HR Assignment Essay Help & Review Online:: Employment Relations & Unitary perspective / Conflicts and approaches

HR Assignment Essay Help & Review Online:: Employment Relations & Unitary perspective / Conflicts and approaches


Write about the employment relations & other approaches of employees relations??

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Employment Relations:

Employment Relations is one of the most critical and vital part of HRM. To make a healthy and effective relationship between the employees and employers, we need understand the concept of employment relations and its importance for the organization. If the organization is not able to understand the importance of employment relations and not able to manage the employee and employer relationship effectively, it may affect the organization power and that will hinder the organization profitability and strength. Here in this assignment, I will be discussing the various aspects of employment relations and their advantages and disadvantage and their critical analysis. These will further help in understanding the need and requirement of employment relations within the organization. Employees are not just a kind of machine for the organization, but they are treated as the part of organization and should be given all the power and authorities to show their full cooperation and interest towards the organization rather than just coming to office and working in their timings and again going back to home. This will not be any more helpful for the organization and employee in further development and this way the employees efficiency and organization efficiency both will go down. There should be something more than just the working. Employment relations provide the idea generation capability and work as a mediator between the employees and employers to make a better work environment and to survive with a good relationship and for the objective of the organization. Here in this essay, I will be discussing all those aspects which are the part of employment relations and how they help the employees and employers to make a better and effective relationship that will have an effective role for the betterment of the organization and employees hand on hand. There are three important approached of study of employment relations;  Unitary perspective  Pluralistic perspective  Radical perspective I will be discussing all the three perspective one by one. 1. Unitary perspective of employment relations: The unitary approach considers that there should be only one source of authority within the organization that will be liable for all the authoritative decision making aspects. The organization should provide a better work place for the employees without any kind of conflict among the employees. The organization should encourage employees to work with a team effort to reach the organization objective. There should not be any personal or individual perspective or objective within the organization. There should not be any kind of conflict at work place between the employees and employers. This may hinder the efficiency of employees at work place. The management should be able to understand the need and requirement of employees and should make the work environment more friendly and effective. They should keep the command and authority in their hand but they should not misuse their authority in any wrong sense that may harm the employee and employer relationship. The conflict is totally negative in this perspective or employment relations. The organization is highly against to any conflict in the organization. They take it negative for the organization and may hinder the organization culture and work phenomenon. We can see in this perspective the kind of relationship and without any kind of disruption in the process and the work environment the employee and employers should maintain their relationship and work in a team manner towards the common objective. Advantages of Unitarist perspective The unitarist approach is more concerned about the goal of the organization and the simplest way is the make the employees concerned towards the common objective of the organization rather than thinking of their own interest or anything else. The management plays an important role in this perspective, so they are more liable for keeping the employees satisfied and enthusiastic towards the common objective or the organization. The managers can play a role of mediator for the employees that will be an effective outcome of this perspective and will create a win-win situation for the employees and the organization by aligning the objective of organization and employees. As the unitarist approach believes in the employee’s loyalty, so the employees can be treated as stakeholders for the organization and this will make the organization more powerful and competitive. Unitarist approach can be used to achieve the organization goal in an effective and efficient way by creating a common goal and smooth work environment at work place. The mangers are the most important players in this situation and have the authority to take steps in this perspective. But the way of working and taking step should be very much friendly and correlated with the employee’s interest also. Weakness of Unitarist approach The greatest weakness of this approach is that, the inequality in power distribution may lead to the inefficiency in the organization. The managers can take harsh decisions to meet their own interest. This will create negativity among the employees and may hinder the efficiency of the employees. The organization is against to conflict but they can create a competitive work environment with the conflict. They do not understand the power of conflict that will help in increasing the efficiency of employees and organization hand on hand. As we know there are two kinds of conflicts, one is functional conflict that supports the organization by increasing the competition among the employees and the other one is dysfunctional conflict. The organization and management should understand the difference between the kinds of conflict and should understand the great power of functional conflict that may help the organization grow faster and increase their efficiency. The organization should make a better understanding and analysis of the organization effectiveness and they should discover the way of working to increase their efficiency that will be better and fruitful for the organization and help in achieving the organization objective effectively and efficiently in a competitive manner rather than continuing with the same traditional way of working. This approach is not very much effective as the kind of competitiveness which is required and helpful for the organization growth is missing in this approach of employment relations. This happens in government organization that keeps on working with a same pace and with a same objective without any kind of competitiveness within self. If we talk about the relevancy of the approach then the one thing is quite sure that the employee and employer relationship is the most important part of this perspective and at any cost the relationship should be maintained and this will lead to the common objective of the organization. Pluralistic perspective of employment relation: Pluralistic approach of employment relations can be described as the more effective and suitable approach of employment relations that will make the employee more competitive by disrupting the pathway of the employees working and concerns. Earlier the employees used to keep on working with the same pace without any disruption and management used to take decision over them. But now the scenario is not like that, the power distribution should be equal and effective rather than giving it to a single hand. So we can say that pluralistic approach came up with a new kind of impulse and employees accepted it, because it was more for collective bargaining system that was essential and more effective for both employees and organization. Advantages of pluralistic approach The pluralistic approach is quite different from