Humanities Assignment report writing help online: Report on domestic violence – Evaluation on Queensland

Humanities Assignment report writing help online: Report on domestic violence – Evaluation on Queensland

Title ?? Write a report on domestic violence???

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Solution the report frames is::

The report is going to discuss about domestic violence in Queensland in the 21st Century and to investigate whether there is a growth or reduction in the incidence of reported abuse by partners.

Domestic Violence in Queensland in the 21st Century: is there an rise or decrease in the occurrence of reported abuse by partners? This report will require some exploration of the history of Domestic Violence in Queensland as well as accessing recent research material.

In this report the domestic violence legislation and policies in Queensland would also be investigated.

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Domestic violence, maltreatment with women and children is nothing new, and it can occurs simultaneously in a same family(Tomison, 2000). Based on the evidences the evaluation is done in this report of domestic violence in Queensland in the 21st Century. This report will explore and critically analyse the domestic violence occurring in Queensland in 21st century.


According to (Goddard & Hiller, 1993; Tomison, 2000), it has been evident from various cases that different forms of domestic violence could take place instantaneously in the family, and occurrence of one practise of vehemence is the strong analyst of another to occur.

According to (Walker, 1990; Repucci & Haugaard, 1993), it was due to the women’s movements which stared in 1960s and 70s, that the silence against physical and sexual vehemence by their male partners was shattered. Various names were given to the domestic violence occurred “behind the closed doors” as ‘battered women’, ‘wife beating’, ‘wife abuse’ etc.

But in 80s and 90s, it was found that in spite of the male tendencies of violence in relationships, men were also being battered by their intimate partners (females), domestic violence cases were also reported in gay and lesbians relationships (Tomison, 2000). Now, domestic violence is used as a global term which includes all the fierceness taking place within a family setting such as spousal violence, child abuse, parent abuse, sibling abuse (Filtcraft, 1997).

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As cited by (Tuxford, 2001), a committee was formed knows as the Domestic Violence Policy Review Committee, in 1999 which recommended routine screening in the particular program areas of health services such as, drug and alcohol and mental health services, emergency departments and antenatal services. In the program few screening questions were asked from the victims very confidentially and it was their wish to answer the questions. The questions were (Tuxford, 2001):

Q. Have you been hit, slapped or hurt by your partner in any ways within last year?

Q. Are you afraid of your partner or ex-partner?

Q. Would you feel safe going home, after you leave from here?

Q. Do you require any assistance regarding this?

It washard to found an exact figure of the degree of domestic violence in case with child abuse and neglect, primarily due tosignificantdeficiency of communal and authorised attention to the issue, and the commonunwillingness of victims to discuss such events with others, and particularly to authorities (Chappel & James, 1993).

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A strategy was being developed South Australian agency for anticipation of domestic violence, according to which five factors were targeted for change which were as follows (Tomison, 2000):

  • The structure of manauthority in the family and in society
  • The social and cultural standards that encourages violence in families
  • Training in vehemence
  • The practise of violence for publicallyreasonable purposes
  • The deficiency of professed  substitutes for handling conflicts in the family

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According to (Tomison, 2000), domestic violence is supposed to be a private matter in most western countries, though the outlooks are changing and unrestricted education initiatives are opening up to boost community intervention. Most of the sample of barterers supposed that there were no rule or legislation beside their violence as they had not encountered, neither they expect to encounter, any negative legal, occupational or social consequences on them for conducting such offences (Tomison, 2000).In a study of Australian committers of domestic violence, reported that the men felt the dominant male culture promoted their on- going use of violence, and gave limited support to prevent violent behaviour.


(Tuxford, 2001), from the evidences it was found that almost 5 to 11 per cent of women screened are facing domestic violence, but only one third of them asked for assistance. Domestic violence is clearly being stated as crime by the current campaign of Australian Government against domestic violence (Douglas, 2008). But still it is being debated whether to apply criminal law against domestic violence or not. Hudson’s three principles of discursiveness, rationalism and reflectiveness are found helpful in understanding the justice process particularly in domestic violence context (Douglas, 2008).

The Parliament of the Queensland came out with an act called, Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act, 2012 on 17th September 2012 (Queensland, 2012). The main objectives of this act were to increase safety, well being and protection of people who fear from domestic violence, to prevent children from the exposure to domestic violence and to punish to people who are found accountable for committing domestic violence.

It has been investigated by the experts that the violence in families is an unavoidableconsequence of the ‘egotistic, competitive, brutalizing, authoritarian, unfair social structures and dynamics which pervade many current societies’ (Tomison, 2000).  According to (Harrington & Dubowitz, 1993), in order to transform the society, such that the culture of domestic violence which exists in most of the western societies is changed to peaceful and a non violent culture, it is required to adopt some primary prevention initiatives, which must include the identification and suppression of the causes of violence, rather than the sheernullification of the symptoms”(Harrington & Dubowitz, 1993) in (Tomison, 2000). The prevention of violence ought to begin with unravelling the sources of violence in human nature and in ‘the values and modes of human societies’ (Gil, 1979), which includes various issues of patriarchy, power and domination; community attitudes to violence, racism, homophobia; and developing more positive perceptions of women, children, and elders in the society.

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It is difficult to investigate whether the violence in the Queensland has increased or decreased in the 21st century, as the face of domestic violence was always prevailing, but presently steps are being taken by the society and government to control domestic violence in its various forms.


This study attempts to give some understandings into the domestic violence in Queensland in the 21st century. Generally, the forms of family violence have been explored in isolation.This research follows the earlier studies done in this regard and attempts to analyse the results (Tomison, 2000).

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For prevention of domestic violence in the society, more research is required to be done for investigating how relationships gets violent over time and how could the people at the risk of domestic violence could be protected by any formal or informal system to support them. The research is required to explore ways to change societal attitudes specifically male chauvinism and their attitude towards violence and few early school based programmes should also be intervened which could help to reduce violence at homes to some extent (Tomison, 2000).

Since domestic violence is considered to be a private matter and most of the victims avoid discussing about these issues in public and specifically to police or any such organisations, for the relationships they are into, or for the societal norms or due to some other fears. So it is very difficult for any formal or informal organisations to control this problem, but it requires a transformation in the society from the childhood of an individual, initiating from school level.

It is also been investigated in this report that the Parliament of Queensland has also been taking steps to control domestic violence and came out with an act in the year 2012, to prevent and protect people from suffering from domestic violence and punishing the accountable person who is committing violence (Queensland, 2012).

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