Business Communication essay on: Report on McDonald’s

Business Communication essay on: Report on McDonald’s


The report will be based on the chosen criteria for the organizational based evaluation of communication effectiveness.

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyTo effectively finish the discussions on the paper, the selected organization is known importantly as McDonald’s.

This paper will consist all the required key and essential information that will provide in depth descriptive information about the selected organization “Mc Donald” to present the discussion and information in the area of evaluation of communication effectiveness within organization to identify the scope of improvement and opportunities to enhance the overall effectiveness and increase the level of efficiency of the communication process. The objective of this report to understand the overall process and used approach that will provide key essential information of effectiveness and level of efficiency of the communication within the selected organization Mc Donald and also report will focuses on all the key aspects areas to addresses the existing and potential issues, challenges and problems of the communication process. In the whole report, it will discuss the key information that present analysis of the communication process within the Mc Donald that analysis on the basis of available data in secondary sources like articles, journals, research papers and many other key reliable sources. To discuss all the required topics and information the whole paper will be divided in the different key sections that contain the information about the required topic in detailed and descriptive manner. In the first section, it will provide the introduction and overview of the communication process and organization Mc Donald. In the introduction phase, the report will present the information about all the topics that needs to discuss in the below section in descriptive and detailed manner. In the further sections the report will provide all the key information in descriptive and detailed manner as per topics that need to discuss. At the end in conclusion, the section will conclude the whole discussion discuss in the followings sections in the below that consist and provide summarize report of the whole discussion and provide quick understanding and overview of the discussions.

Assignment Expert AustraliaThis report will introduce to collect all the required key essential information through available numerous secondary sources like articles, journals, research papers and many other reliable sources about the communication process and its effectiveness and level of efficiency within selected organization Mc Donald. To discuss and present all the required essential information and present analysis of the overall communication procedure in terms of its effectiveness and required scope of improvement and opportunities within the selected organization Mc Donald this report will discuss and present in depth descriptive information in the following topic in the below sections: Current or existing scenario of the communication process in Mc Donald, roles and responsibilities of the internal team and mangers, used way of communication method to communication the messages, numerous approach, tools and techniques that Mc Donald is using for  internal and external communication and its effectiveness and level of efficiency, What are the required scope of improvement and scope of opportunities and many other key topics provides complete and clear visibility of the overall communication system of the selected organization of Mc Donald. This report will also address all the issues, challenges and key problems that occur within the existing communication process to enhance and develop more effective and efficient communication process.

Buy Assignment AustraliaTo evaluate the effectiveness of the communication process this report selected “Mc Donald” as organization that established by Ray Kroc, famous for its effective and highly efficient products and services delivery in the area of fast food. Mc Donald is the one of largest fast food restaurant chain in the world that has worldwide effective and efficient services with serves around 47 million people every day. In terms of numbers of restaurants it has more than 33,000 restaurants in 119 countries that are catering its products and services effectively and efficiently to customers in successful manner. There are numbers of researches, Journals, articles and many secondary sources provides key information about the fast food industry that the fast food industry is growing rapidly due to highly competitive and busy life. The leading organization Mc Donald has developed and implemented numerous strategies to increase the overall business by addressing the key issues and challenges in the area of health consciousness at the time or selection of the food consumption by the consumers. To addresses all the key issues in the area of health Mc Donald introduced highly competitive affordable price, great services and healthy menu to cater its customers in effectively and efficiently in continue manner.  Mc Donald used numerous key practices that provide sustainable competitive advantages to the Mc Donald like concept of identical product services in all the outlets that increase and help in the area of trust building, numerous quality management tools and methods, raw materials, forecasting, effective supply chain, and efficient operation management techniques helps to retain their position in the market successfully. All the factors and parameters provide key competitive advantages to the Mc Donald in the area of fast food restaurants industry. These factors and parameters also will contribute highly to created big brand as Mc Donald in the mind of consumers.

Effective communication is a structured and systematic process that varies with nature of organization and defines the success path of any organization and project. Normally communication process is the back boon of the organization and the tools and techniques that use for the communicating massage internally and externally successfully, required highly effective and efficiently.     


