History short essay writing help : Glories of Islamic Art

History short essay writing help : Glories of Islamic Art

Glories of Islamic art –part 2

Buy Sample Assignment                The second part in the documentary series presents the main theme of the documentary i.e.  How the religion of Islam has held respect for learning and knowledge for centuries. Akbar Ahmed argues that when this respect for art decreases, it leads to decrease in the force of the whole religion. Later, he finds cause for optimism in the modern and very huge library built at Alexandria, which is at the location of the old library of Hellenic. The library is a huge building with precious manuscripts of medieval period in data-bank of the library (Glories of Islamic Art-Episode 2).

Glories of Islamic Art- part 3

Assignment Help Australia                The 3rd part deals with the last Islamic dynasty i.e. the Ottomans and their capital at Istanbul, and contribution to art. The rulers built two historic buildings named Haghia Sophia and Blue Mosque. There is discussion of peculiar Islamic art form- calligraphy. Further, Sufism is presented as form of religious passion and inner strength. In Istanbul, there is revival of Sufism and is a great attention for tourists.  There is influence of Sufism in modern paintings of Turkey as there is effort on reconciliation of traditional and complex concepts like that of homo-eroticism (Glories of Islamic Art-Part 3).

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