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Resources needed for change implementation

South County Mental Hospital requires a number of resources in order to implement its strategic plan towards providing reliable mental health services in the region. These resources that are required for change include a good health informatics system, a well-organized patient information gathering system, modern biomedical machines, and suicide screening tools and gadgets. 

Health informatics systems will enable mental health professionals to access the health information of interventions made in the past and those done in other hospitals. They also need modern technology for patient information gathering to ensure that more time is spent on the patient rather than on books filling records Yuan et al,

Modern biomedical equipment are necessary to perform therapies on mentally ill patients Satchi, N. S., & Annabel, 2019). At the same time, South County Mental Hospital needs suicide screening tools such as questionnaires. These tools will be used to assess potential suicide suspects to determine if they have any ill plans.


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