History assignment essay help online: Capitalism

History assignment essay help online: Capitalism 

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyCapitalism is a unique social formation which is totally organised and penetrated by various forms of commodity economy (Itoh, 1988). Capitalism is a social system which is totally based upon the recognition of the property which is privately owned in an explicit manner and which is very much nonaggressive. In capitalistic economy the means of production are privately owned and this is supposed to be a wasteful system where the competition is ruining, efforts are duplicated and the actions lack coordination and are not concerted (Hoppe, 1989). This is the reason why in Two Caravans too the farmer for picking and harvesting strawberries needs to stay competitive in the capitalistic economy of Britain and that is why wants cheap and subdued labour which he/ she outsources form other countries through illegal means like human trafficking (Summary and Book REviews, 2012).

Buy Sample AssignmentDefining social work means description of the functions and roles of social workers. However many attempts have been taken to define the social work but to come up with a universal definition of social work has been impossible. Therefore the failure to reach to an agreement of definition of social work leads to defining roles of social workers in UK or rather any place in the world. This leads to a gap between what the social worker wants to achieve and what the social worker achieves practically (http://www.scotland.gov.uk). In UK too principles of social justice as well as human rights are very vital for social work (International Association of Schools of Social Work, 2001). Therefore after studying the whole plot of ‘Two Caravan’ it is imperative that greater equity should be achieved in the society and the main key to it is empowerment which will enable the poor people like the Africans, Chinese and Europeans of poor nations as well as marginalised people depicted in the story to  break away from the traps of poverty, inequality and they would be able to play greater political , economic as well as cultural roles in the society and the social workers in UK would be able to help them. This can be done through equity which has its main roots in the theory of moral equality which says that all the people should be treated equally (Dom, 2010). AT the level of society it translates into three principles which control the distribution of services and goods and the manner in which opportunities are being give (Jones, 2009).

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