the unitary approach as it assumes that the work place is full of different kind of people who all have different values, beliefs and cultures. We cannot assume a kind of smooth relationship and environment in this kind of diversified situation. There will be conflict and the conflict should be there to make the employees more effective and competent. Pluralistic approach believes that trade unions can be the best sources of bargaining between the employees and employers. As they are the external sources, so they can be more effective in making a decision and common perspective that will keep the employees and employer satisfied. Collective bargaining process is one of the most important parts of the pluralistic perspective. In each and every concern they need to bargain between the employees and employers and trade unions are the best mediators to handle this situation. In this perspective conflict is not just overlooked and left behind but it should be managed effectively, that is the best part of this approach. Pluralist approach is more suitable for collective IR system, because it is not against of the policies and roles of trade unions in managing the relation between employees and employer (Badigannavar and Kelly 2005). Weakness of Pluralistic approach The most important weakness of this approach is that the trade union can focus too much to the workers interest that will create inefficiency in collective bargaining process. This theory may lead to the inefficiency by overlooking the processes being used for the resolving the conflict between the employees and employers. They just focus on their own procedure and policies for resolving the conflict that may be inefficient sometimes. The important aspect for this approach is the use of conflict resolving aspects, they believe in conflict creation and resolving that helps the organization to keep their employees more competitive and they also force the management to renew the organization policies time to time as per the need and requirement. The pluralistic approach is good for the organization as it leads to the collective bargaining between the employees and employers for the effective conflict handling and resolution. This approach is quite relevant to the employment as there is something additional in respect of the previous approach i.e. the collective bargaining and the conflict generation and resolution. These aspects will really make some effective and competitive aspect for the organization point of view. We can see various examples, in our day to day news related to the conflict within the organization and that gives an efficiency and additional competitiveness within the employees to work in a better and restructured manner. Radical approach of Employment Relations The radical approach of human relations is marked by the capitalist theory which shows a clear difference in the interest of capital and labour. This theory says that there is inequality between the rich and poor and ,the weak an the strong,thre is inequality of power and inequality of wealth and realtions.Presence of this theory shows that conflict is inevitable in any organisation.becaus it is against the laws of human rights ,where there should be equal opportunity for all. In organisation dominated by radical theory of human relations, people at higher position have the ultimate power and strength to rule upon their subordinates, The rules an deregulation framed by them are the ultimate one and has to followed by all at any cost.subordibnates are deprived of any opportunity, and power and they see themselves just as a puupet.Such theory shows a fundamental difference between the interest of abour, and the rulers. It is marked by Marxist theory where wages given to the workers Aare minimum irrespective of the work done by them. Radical approach in employee relations. Employs relations is based upon factors like ethical behaviour, co oeration, and support. But radical approach of employee relation is totally unethical because eat deprives each employee of their ultimate right. such practice only disarm the raeltionships,and becomes an obstacle for organisational growth and success fit for organisation, Workers and labours are seen as a burden toe n organisation and they are the ones only to work and bring pre not given any benefits in return an din fact they are paid as low as possible. There is clear demarcation between the rich and poor and all the wealth is for the higher class people.TheEmployee donor speak of their problems and so there is no concept of problem solving an when there is no problem solving, there cannot be any co operation between the employer an the employee. This will only lead to disrespect and ultimately the breakage of whole organisational system’s radical approach is harmful for employee relation and it can ultimately destroy the concept of co operation in an organisation Weakness of Radical Approach There are many weakness of radical approach of employee realtions.Because this approach is clearly against the interest of the society, people and labours. When there is difference between the rich and the poor ,it is very obvious that poor will revolt against the injustice done to them and such revolt by the subordinates lead to unions,groups.Formation of union and groups is on of the pitfalls for any organisation because this leads to groupism,wastage of money power an dresources,Labour skip on revolting and fighting for the unfulfilled demands.Sch strike and revolts is loss of time for nay organisation because it leads to wastage of time an dresources.An organisation can grow only if people in its organisation can are given equal opportunity and a chance to learn and grow. Their views should be taken into considering and they should be given a chance to prove themselves so that they can work effectively and work for the organisational success. Radical approach shows that all the power vest with the rich and not the subordinates where the subordinate are more productive such institution of dominance can never lead to good employee ration because unsatisfied employs are never fruit fall resource for any organisation. So radical approach should never be implemented in any organisation. Conclusion: Among all the employee ration stat we have discussed now, we find that each one is differ from another from different perspectives. Unitary approach is ore focussed toward the employee relation where a single authority if given preference as compared to pluralistic where onion and authority of pore lies in all. Radical approach is completely against the employee realties because all the subordinates are deprived of power, authority and existence in the organisation. So from my opinion the pluralistic approach is the most favourable because it combines all employs as one, take their collective opinions and consider them as one decagon for the organisation. Unitary approach show that there should be single line of authority but this is not so favourable for an any organisation. Managers have the ultimate power where they take the onions of subordinates also but not to such n emend that such collective decisions become favourable for organisational growth and success.Pluaristic approach show that there shod be labour groups where the views of labour can be represented and there should be mangers where they can take into consideration the groups decisions and implement that in the organisation. Pluralistic approach can only be effective if it is properly managed and cahnnelised.Because sometimes it can lead to the dominance of trade unions also. Here trade unions are given more power, but in unitary approach is also favourable because it marks harmony among all.teh labours and the managers. So we can say that among all the approaches of employs realtions, unitary approach is the best because it shows the concept of one happy family where all the members share a common belief, idea and ideologies. In any case radical approach should be avoided because it shows the difference between the rich and the poor and division of power.


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