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Career as an Information Security Analyst

In today’s time, security is an essential thing for every organisation. It is very important to make sure that data is very sensitive and remain protected from all the unauthorised users. Information security analyst is one of the trending careers in today’s time. The duty of them is to update all the software and security upgrades. Every organisation hire information security analyst as they help employees to understand hardware and program (Banker & Feng, 2019). This field is incredibly important in the business environment as every organisation rely on information system in daily processes (Alhassan & Adjei-Quaye, 2017). Information security analyst is responsible to secure all the information and network system. They keep a track by monitoring all the processes and check the vulnerability of threats.

Career in security analyst has increased with increasing thefts and security breaches. This the increase in security breaches people has started relying on security analyst who can take an entire responsibility of protecting the sensitive information. Information security analyst develop, implement policies to ensure that data remain protected and accessed by unauthorised user. Information security analysts are hired to create awareness about the issues so that security can be improved by making server efficiency (Banker & Feng, 2019). Mangers and supervisor are not aware about all the legal requirements thus it is required to have a security analyst who is aware about all the legal laws and actions (Alhassan & Adjei-Quaye, 2017). The career of security analyst has boomed as they have the potential to keep track on viruses and take essential steps to protect the system. Security analysts are also hired in companies so that they can offer training to the employees to keep all the resources and information safe.

Career as a security analyst can bring lot of success as this field will also grow with coming time. Every organisation are having a huge demand of security analyst, who is responsible for creating plans, train users, monitor access of the information (Ali, Shrestha, Chatfield & Murray, 2020).  They keep a track of all the information by maintaining records so that security breach doesn’t occur. Organisations are looking for someone who can monitor all the security breaches and someone who can investigate the all the violations that had occurred (Ali, Shrestha, Chatfield & Murray, 2020). They install and update software by keeping the information encrypted so that even at times of breach information is not leaked.

A separate and capable individual is required by every organisation who can prepare report and documents of the security breaches that had occurred so that the extent of damage can be identified (Bélanger, Collignon, Enget & Negangard, 2017). Thus, the career of information security analyst is booming with time, every organisation is looking for someone who can keep an eye on all the operations with the motive to keep information secure (Bélanger, Collignon, Enget & Negangard, 2017). They conduct penetration testing so that all the vulnerabilities in the system are observed and controlled before having harmful impact on the organisation.

All the multinational and small enterprises are working well to innovate new ideas for the betterment for the society, but with time organisations have become aware about security and are looking for a person who can take care of security breaches. Thus, information security managers are hired who can work on innovating new security trends by developing best practices so that security standards are attained (Halawi, Kappers, & Glassman, 2016).  They help customers while installing new software’s in the system by keeping in mind all the security procedures and protocols. Initially, wherever new employees were hired they were offered training about the new technologies, workflows and culture about the organisations (Halawi, Kappers, & Glassman, 2016). Nowadays, organisations are looking for information security analyst who can make employees aware about the types of breaches that can happen and ways through which one need to get rid of security violations.

Information security analyst can also work as n computer analyst that tracks all the network security along with data security (Balashov, 2018). With the increasing demand in the market for information security analyst the certification courses are also increasing like CISSP, certified information system security professional this has increased the demand in the market. The scope in this career is bright due to numerous opportunities in the market and the scope to enhance the knowledge future (Balashov, 2018).

Choosing the career option as an information security analyst is worth it as from the research it is found that employment in this field will increase by more 30 per cent in the coming ten years; this growth is quiet higher than other sectors (Hsu, Li, Ma & Phillips, 2017). Thus, it is always recommended to choose a career that has demand in the upcoming years. Every organisation from IT to financial banks will need an information security analyst who can take care of all the sensitive information from breeches (Hsu, Li, Ma & Phillips, 2017). The reason this field will be growing in the upcoming time, as every organisations are shifting to use cloud based services due to large number of data available. Thus, storing the data on cloud servers will increase the chances of data threats thus the role of security analyst increases which in turn improve the career opportunities (Harford, Jiang, Wang & Xie, 2016).

The demand of information security analyst are increasing in market as they are aware about security trends and vulnerabilities so they develop best practices for the IT security. They are responsible to design, implement and monitor all the system securities so that organisation data remains secured. As long as people will be dependent on smartphones, computers and internet for storing and accessing the data, the need of information security analyst will improve (Harford, Jiang, Wang & Xie, 2016). All the information are collected at servers and segregated thus to manage large set of data and keep it secure the demand of information security analyst is increasing.

With the coming time companies are moving towards the concept of big data and data analytics these are the trends of storing large amount of data, thus the scope of information security analyst is to measures all the security issues and work on it to avoid the vulnerabilities (Jarocki & Kettani, 2019).

The job opportunities in the career as information security analyst are very high as they protect the data from damage and attack so that only authorised users gets a chance to access the information (Jarocki & Kettani, 2019). With the increase in internal as well as external threats in and out the organisation the need of information security analyst is must.  Security analyst are good at ethical hacking, intrusion prevention, penetration testing and reverse engineering thus with the latest trends in cyber security has increased their market demand.

From the predication and research it is found that the demand of information security analyst will make market of $170 billion by 2020 (Cockcroft, 2020).  The scope and salary of information security analyst are comparatively higher than other IT professional. The career in this field will offer better advancement and long term success.

With the increase in job size, better salaries the demand to fill the vacancies are high. Cyber hackers are working on very fast to hack the data thus it is important to hire information security analyst who can prevent the data at the workplace from sufficient damage. The scope of information security analyst has become more competitive. Fresher are offered good package which is better as compared to other IT jobs (Cockcroft, 2020). The demand in market is increasing with better salary. It is a valuable job that offers respect and a good salary at work. The career as information security analyst is bright as the demand in the market is high. The plans to implement and upgrade security aspects are important, thus a talented employee is needed who can take care of security vulnerabilities and offer training so that effectiveness of network is maintained (Wang & D’Cruze, 2019). They create awareness of all the security concerns at the workplace. Information security analyst is aware about all the protocols and they keep on auditing all the threats that might impact the organisation.

It can be concluded from the reach that career as an information security analyst has a wide scope due to higher demand of the work and a compulsory need of information security analyst by every organisation (Wang & D’Cruze, 2019). The demand of information security analyst has increased by 30% from last years and will increase in the coming year. This is an advanced career field that have several options for advanced studies.


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