HR management assignment on: International patent strategy

HR management assignment on: International patent strategy

The international patent strategy that our company should adopt is as described below:-

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyThere should have innovation and inventions in the market place and also there is a requirement of patent for invention in the public. Thus it also helps to provide high amount of protection. It also shows the capacity of knowledge as well as it deals with the potential and the economic gains. There are high technologies and patent related applications. Intellectual property law establishes the protection over the intangibles. Patents and trademarks deal with protection of industrial properly. Patents also deal with the economy and it plays the important part in the level of patent applications. (, 2011)

Patents deal with the more important to the technological industries to the United States. The global patent system is the most international economic law and it deals with the important differences regarding the patent rights. This deals with the patent application and helps to define the invention to meet the novelty. This deals with the defensive publication and also it creates the detailed description of new invention. The advantages of trade secrets discover the secret to use it and the difficulty to enforce than the patent. (Lehman, 2009)

This deals with the right of device, method, substance and process that is new, inventive as well as useful rights to the process.

Globalization strategy

The kind of globalization strategy that our company should adopt is as follows:-

Buy Assignment AustraliaIn our company, the global sourcing is the very important approach in the competitive global market. There will be increase in the customer satisfaction with the help of proper profit margins and also this will increase the quality and the brand of the prestige with respect to the companies. This creates the importance of global business characteristics and also it meets with the high level of competency. This way, changes and trends in the market is really valuable and it demonstrates high level of benefits to the companies. (Ozberk, 2011)

There will be the safe system for the highest priority in the aviation company and safety related actions will be driven by facts and data so that there will be proper perception of safety needs and also there will be proper safety target system. The global strategy would be based on the proactive approach of the safety initiatives and also the improved safety with proper coordination and proper efforts will take place. This will also establish the process of planning and the improvement accordingly. Global safety initiatives are also the major strategy that helps in supporting the designed implemented safety strategic objective. Safety is the major expectation and it will help to meet with the associated changes. It ensures the continued participation and also helps to enhance the safety related initiatives. (, 2007)

Assignment Expert AustraliaThus there is also the requirement of low priced strategies with proper achievements of international expansion. This helps to establish the international expansion as well as it will increase the ability of the company resources so as it will maintain the competitive edge. This is important with the help of high capabilities and competencies and also with the higher production of volume. This also will provide the important brand recognition so as it will meet with the competitive market place. It will help to communicate the better results and also it will help to focus on the customer needs and their requirements. (Lynch, 2010)

Country matrix and factors that influences the composition of the matrix


Emirates Airlines


Etihad airlines

Niche market

Air Arabia


Gulf Air

The factor that influences the composition of the matrix is known as the market development through which the company introduced its new areas of products as well as services.

The use of market penetration activity also helps the company to increase the high amount of market shares and to focus on the product development helps to increase the sales as well as improvement of existing services as well as products.

Thus these factors influence the composition of the matrix.

Globalization issue

The globalization issue from the manufacturing and marketing perspective will be described below:-

Air transportation is the major industry in the own right and it provides important areas of inputs in terms of economic social and political related process. There is an issue of lack of air transport and other input into the economic system. It creates the issue with respect to designing, building and distributing the new products. Globalization of markets refers to the emergence of buyer’s preferences and tastes in the markets around the whole world. It includes the consumer goods and also the business related services. It is important in international markets because it benefits to companies and also sells the global brand. This allows the companies to reduce costs of production and to create the access of low cost labour. (Button, 2008)

There are issues with international trade theories and also with international trade policy. This is about the flow of goods and also about the services, factors of production and knowledge between the region and the countries.

The international mobility of services is very low and the mobility of the factors of production creates also the issues of production and manufacturing.

Sample AssignmentOur company will focus on low risk options for airlines and helps to allow the proper flexibility. As the paper discussed about the core business of our company that is to manufacture the aircrafts so there is a requirement to explore the important plan or an idea of how better can we build our crafts and have a competitive advantage over our competitors.

This is implied as the relationships and relevant phenomena in business.

Yes, there are some organizational issues as well through this perspective. There will be issues in terms of the organizational perspective such as there are challenges and complexities in the different environments.

The organization will face issues on safety point of view and also it will create the chances of risk of accidents or other incidents such as there will be other issues with respect to the management of hazards and staff management. The behavior of safety will be the important areas of concern. The noise of the aircraft and its engine will also produce high level of risk and issues thus there are also issues associated with the balanced approach of noise. The types of pollutants and other emissions will also create the high risks and issues so as there will be health related implications and issues. The roles and responsibilities of the members should be the best in the organization because it also is counted in addressing the organizational and environmental issues.

There might have issues if there will be no proper training and education as well as awareness will be managed by the organization. Thus there will be issues with respect to workload factors and other operational parameters. There might create an issue with the lack of employee empowerment and its operations. There might have an issue with the lack of training and proper education and its awareness to the employees and it will create numerous supervisory issues. The chances of accidents might cause through these factors and lack of appropriate training and education related parameters. (Thadden, 2004)

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