HR Assignment Help online:: Managemen in Organization consulting – Dynatrix strategies

HR Assignment Help online:: Management in Organization consulting – Dynatrix strategies

Question?? Dynatrix strategies in management??

Solutions the question frame is::


Consistent decline in top-line and bottom-line growth of Dynatrix has drawn the attention of the management in assessing the root cause, for the company was generating unswerving profits from the time of its inception. Analysis of the scenario has revealed the fact that company was lagging behind in terms of matching its footsteps with the peers and adopting technologies which helps in improving the overall functioning of the firm. The importance of business process management as a strategy was then realized which can turnaround the company in the backdrop of increasing competitiveness.

The scope of the analysis is to develop an understanding of the challenges faced by the company in the contemporary age of competition while appraising the benefits through adoption of BPM strategies. The report also considers the problem inherent to Dynatrix and evaluates the probable solutions which can be considered for sustaining the business and improving its profitability in the long run. The final closure is arrived at after the recommendation and then wrapping out the complete discussion in a nutshell quickly seeing to the growing importance of BPM in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of business.

Business Process Management as a Business Strategy

The contemporary business world is continuously bombarded with the fluctuation of events like tightening of existing policies, stagnation of growth, deteriorating bottom-line, losing market share, increase in competition, increasing degree of innovation etc  which together act as a catalyst for change. The constant flux in the business world has magnified the need and importance of business process management (BPM), which helps in handling the business transformation.

BPM is a structured approach which helps in not just understanding and analyzing the business through and through but also in executing the strategies in a manner which adds value to the system while improving the overall efficiency and competitiveness. As a matter of fact the international importance and acceptance of BPM market is steadily increasing, for the market which was valued at $1.1 billion in 2005 is reaching $3.8 billion in 2012 (WinterGreen Research, 2006). It thereby becomes evident that by adopting BPM, a business can enhance its capability of increasing the efficiency, productivity as well as profitability.

Dynatrix which was ascending the ladder of success ever since its inception, started to stagger post recessionary pressure which impacted the world economy at large. The increasing uncertainty of the economy was not the only element which can be blamed for this downfall. Notwithstanding the fact that recessionary pressures have relegated luxury to a back seat as customers were forced to shift their focus more towards necessities. In such an environment it becomes even more important for the businesses to deploy the BPM model which considers the entire lifecycle of business for implementation of current technology which aids in remodeling the business and strengthening its competitiveness.  This is because BPM, as a business strategy is not detached from the value chain of any business and it considers both the external as well as the internal perspective of the business. Such that when integrated as a part of the business strategy BPM can effectively address the need and expectation of the clients and focus towards winning back their trust towards the company.

Assessing the Inherent Problem

Dynatrix, as a company was essentially missing in strategically managing the marketing of its product. The absence of retail presence intensifies the need for a strong promotional strategy which can focus upon improving the responsiveness of the customers that was gradually waning. It is interesting to note that developing a customer centric promotional strategy is also dependent upon upgrading the technological infrastructure which can help in streamlining the business. The company was working with paper based methods which as a matter of fact was increasing the time lag within the internal group. The lag in communication time was not just intensifying tension amongst the employees but also impacting the customers as the time gap between placement of orders and delivery was mounting. As promotion of the product was necessary for driving the sales, it was critical that a promotional and communicating strategy was also developed which can trigger the need in the customer for adopting a healthy life, rather than selling the product as a luxury item.

Further lack of a database for maintaining the records of orders and stock increases the sloppiness of managing the business which in the competitive environment was facing the heat directly. The gap in communication has led each department to work more in silos. This has also impacted their performance as evident from purchase department’s attitude of treating a purchase request form. Though he argues that he prioritizes orders on a first in first out (FIFO) basis, the priority should ideally be upon importance of the order from the perspective of the customer. Notwithstanding the fact that maintaining a healthy relationship with a supplier is imperative for continuity of business, adhering to the customer need is indispensable for growth of the business. Every customer order in Dynatrix was routed through various departments before it is finally shipped to the clients, which consumed significant time and was more likely to hamper the satisfaction level of clients upon receipt of the product. In an age which is competing in terms of speed and pro-activeness while addressing consumer needs, Dynatrix clearly stands behind the competition. Lack of a centralized system of management has inhibited the company in assessing its performance while tracking the customer orders along with the availability of the stock.

Solution Proposed

Considering the fact that Dynatrix sells its products through virtual medium, it would be fruitful for the company in improving its technological infrastructure. Technological advancements provide the marketer with the opportunity for designing the website in a manner which can effectively engage the client and influence their process of decision making. The strategic means of promoting the product in the virtual medium can very well position it is as a solution for a healthy life which easily elevates its importance in customers mind. At the same time ability of placing and tracking order at the user’s convenience tends to improve their experience even during the stage of purchase. Upgrading the technological infrastructure can also enable the company in collecting feedback from the customers and improve their performance. Furthermore, as management of various business activities along with client orders was done through the dated means of pen and paper, upgrading the technological infrastructure can significantly improve the efficiency of doing business.

At the same time maintaining a customer centric approach is more likely to deliver the two way benefit that the company is essentially lacking at present. On one hand this approach provides clarity to various departments in addressing an order and helps the management in tracking their respective performance. While on the other hand fast and effective delivery and management of orders enhances the confidence of the customer towards the company which in turn can boost sales and spread a positive word of mouth.

Consideration of the Solution

Despite the benefits inherent in the process of BPM it is not devoid of challenges. Especially in case of an organization of the likes of Dynatrix, that lacks clarity in terms of strategy and technological expertise that inhibits the process of implementing BPM. The various departments of Dynatrix were lacking proper knowledge of their process which also impacted their attitude while addressing client orders. While introducing a change in the system, lack of proper knowledge can pose as a challenge for adoption. The management thereby needs to introduce change in a phased manner while keeping the employees well informed about the objective and need for the change. Such an approach not just enhances the transparency of management but also increases the employees’ confidence which helps in smooth transition.

Another attribute which demands consideration prior implementation is the financial stability of the company. In case of Dynatrix the cash lying at bank is $2 million, however it already has a debt of $1.2 million. In such a scenario the company has to initiate the transformation in a staged manner and monitor the performance while planning the next levels which can gradually strengthen the system for the long run.


The implementation of BPM as a business strategy surfaced from the rising intensity of the competition which started impacting the productivity as well as the profitability of the firm. As the core objective of BPM is to manage change in a business in such a manner that it positively impacts the business processes, it has been identified as standardized approach of exploiting the existing capabilities of business in a manner which can strengthen the competitive positioning of the company. Considering the challenges the manner in which Dynatrix can transition in the manner stated below:

  • Establishing the intranet for effective management of stock and order details.
  • Exploiting the computer knowledge of the staff in building the initial database.
  • Imbibing the importance of following a customer centric approach while focusing upon the consumer behaviour while making purchase decision making.
  • Getting rid of out dated databases and transitioning them to the new environment.
  • Emphasizing upon healthy life style through use of Dynatric product rather than promoting as a luxury end product.


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