Sociology assignment report on: Child Abuse and Neglect

Sociology assignment report on: Child Abuse and Neglect


The purpose of the report is to highlight the main issue that how the health care sectors i.e. the nursing professionals can help the children and the adolescents to foster in their emotional health. The main focus of the report becomes ‘The Child Abuse and Neglect’ and that how these disturbing factors influence the overall well being of the child and the successive change to an adolescent. The emotional well being of adolescent gets affected if the adolescent had ever experienced any trauma or faced the critical situations in his life. The report thus attempts to evaluate and analyse that how the life of the adolescents and the adolescents is being affected as according to the Children’s Headline Indicator. It will analyse that how nursing the adolescents properly can bring the positive changes in the lives of those adolescents and the grown- ups who have had faced certain situations (Corinne, R. (2010)). The emotional well being would be further discussed as an important issue that would identify one’s emotional state, the stress that the person is taking and the cognitive behavioural state which the adolescent has attained.University Assignment Help AustraliaIntroduction

Childhood is an important phase that further paves the way for the over-all development of child, as the main exposure to life is begotten during adolescence. But that development actually is hindered if the mental health of the adolescent is not proper as it should be. Thus the adolescent is said to emotionally week and the health of the adolescent is not ideal. This nature of abuse on children is usually rendered unnoticed and others may confuse it with the other normal changes in their behaviour in subsequent years. It is something that directly attacks a child and thus adversely modifies the self concept. It is seen that some babies lack self esteem and ability to withstand social and personal challenges in life (Perry,D and Pauletti, R. (2011)). This abuse has the most crude kind of an effect on the well-being of a adolescent because he actually takes on to him for the whole of his life, and the consequences may be the insecurity in the adolescent, he may attain destructive and violent behaviour, the esteem and self-confidence diminish gradually and there occur very potent chances of addiction to drug and alcohol intake. The age group that is chosen is the 13 to 18 years; that is the adolescents. The health issue which can be studied for this age group is that this age group now suffers from incredible amount of the peer pressure, the education related queries and stress, the omnipresent competition around and the insecurities in the relationships (ARACY, (2010)).University Assignment Help AustraliaThe affect on the families can be such that parents also get worried because the teenagers then behave in a different way. They might start approaching the life in a strange manner, the perspectives might get upside down and the adolescent might get violent too. The individuals in such a scenario attain an anti-social behaviour which is automatically a matter of worry for them. The basic recommendations that can be made are that the medical practices shall be taken help of so that the same can be put to check and the situations could be handled in time for that the nursing professionals would be the right choice.


 Child Abuse: It is a concept where a child (0-12 yrs) is physically, mentally or emotionally is abused by the presence of some external factors. There are many factors fom the side of wither the parent or the extended families who give a child such an attitude and atmosphere where the growth of the child stops and he comes under social, physical or the mental pressure. The main reason  can be ‘neglect’, if the child is compared to the rest of the children and if he feels isolated and is not given care then he easily can said to be abused. The same can occur at the residential level or at the school level (RC PSYCH (2012))Buy Assignment AustraliaNeglect: it is usually considered as the passive way of abusing a child. In this concept of neglect the main association of the child is with the member who has to follow the parameter of the care. But when that member fails to provide that care and assistance to the child for his betterment, the same might act like a curse in the child’s life. This can be seen as the failure where there is a lack of administration, sustenance and the required medicinal treatment. A neglected child suffers from many side-effects through the developmental phase like diminished self-esteem, the violent behaviour and other mental problems (Wolfe, D (n.d.)).

Emotional Wellbeing: The important concern for health has been there in the recent years and the theories of emotional development has evolved through years to explain that the essence of good health which lies in the emotional state of an individual and this issue holds the utmost significance in the early years of the life like the childhood and adolescence. There are important health factors under concern like stress, anxiety and depression that can occur in this phase of life. The good emotional wellbeing guarantees long and healthy life, the capacity to cope with difficulties and boosts productivity in every task.

Health care:  It is the medical treatment which is provided to prevent and manage the sickness of an individual, so that the health good be preserved effectively. The health care involves a balanced treatment of both physical and the mental health. The health professionals like the doctors and the nurses become the medium for the treatment to take place.

 BackgroundBuy Sample AssignmentMany countries have come up with such cases that relate to the situation of emotional abuse of children resulting in an uneven development as an adolescent, as the  there are various health care operations that can be implemented which could actually help the child who need to be protected against such an abuse. The aim is to put a check on the over-all development of the child to foster a healthy development. These systems would in turn be promoting the protective strategies. Other than this, the medical health should be offered to such adolescents that remains independent of the expenses and should be able to work against any traumatic experience, encourage development and resolve the conflicts. The emotional well-being can be promoted and for that there can be a common solution i.e. by educating the expectant parents that how important is the emotional strength of adolescent and such important recommendations would be discussed in the following sections elaborately (Australian Government 2012). It is an important health issue as the same state of emotion is the ones which determine the level of development and the performance in school and also the life in a general context. The developing state if healthy would include the understanding of one’s emotions and then accurately resolving the conflicts if any, the attainment of sensitivity among the individuals and the regulation of the behaviour and the formation of the sustainable relationships. If these abilities of the child are strange and fluctuate often then the individual is definitely under mental/social abuse.

Facts related to Emotional Abuse:Get Sample AssignmentThe facts related to child abuse can be collected from the past experiences of the society to its present. The comparison would provide an idea that how the children who are considered to be the future of the nations aren’t provided the basic healthy environment to live in. Center for Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS), for the year 1998, the absolute number of child victims that were below 18 and it was that national data which collected and analyzed the data on child abuse and the neglect that further gave rise to the emotional imbalance in the children. NCANDS has no 1998 reported child emotional abuse rates for Dis­trict of Columbia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska. No data on child emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect is available for 1998 for Maryland, Massachusetts, and North Dakota. The report defined the category called “Psychological or Emotional Abuse or Neglect”, and elaborated it as those victims who had “impaired psychological functioning and development

Fig 2 is thus a more recent example of the scenario related to the patterns of emotional abuse in child population.


