned patient.

A plan is made which consists of developing a lung care machine which will be run in a systematic manner and help the aged patients and it will require a large sum of money to implement that. Oral infection is found to be more dangerous issue as compared to patient suffering from the end stage in the renal issue (Stroke Assessment in the Perioperative Orthopaedic Patient, 2012). The various issues which need proper attention are the basis for the approach and the data generation which will have an impact on the entire active participant in the social issues.

The Australian who is engaged in the health care sector should have proper understanding of the various information of the health issues and the way it is resolved so that the patient gets over all the diseases which can affect their entire life.

It should be kept in mind that a registered nurse will solve the problem of this health issue if they know the information and the advantages and the disadvantages of the issue which are faced by the aged group of people. A systematic plan is to be made and proper training is required for the execution of the plan which will help the patient in getting over the lung disease. The entire study is actually based on the various approaches and assumptions that need to be taken on the labeling of proper nursing as well as solving the various issues of the aged group of patient which need the severe help of the health care provider of Australia. Strategy related to management are needed for the issues which lead to solve the problem of diseases and help in maintaining a balance between various emotional and mental stress which need proper attention by the health care provider. The health care provider should update themselves in providing the specific assistance which will help the patient to be ethically and emotionally strong (Weinhardt and Jacobson, 2012). If the patient gets the proper care, then they feel relaxed as if nothing will be wrong to them if they are in the hands of dedicated health provider. In other words, health care provider basic aim is to make the patients relax and start with the diagnosis of the disease and put proper emphasis in finally completing the desired problem so that the patient is our of the diseases which they were facing. Several researches are of the view that registered nurse will solve the problem of all the issues related to the ling cancer and the aged patient will be out from this disease very soon. It should be kept in consideration that proper measure should be taken in individual level and that is maintaining the hygiene issue and everyone should consider as basic element in attaining to the essential life (Willcox, 2012). Lung cancer is a serious issue which needs proper attention and it’s possible if each individual are serious regarding their health issues. Regular checkups should be compulsion so that if anything is caught as a disease will be in the minor stage and can be resolved very easily. Proper guidance and suggestions should be taken from doctors regarding the issues faced of any kind so that the disease does not become a major issue which cannot be solved in the long run. Aged people are often found having more disease as because they have became older but at least young generation should make practice for complete regular checkup which will help them to know their status if health at an early stage.

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