SIX key issue for save the children :

Funding (what are the funding that helps the children such as: government funding and you need to put more).

  1. Volunteers that help the organization
  2. Op SHOP that save  the children have.
  3. Perception or branding
  4. Youth market
  5. ITav


SIX key issue for save the children


  1. Funding (what are the funding that helps the children such as: government funding and you need to put more). There are a lot of methods that are used for funding of children which are economically poor and weaker. The main kinds of funding are mainly government run schools and colleges. They mainly provide free kind of education for children who are poor so that they set the basic kinds of amenities and they grow up to be a good individuals. As per Lynda Mahood , another kind of funding that is mainly been used is providing free education or bearing up with the cost of children whose parents only produce one child. This kind of education is mainly seen in Asian continents like China and India where population is vast and the government uses these kinds of methods to fund the people. This is one of the best ways of funding the children’s it helps in reducing the population and also increase the literacy rate of children. Poor people should mainly be provided on the a basic amenities to study well so that there is growth amongst them and they produce on e of the best ways of sustaining themselves in the competitive world.


  1. Volunteers that help the organization: A lot of NGOs or Non Governmental Organizations help a lot in saving the small children from being exploited. They mainly take care of children whose parents do make them act as beggar and not educated and make them aware of their rights. This way the Ngo mainly makes all of them understand that what is the best way of survival and they mainly pitch these children from different parts of the world and make them study at their NGO. This is one of the best ways of funding the poor children’s they are mainly prone to a lot of violence in the streets. The best way of treating the children would be giving them respect and making them aware of the responsibilities that they have in the current economic environment.


  1. Op SHOP that save the children have: The economic children should mainly be made aware of their legal rights. Children are small wonders and if they are groomed out well; they would turn out to be one of the best representatives in the world. Vic Satzewich says that it is important that people use the Op shop methods to fund the children. A lot of organizations like the Cry and other kinds of organizations do use these kinds of methods for the proper functioning of the children. They make the children more aware and unique of their responsibilities and thus make them one of the best known people in the world.


  1. Perception or branding: Children needs to be branded well before they are being launched in the market. This branding can be done by homes here the orphan children can be kept and their should be proper funding process that should be initiated by the government to fund all these people. This makes the children more stronger and there are good mechanism devices that the children a can be the best fit in the industry. These children would be made more alert on  the kind of education that is needed and since they do not have much to loose they would mainly study hard and become one of the best known people in the world. Thus, this is the main way through which the brand can be create don the children.


  1. Youth market: Their can be different small type of organizations that can be set up so that they can collect funds for these children and can be used for the welfare of the children. Fromkin says that, Youth market is one such method, where funds can be collected and the organization can be made by these youths who can make good donations for the children and make good earnings and living for all of them. By this way their can be good collections of funds and more and more people would get enrolled for the betterment of children. The more the enrollments, the more would be the contribution of children welfare cause. Hence Youth markets is one of the best ways of educating the children and making them self dependent in the era of globalization. By this way, their can be more and more growth of poor children in terms of making them self dependent.


  1. ITav: I tav is mainly the usage of Internet technology for collection of funds for children. People can donate generously for the cause of making children aware of their rights and their can be more and more things that could be brought into picture. First, the collection of funds can be done online through the method of Face book, orkut  and twitter and other kinds of social networking websites. This way their can be growth of the awareness of the kinds of modes and their can be more progress in these areas. Another way to make the people educate is by the method of mass mailing the prospects to collect the funds. This is by and large one of the best ways of educating the children and their would be more and more donations that could come from all corners of the world.


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