The children are the most vulnerable beings when it comes to handle the situations which are testing times of their lives. The violence at home and the related circumstances actually lead to the stumbling growth of the adolescent. The child requires love and affection around him, it becomes tough to exist in a domain that is scary or frightening but if such atmospheres keep taking a shape in the family the child’s growth cannot be termed as normal (Dayton, E 2005). The general symptoms that an adolescent faces being emotionally unwell are:Get Sample AssignmentDepression

  • Fluctuations and stumbling self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • The inferiority complex in the adolescent when the adolescent socialises.
  • Frequent restless actions
  • The adolescent seems to project extreme emotions like too much anger, too much crying or too much addiction to the undesirable products like drugs and alcohol.
  • Also, there may be situations when adolescent remains too much quiet and is isolated all the time.

The root of such problems would be the disregard that the parents might have for the child is that they might be neglecting the child, or may consider him not very intelligent or competing with the others. The loss of a parent also has a direct impact on the psychology of an adolescent and so is the case with the mutually separated parents or other such conflicts in the family. The emotional abuse isn’t only based on the activities that take place inside the house but also constitute many external factors (Hall, D & Elliman, and D 2006). It is even seen that some adolescents are merely judged on the basis of their impressive physical attributes and thus mainly invoke the feelings of inferiority in the adolescents. With such extreme situations the students are naturally forced to seek escape, and for that the adolescents are at the risk of being addicted to alcohol, drugs, even get easily enticed into criminal practices and hypertension because of the degrading mental health. Also, to attack the reasons behind this issue is the longevity and the presence of this phenomenon in the society for a long period of time. The problem thus might not just be new or shouldn’t be arising out of the present circumstances but because of the history of trauma and grief that might be going in the same set up. If the mothers of the adolescents either have ever been physically or mentally abused in the family then the same would definitely effect the adolescent’s development also. As for the growth of the child in such an environment, it might turn to be really terrifying. It also depends upon the gender of the child, the male adolescent is such that he takes on the father or the other males in the family and thus gains the same ideology of exercising the authority over the female counterpart and thus like his own father would develop the same mental set-up in which he would be further abusing in his relationships once he grows up (Prilleltensky I, Nelson G, Perrison L, 2002). In the same situation the female adolescent in the society would also acquire the same fragile mould of being ruled over by the males in the family, and such process would let the violent cycle continue from one generation to another. This is how the unfortunate episodes remain stamped on their psyche and they find it difficult to build trust in the relationships they make in their immediate circle. The effects of such episodes might go for medium length of time and also may have life-long effects on the individual.Buy Assignment AustraliaSuch unwell children who are neglected can thus be treated by the registered nurses thus they can help these adolescents by meeting the standards of the health care by making the use of the resources available to them both effectively and efficiently, by performing the right actions in the right time, in accordance with the nursing principles by proper monitoring of the target group through all the interventions made. The right strategies are used by the nursing professionals boost the self-esteem, the stateliness and the veracity of the target group. The same professionals also will to provide the right atmosphere to the individuals with the right psychological and the spiritual fulfilment (McDonald, C. (2006)). The nurses which are registered they have the prime motive to treat encourage the targeted with affection and it is natural that they do not possess any stereotypical notion about the individuals background, culture or the race. There are certain ethical constraints on which these nurses act, in case of the instances of those children which show certain serious health or the emotional problems or such concerns then they confidentially let it come under organisational notice and do not wish to panic the individual getting treated. It is the responsibility of the nursing unit to help the adolescents according to the environment they want to live in, and then monitor them and interview them positively which can act as a motivating factor. As the emotionally unstable children might want to stay in separate wards or with the ones who are of their age, in that case the nurses are usually empathetic to their needs.Assignment Writing Tutor Australia  Recommendations

 The proper development of the individuals can only take place if they are treated according to the maintained standards. It is only possible once their problems are assessed and analysed. This health issue shall be treated and therefore the nursing professionals shall be contacted by the families and the guardians who have such emotionally unwell beings at their responsibility. The most important thing which can be recommended to the parents and the families (or even the extended families) is that the concerned individuals should be understand shall be encouraged for better life. The parents can become the most appropriate source of happiness for them and can help them attain new perspectives for living life. The nurses in a way act as the right friends to them and the resolve the issue. Nurses can be appointed for the better life of the emotionally unwell so that they can inculcate the right therapeutic and the healing strategies so that the targeted can be well treated.

 ConclusionSample AssignmentThe report asserts the idea of how terrible the situation it for an innocent child who is driven to the deliberate instability in life and that becomes the prime reason for his failure in whatever domain he goes. Family Support being highly significant in a child’s life actually lead to the degradation of a child’s life (NSPCC 2012). It is important that the parents and the people go empathetic about the situation of the children and help them in growing positively in a social scenario, and this can only be achieved by instilling in them the capability to pacify their thoughts, so that the emotional and the cognitive well being of the adolescent can be retained. This will indirectly foster the healthy growth of the family. In order to stop the potential emotional abuse is to join hands together through different campaigns and the organisations to help the children who are in the need of help.  The same can be enhanced by hiring the registered nurses who work through the required safety standards. The report has mentioned and elaborately has thrown light upon the various problematic areas in the emotional wellbeing and what could be the possible and the most appropriate solution to it.

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