Today the increase in the fast food restaurants have been under the major resource for the operations of the growing and increased new trends and interests. These restaurants are criticized for offering new items of menu and offer too many calories and fat to the people. It also helps to know the major and the primary target of the company i.e. highly dependent on the people and their lawsuits. Thus it deals with the responsibility of weight and other consequences of health. McDonald is not only the leader but it is the most heavily influencing character within the single brand of product category. These brands highly are influenced on the advertisements such as the competitors are Burger king corporation, KFC and Wendy’s as well as Taco Bell. Thus the company highly invest and spent on advertising to create the awareness among the public as well as consumer. This will help them to create high attention among the public. (Freeberg 2008)

The company also attempted to see the negative impacts of the film in the number of ways such as the documentary super size me that creates the negative impact on different ways. Thus the company enjoyed the largest opening for the documentary in Australia. The company in the United Kingdom took the subtle approach and they offered the better decision making.

Assignment Expert AustraliaWithin the department of the company, the improvement in the effectiveness of internal communications through progress creates the survey of employee communications. This also developed the corporate messaging framework and created the critical component of business achievement so as the messages have been tested through the global qualitative research among the medical professionals and the company receives the widespread internal approval from the senior managers. (Schade 2007)

Communication is the major form of achievement in any kind of business. Thus to achieve and to maintain the wide scale positive changes in the lifestyle, it creates the complex and formidable behaviour. It also creates the better current food environment. There was a requirement of proper communication to create the positive aspects in the minds of the consumer. Moreover, to deal with the positive changes, the proper messages of nutrition will create the precise and proper communication. Thus McDonald’s tries its best to deal with the strategies of communication and to change the situation.

Thus the communication within McDonald is required to be effective and proper with regards to nutrition based health related factors. The weight of the country America is highly populated and children are overweight thus there are drawbacks and lawsuits as well as other criticism for the company. The government and influential health related advocates describes the childhood obesity explosion. Therefore there are many countries that have taken the approach of high care for measure or ban to ban the fast food advertising on television, cartoon character because it directly impacts the children and also it creates the healthy message of eating so there is a requirement of proper self-regulations.

Buy Assignments OnlineMajor Key issues

There are negative effects in the product i.e. “Super size me”. McDonald’s has applied the lot of active marketing and communication strategies to avoid the negative effects with respect to the brand image and reputation of the company. The company broke the campaign of change that replaced the company with the question mark on dramatic changes and other structural changes such as menu and nutrition structure changes. The company offered the healthier salad, fruits, and small portion and sizes of Happy meal especially for adults, children and for encouraging and inspiring the healthy as well as balanced lifestyle. ( 2012)

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With regards to change in the people’s effort, the company balanced the awareness of new healthy products and the company also focused on generating the awareness on new and healthy products. This way, the research showed the high amount of awareness with the help of added channels, newspapers and other resources. Thus the company and its employees together solved the obesity problems and balanced the lifestyle of daily intake of calorie and other physical activity. McDonald’s found the people to know about the balanced food and about the healthy lifestyle. Thus it is difficult to manage the behaviour of the people so as the brand image with the high quality food. (Margaret 2012)

SWOT analysis


The worldwide brand equity

42% fast food hamburger business in U.S.

Successful in items and products such as Fries, Happy meal, Big Mac, Eff McMuffin etc.

Market positioning

Market strategies and business promotionsWeakness

Decline in market share

Weak product development

Taste and quality

Slow revenues

Slow growth rate of incomeOpportunities

The company have the opportunity to expand the market internationally

The serving population can increased in terms of number

The company can focus on retailers and joint ventures

Innovation and healthy food will help to social changes in the positive aspects.

Database marketing could also help the company to meet with the important approach of CRM maintenance

There is a requirement of continuous focus on social corporate responsibility to decrease the major impacts on environment so as the community.


The industry is matured

Competition strengths and their advantages

There are more health conscious customers

Changes in demographic profile also becomes the major threat of the company

Foreign exchange rates and other fluctuations also affect the market

Recession also might affect the sales of the retailers

Source: (Bhasin 2010)

Current issues

The current issues and problems in the company are associated with the people. The issues are concerned with the junk foods in the company and people think of junk food restaurant with the important sources such as restaurants and other important areas of company. People still face lot of confusion and scepticism for the messages of fast food nutrition so they can deal with the problems and will be able to address certain key issues and challenges.

Today media are focusing on total information about nutrition and today there is information available from daily news and channels. There is news available about daily nutrition, health and dieting etc. The internet also focuses on health of the people and provides important information and data about the health, nutrition and dieting.

Americans also suggests that they use the proper and accurate information about the terms known as nutrition and other health related factors.

