In this essay we are going to study about the different criteria for the recruitment of top building estimator who can exactly estimate the labor, equipment and material required for completing the project of construction. Therefore, it can be said that the filed for building is vast and includes the civil operations. The study will be dealing with eth method and process in order to hire top builders for carrying out the operation concerning the building process. Therefore, building estimator is a person who makes quantifies what kind of materials, labors or man power and apparatus are needed for the construction project. A good estimator should have innovative working ideas and decision making qualities and problem analyzing capabilities. Estimating is generally concerned with the primary costs of accomplishing new structure or renovation projects; it plays a big part in life-cycle costing of design (Vitaliano, 2012).


The estimation cost for building a plot is the most important criteria of the builder. Estimation cost should be the least among all other criteria. This can be done by checking the availability of the raw materials. If raw materials are available in the locality then the transportation costs get seized and hence the estimated price lowers (Zhai and McNeill, 2013). Estimators are the people who can estimate the quantity of the resources required for carrying out the particular project. Therefore, they play a significant role while carrying out the process of construction as they estimate the resources required and the estimation concerning the cost of the material, equipments and labors required for the project. There are different types of estimation that need to be covered in the context concerning the estimation of the resources and the budget required for fulfilling the ongoing project. There are several components of life cycle cost (Cho and Park, 2013). Estimation mainly depends on the degree of definition of the project. Higher the project quality more will be project estimation cost. It also depends on their used for preparation of feasibility studies, budget planning and the contractors tender price.  Using advanced methodologies brings about the faster and economical processes to cope up with the job. Advance Technologies helps to reduce the labor costs to high extent. A construction estimator or building estimator must be self starters, good planners and required to make judgments in relation to estimated budget. An estimator would work with other professionals like construction manager, design and planner teams and also team working ability are required. An estimator must be finding out client problem what actually they wants or needs. A company estimator’s work to build up tender or help companies organize costs by reviewing the budgets of projects (Abdulraheem, 2013).

Estimation means calculating the cost of a product which is supposed to be incurred before it is actually constructed. Estimation is very important in all industries because before initiate the actual production estimation need to be completed. So, accurate estimating is very important to compete in to the market and to be sure about the profit level of the product which is to be manufactured in coming days. So accurate estimation is necessary and hence, staff of the estimating department must be well qualified, experienced and trained (Kim and Kang, 2013).

A good estimator must have the qualities that highlight the knowledge to interpret the civil engineering of the plan so that he can easily estimate the cost of the project. Planning out a desired job in the beginning would result in improvement of the idea as well as finding gaps where improvement can be achieved in future developments and research analysis. Estimator should have some basic knowledge of mathematics. This is because the entire task is based on calculations and formulations. Poor in calculative aspects would result in wrong constructing ideas as a result huge economical and structural losses may be encountered. Sometimes these may lead to serious accidents resulting to lots of casualties (Zhai and McNeill, 2013). On the other hand, patience is more important in every work. Not only in construction but patience is required in each and every field of study.

Estimator should be expert in field operations and all the procedures. Inexperienced persons would be of no use and be a liability for the work task. No progression is to be expected with unskilled or illogical crew staffs. He must have skill to thinking the 3D view of the project by looking at the engineering drawing plan of the project. Viewing provides much more help in understanding a certain job rather than any other processes. It is to be capable to interpret the risks on his work and then neutralize as much as possible (Cho and Park, 2013). Retarding the factors of Risks results to improvement of the strategies so laid for the construction, thus a better building would be built due to this. A schedule of the total construction time taken by the project is to be formulated. Working in time would help in economic saves of both the constructor and the investor.

A good estimator must have the knowledge of every types of labor as well as the performance level of equipment. Estimator must have to use the costing system of Construction Company. Doing the job in a minimum economy and providing the best material is always the key signature of a better builder. Hence it is to be maintained urgently. Estimator need to be good in communication so that he can be able to easily communicate with clients. Not only in the official language but the builder should be accustomed with the local dilates of the workers. Otherwise everything would go in (Vein et al. 2014).


In conclusion it can be said that building estimator quantifies what kind of materials, man power and apparatus are needed as per the requirement of the project and it also calculates the budget for the project, which is supposed to be incurred before it is really constructed. According to industries estimation, they prepare project plan, cost estimation and budget and staff of this department must be well qualified, experienced and trained. Therefore, in order to meet the criteria of recruiting the top building estimator, these are the boundaries need to be covered.

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