Assignment Help AustraliaAnalysis of communication

According to the current situation and current analysis, the company will design the new campaign of communication and it will change the behaviours of the large group of people. It includes frequent users for junk food and also the company focuses on new communication campaign known as “Happy exercise and love touch health project”. The new communication of the company deals with the changes of dietary behaviours for the large number of people. Thus they planned to create the new organizational campaign and also they focused on the countries all over the world. The communication was based on the interventions and that created the social activities and other group of efforts. (Deng 2009)

From the CEO to the labour agreements, the strategic shifts create the successful implementation on the thorough and thoughtful strategic communication with the help of proper planning and to address the issues accordingly. MacDonald’s helped to develop the strategy for better planning and tools so that the business could drive proper results and proper outcomes. Macdonald has developed the communication strategy with respect to its functions and planning as well as redesigning.

The company also evaluated the strategic planning process to identify the long term and short term approaches of message development as well as coaching for creating the credible as well as effective communications to deliver the proper outcomes and business results. The program and workshop also focuses on communications and other actions of department so as it will create the edible planning for communications of results.

The process of redesigning and aligning the functions of communication creates the proper planning and other business results. This will also create the roles and responsibilities with respect to business needs and requirements. The company also create the planning of smooth transition for executive leadership and mergers and acquisition, this will therefore create the new process and will connect the employees with respect to strategies and future plans.

This creates the proper planning of smooth transition and it will connect the employees to the strategy of plans and future. This way, the framework of proper and effective planning, the changes or requirements of broad group of audience helps to develop the industry and company. (Gagen 2012)

The company focused on the dedicated and full time programme provided the proper attention to the HR related rewards and other benefits for the professionals and for other important benefits to deal with the internal issues such as conflicts and improper communication. This also will encourage the success of the client and also the inaugural celebration.

These changes in the communication and the evaluation will help to meet with the hard work and efforts. This will also create the high respect for the peer group and employees. Thus it will also increase the profile of the company with the approach of benefits and brand profile as well as reputation and image. This also will create the important approach and chances for the network to the peer group. ( 2012)

McDonald’s developed the high confidence for better and proper approach for long term practices. It helped to provide the leadership and high quality standards and messages. The organizations focus on both the internal and external communications. The company also focuses on the briefing calls with the corporate and US management along with the communicators. Management started applying the new tools and techniques for better communication in the company. Thus they started using the tools such as email, voicemail, chat options and the other internet tools and techniques.

Advantages, outcomes and usefulness

The use of the above approaches result the positive outcomes such as the sales will not affect and it will not dissatisfy the customers but it will help to understand and to play the important role in every customers. (Dulye 2007)

Sample AssignmentThis way the company is able to position its business with high sustainability and also it dealt with the specific responsibilities as well as important attention to meet with the proper roles and responsibilities. This way, the business is profitable and competitive. (Blasio 2008)

This tool has been proved as the diagnostic tool and it also helped the employees to prepare the customized reports in the organization. This resulted in progress and improvements in terms of knowledge and attitude and also in terms of other important behaviours. This also created the improvements on employee performance so as to meet with the organizational goals. This created the excellent development with respect to communication and also with the help of effective approaches such as accurate information and accurate outputs. (Womer 2001)

Conclusion and recommendations

University Assignment Help AustraliaTo conclude, the paper must end with the statement that the overall discussion created the major impact on the organization with respect to the well known company “McDonald’s” and it also met with the important approach of discussion about the term communication. Communication – a well known term for interaction, sharing information and dealing with great form of ideas and solutions effective of certain key strategies that will lead to proper and effective management of goals so as performance. It creates high excellence in the field of success so the paper effectively focused on the important key areas of roles and responsibilities for proper and useful activities. Thus it is beneficial for both the employees as well as the organization because this creates the result of positiveness and helps the people to achieve proper outcome.

So to recommend the paper must begin by saying that the organization should effectively provide its employees with the accurate information’s. The organization should create the two-way communication environment and surroundings so that people will feel happy as well as satisfied from their work goals and responsibilities. They will remain happy and will be able to perform well and produce better outcomes that will also creates no negative perception.

Thus the organization should try to make the concept of providing proper feedback for the employees so that they could be able to improve a lot in terms of their weaknesses and area of improvements.

This way, organizations are also requiring to make the employees accountable and to involve them in the process of communication. So, the organization will also be able to define its criteria and will be able to retain the employees for long term along with the customers. This will also help the work place to finish the task easily and quickly. This will also bring togetherness and team effort in important goals and areas of objectives for the organization.

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